Brother Jose

Son of Puerto Rico

Brother who walked in the footsteps of Malcolm

Guided behind the walls

Preacher to the barrio

From throwing up amor de rey to La ilaha ilullah

Father of Abdullah

Who cried for the oppressed of our ummah

Who went in search of knowledge

From BK, to Chicago, to Florida to the Gulag

Jose you are my brother

Make duah for me while in the den of the wicked

As I pray for a vengeance not of this world but of the next

Brother Jose who took the clothes off of the CRIMINAL courts

Praise Allah there are a few left like you

May Allah keep you strong and upon this deen

Grab hold to the rope of Allah

While the rope is hanging around the necks of your oppressors

Squeezing the lies and deceit out of their soulless bodies

How blessed is the torment of the grave

How righteous is the fire of jahannum and the fuel of Bush, Rove and the misguided 12

All judges will pass away and make way for al-Qadi

You in your folly have granted our brother a victory and given yourselves a defeat of eternal consequence

To the victorious, full of iman, Jose Padilla, who exposed the extent of their hatred and the cowards in our ranks

May Allah reward you good.



39 thoughts on “Brother Jose

  1. Kinda confused… (*SCRATCHING MY HEAD*)

    Do you think he’s actually innocent – innocent in the sense that “he didn’t do it,” wasn’t involved in terrorism?

    Now BEFORE everyone jumps on me en mass… let me just state for the record that *I* am not exactly thrilled with the way this whole case was handled NOR am I taking a stand on whether Padilla “did it.”

    Please DON’T “read into” this post. It’s what it is – nothing more. Again… all I’m asking is… do YOU – the thread author – think Padilla is just a poor innocent guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and who has been falsely accused and convicted. That’s all this particular post/question is.


  2. Padilla was a race traitor.
    He adopted the Arabian Moon and his false Pedophile genocidal dog hating Prophet!
    Umar I hope the FBI comes after your fat White Trash ass!
    May Padilla root in hell!
    A great day for the justice system!

  3. From what I heard they actually had no real evidence. The vast majority of the evidence presented dealt with the other peoples indicted with him.

    The only real piece of information was some paper with his finger prints on it that was supposed to be an AQ membership form.

    He might have been guilty of membership of a terrorist organisation, but probably nothing else.

    The state of affairs in the USA today is that most anyone brought before a jury in the USA, as a Muslim, will be convicted.

  4. All I can tell you for sure, Abu Sinan, is that if I sat on a jury where there was a Muslim defendant I’d give that defendant the same benefit of the doubt that I’d give anyone else. (*SHRUG*)

    I haven’t heard that there was no real evidence, but what I have heard – that disturbed me greatly – was that much of the evidence was “non-direct” and came from “classified sources.” Frankly, I don’t know what that means in terms of what the Jury actually saw/read/heard, but I know that in the case of you, me, or any other “civilian,” we’re unable to properly research the case for ourselves to see for ourselves what happened and decide for ourselves if the burden of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt was met.

    Anyway… hopefully as time goes by we’ll get solid glimpses of what happened and why.

    Anyway… thanks for dealing with my question in the spirit it was intended.


  5. The only white trash here is you Rodan.

    As far as Padilla is concerned, has any heard of what his mental state was at trial? My hubby heard on NPR that he was kept in solitary confinement for an untold amount of time and he has turned into a blubbering mess. Anybody know about this?

  6. All I can say is what a crying shame…

    He certainly was not convicted by a jury of his peers.

    This stuff is a throw back to the early 30’s and 40’s it’s like our country is literally regressing.

  7. To me the message clear:

    *Convert to Islam and you get locked up.

    *Practice Islam and you get locked up.

    *We deserve everything we get becuase we are all guilty by association and deserve to suffer.

    Witch hunt..

  8. It’s clear he was tortured, and apparently Jose pleaded with his mother when she visited, for her to write an appeal to George Bush, falsely believing that the President didn’t know of and wouldn’t have approved of his condition…

    Padilla’s psychological condition is important because his situation marks the first time an enemy combatant in the war on terror is in a position to present a verifiable claim of abuse at the hands of US interrogators. Padilla’s mental health itself is a form of evidence, mental-health experts say, and it strongly suggests that – at least in Padilla’s case – the government’s harsh interrogation and confinement tactics went too far. …
    Grassian relates in his report that Padilla’s mother found it emotionally difficult to visit her son in Miami because it involved observing his diminished mental condition. Padilla tried to reassure her that he was fine, that the government was treating him very well. At one point, Grassian says, Padilla suggested that his mother write directly to Bush to help her speed through red tape to arrange her next visit. The president was sure to help her out, Padilla assured his mother.

    “It was utterly irrational,” Grassian writes in his report. “After all, it was President Bush who had ordered him detained as an enemy combatant.”

    Padilla’s mother became increasingly anxious. Finally she confronted her son: “Did they torture you?” she asked.

    “He turned towards her, his face grimacing, his eyes blinking, and in panic and rage he demanded: ‘Don’t you ever, ever, ask that question again,’ ” the Grassian report says.

  9. I find it ironic that Rodan threatens to report Umar to the FBI, yet Umar received threats from wannabe e-jihadis back in May.

  10. SubhanAllah, so very unfortunate…. For some reason, I had placed a teeny bit trust in the justice system here, considering that there was hardly ANY evidence against this brother. This is the sort of thing that emboldens the law enforcement to pretty much pick up any Muslim, show the jury some tapes of Osama and 9/11 and case over!

    I hope that those responsible for framing, prosecuting and convicting Jose have nightmares all their lives and have an equivalent injustice happen to them in other fronts of life for the injustice they have applied to another human being. May Allah make these hardships a source of forgiveness for all brothers who have been unjustly accused and caged.

  11. Dawud, thanks for the link. Allow me to comment:

    “Beyond the outcome of his Miami trial, larger issues loom. Chief among them, legal scholars say, is whether Mr. Bush acted within his constitutional authority when he ordered Padilla, a United States citizen, held without charge as an enemy combatant at the brig for three years and seven months.”

    To me, this has always been the main issue. The answer – and you don’t need to be a “legal scholar” to come to this conclusion – is “no, American presidents do *NOT* have the right to order US citizens held without charge.” American citizens – *ALL* American citizens – have Constitutional Rights that can *NOT* be legally violated. Period.

    The shame is… blame Bush and with good reason… but he has been far from alone in violating his oath in this regard. Not to be a Bush apologist, but at least I’m fairly certain Bush actually BELIEVES presidents have this authority. Can the same be said for most Judges, Prosecutors, Senators, and Members of Congress from BOTH the Republican and Democratic Parties???

    Listen… I’m a constitutionalist. “Legal Scholars” may point to Article 1, Section 9, Clause 2 of the Constitution….

    WHICH READS: “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.”

    …and blithly contend that THIS is what empowers the President. I say “bullshit!” First of all, nowhere does this text refer to “the President” having such power. (Hell… as already noted… this text comes from ARTICLE 1 of the Constitution – Legislative powers – not Article 2 – Presidential powers.)

    Nor… speaking of separation of powers… does the text (even though contained in Article 1!) specifically refer to CONGRESS!!!

    (And of course… “the Courts” – including the Supreme Court – are nowhere to be found in terms of being “empowered” within the text we’re discussing.)

    * Continuing to play devil’s advocate…

    Hey… perhaps it’s arguable that a President ACTING ALONE has the “implied” power via the aforementioned text to declare the nation under attack or facing rebellion, and thus declare martial law and the suspension of Habeas Corpus… but the FACT that this ISN’T what the President (nor Congress) actually DID kinda makes that argument moot.

    (Sure… for the sake of argument even throw in a scenario where the President *claimed* the authority *AND* used it… issued an order suspending Habeas Corpus… and Congress “officially” “approved” it – voted to authorize the president’s actions. Well, hell… AGAIN… THIS isn’t what happened either!!!)

    * Gotta run now… but I’ll come back to this thread tomorrow and go over other parts of the Christian Science Monitor piece Dawud was kind enough to provide the link to.


  12. MaShaAllaah that is a beautiful poem.

    It is far beyond issues of the evil policies of this administration or the mistakes caused by fear of a jury (although both these things are true).

    It is a crime in America today to be a believing, practicing Muslim who cares about his brothers and sisters overseas. If they haven’t come after some of us yet, it is not because we are better than those they have killed or locked up or tortured but probably because we are not as good or because of the blessings and mercy of God upon us.

    Indeed, I pray that Allaah (swt) reward the brothers like Jose Padilla, like John Walker Lindh, like Shaykh Ali al-Timimi, like Jamil al-Amin, like Ismail Royer, and many many others with them with good for their efforts and their suffering for the sake of the truth and their fellow humans and that Allaah (swt) have mercy upon the rest of us for our shortcomings and our weakness in aiding all of the victims of this system, Muslim and non-Muslim.

    Our beloved Prophet (saw) informed us that in the HereAfter that a man will be the ones he loved. Jose Padilla chose to love Allaah, His Messenger and the Believers, though those believers were not of his tribe. I pray that Allaah (swt) puts the same love in my heart and even though I know I may have failed him in this world out of my weakness, I swear by Allaah that I love Jose Padilla.

  13. They (American Gov’t) says they (Muslims) hate us (American) for our freedoms, but the irony is, his (Bush) solution is to take away our (Americans) freedom by:

    1) Torturing citizens
    2) Illegally detaining and holding citizens
    3) Illegal wire taps on citizens
    4) Illegal search and seizures on citizens
    5) Complicit in the firing of US Attorneys, who did not share his ideology
    6) Commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence after being convicted.
    7) Order people in the Executive branch not to answer the questions of the Congress and some cases not even show up to the hearing.

    Are we making the repressive Middle Eastern Regimes more like us or Is America becoming more like these repressive regimes?

  14. Well I believe Padilla had a hard deal and I knew he was not going to have a fair trial. Its his word versus the American government and the jury is American so we know what will happen. However Padilla should use his time in the prison to chill with his views. People are threatened by these views and don’t trust him going out on the streets. He should obey the law of the country and not try to work outside the jursidiction of US. Going doing jihad here or there is against the law and has proven always destructive. He got carried away with some views. I think he got charged for his views and not what he did. His views makes people think he can do something foolish. I hope he spents his time in his prison re-reading the Quran.

    Anyways I still can’t understand how a government like Bush’s which is responsible for all this civilian deaths can charge someone as a terrorist. Especially when Padilla never killed anyone. The same with Mousawi. Yet marines are getting off the hook with civilians killing only because they are killing for America. I never understood that.

    I guess its the rich man’s world.

  15. Ameen

    MashaAllah! Great poem!

    “It is a crime in America today to be a believing, practicing Muslim who cares about his brothers and sisters overseas. If they haven’t come after some of us yet, it is not because we are better than those they have killed or locked up or tortured but probably because we are not as good or because of the blessings and mercy of God upon us.”

    True statement. To teach Islam and to pay Zakat is also a crime in America. The sooner those Muslims in America wake up to this fact the better off they will be inshaAllah.


    Do you know what the intentions of Lyndh is or was? Can you see into his heart to make judgement? Lyndh was attacked by America, not the other way around.

    The problem with Muslims today is that we have no tolerance for each other. Until Sunni, Sufi, Wahabi, Salafi and whatever else can work together on our commonalities and under the banner of Kalimah and leave the rest to scholarly argumentation we will never get anywhere.

    Can’t we just be Muslims? Can John Walker Lyndh be Muslim or is he out?

  16. Whatever. If we’re just going to do the “you can’t read his mind” bit, there’s no point in having a discussion. Burying one’s head in the sand never goes of style in the ummah.

  17. He got a fair trial. The government didn’t want to give him a trial at all, but a federal judge ordered that he be brought to trial. It was overseen not only by his own lawyer, but also by the press. The only people who are claiming he did not receive a fair trial are you people who do not understand the legal system and its safeguards that you are protected by. If the legal system wasn’t fair, you would be the first victims. If you succeed in destroying it, you WILL be the first victims.

  18. Bruce Dearborn Walker. A name rife with symbolism.

    Uber-gay first name + city with largest muslim community + Chuck Norris character. I’m creeped out already.

  19. Dawud,

    Returning to the CSM article, let’s look at it with a critical eye. The writer’s perspective is obviously sympathetic to Padilla – no argument there, right? (I’m neither attacking nor justifying… just noting.) In any case, after laying the groundwork for the premise that the government basically “broke” Padilla mentally contained in his opening first two paragraphs we learn this in the third paragraph:

    “Two psychiatrists and a psychologist who conducted detailed personal examinations of Mr. Padilla on behalf of his defense lawyers…”

    Well. “On behalf of his defense lawyers.” (*SMILE*) Does this negate their findings? No, not necessarily. That said, when it comes to “expert witnesses,” the norm in our American adversarial system is to have “dueling experts” with one side representing the interests of the defense and the other representing the prosecution. (*SHRUG*) Neither side would knowingly hire experts or allow expert testimony on the stand that contradicted the basic premise of that side’s case.

    Paragraph Four: “Padilla’s mental health itself is a form of evidence, mental-health experts say, and it strongly suggests that – at least in Padilla’s case – the government’s harsh interrogation and confinement tactics went too far.”

    (*SMILE*) Again… “mental health experts.” WHICH mental health experts? “Independent” experts who have actually TREATED Mr. Padilla or experts relying on the reports of the two psychiatrists and one psychologist who… were paid by the defense? (*GRIN*) See what I’m getting at…???

    Again… don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT coming to any conclusion on the ultimate case of Padilla; rather, I’m pointing out the way our legal system – and MEDIA establishment – work. (Or don’t work, some might say…) (*WINK*) Just as lawyers chose witnesses who help them make their case… so too do journalists pick and chose amoung sources and quotes in order to insert a certain… perspective… narrative… into their “straight news” reporting. (*SHRUG*)

    Paragraph 7: “Padilla’s treatment in the brig raises another issue, these scholars say: whether the Constitution ever permits the government to force a man to confess to involvement in terrorist plots and, in doing so, risk destruction of a portion of his mind.”

    “…these scholars.” (*SMIRK*) WHICH scholars?!?! (*GRIN*)

    Jeez.. I’m approaching this as a guy who DOESN’T believe the government has a right to force an individual to confess to… anything; at least in terms of a confession that results in charges being leveled and a conviction taking place. (Under grants of immunity an individual’s Fifth Amendment Rights become a moot point.)

    As I was saying… (*SMILE*)… even approaching this feeling the way I do… I can only shake my head at the strawman constructions of this supposed journalist. I mean… jeez… at least pretend to be objective!

    Anyway… I realize that *my* focus is perhaps not everyone’s (or even anyone’s!) (*GRIN*) focus, so I won’t go paragraph by paragraph remaking the points I’ve already made. Suffice it to say that my view remains the same as when I first posted, namely…

    I have suspicions. I’m not happy with many – perhaps most – aspects of how this case was handled. Certainly… as a libertarian-leaning conservative constitutionalist… I’m as leery of government overreach as the next guy – likely moreso! BUT… I wasn’t a juror. I wasn’t a spectator. I have at the very most extremely LIMITED access to the sort of info I’d need to make a reasonable, rational, fact-based decision on whether Padilla was actually guilty of… “whatever.”

    Even paranoids have enemies! (*GRIN*) And conspiracy theories are sometimes… real. (*SMILE*) Maybe Padilla is an innocent man caught up in a nightmare. Maybe he’s not. I just don’t know and I don’t think ANY of us do.

    That’s it.


  20. It is not a crime to pay zakat in America. What should be a crime, is how Islamic charities in America can function as front organizations to take food from the mouths of orphans to funnel it to line the pockets of political activists overseas. Do you REALLY have a financial accountability structure in place? Some of these pious Muslims are not al-Ansaar. Unless of course, you count that they are helping themselves.

    Tammy Swofford

  21. Assuming he is in fact guilty – he deserves his punishment, in this life and the next!

    Allah does not condone murdering innocent people in his name. This is not Jihad, his behavior does not conform to islamic war principles.

    It’s the terrorists who are making Islam for everyone else. It’s their fault that women in Hijab are harassed or attacked on the street. They like to blame the American govt, but it’s not the govt, it’s them.

    Any often, they don’t care about Islam…they are just angry and looking for something/someone to take their anger and hatred out on.

  22. Stargazer 0786,

    There was no evidence that Jose Padilla desired to kill innocent people and no one has even alleged that he did kill any innocent person, so please fear God before accusing a Muslim of such things.

    bruce dearborn walker,

    You say we don’t understand the legal system. Personally, I graduated cum laude from Georgetown Law school, where is your degree from? Others participating in this discussion have experience the legal system up close and personal, which is probably more valuable. Did you have a straight face when you typed that Padilla got a fair trial after being tortured for three years?

    br. Musa,

    that Tom Junod article is so beautiful I could reread it 1,000 times. I haven’t met John Walker Lindh, but I love him as much as I love my parents…that’s just a true statement, I don’t even know if its justified or not. He, and many of the other brothers I mentioned and others I didn’t are the people I wish I was. This is not to say they are perfect or didn’t make mistakes, but that is not the standard to judge by, We all make mistakes, only some of us learn from them. If people know anything we can do to help the brother, please let us know.

  23. Mr. Barker,

    If you’re actually interested you could pursue more information about what they did to Jose Padilla, rather than engaging in some deep deconstruction of a single article.

    If you did know what happened, no matter what position you ended up on with regard to specific legal issues, if you have any human decency it would wipe all the “smiles” and “grins” off your face because there’s nothing funny about the sadistic type of torture this government engaged in in your name.

    Such behavior is an affront to the God given human dignity of each of us.

  24. Abu-Noor: did you miss the words assuming at the begginning of my post. I left the possiblity open because I do not know…if I should fear God, then perhaps you should learn to read?

  25. Abu,

    I work with what I have access to. (*SHRUG*)

    As to my (*SMILES*) and (*GRINS*)… it’s my blogging style. You don’t like it…? I’ll survive.

    As to the alleged torture… again… I don’t know exactly what went on and what didn’t; nor do I know the context.

    Anyway… if you don’t care for my “deep deconstruction” (*GRIN*) of the article Dawud first brought up for discussion, allow me to share my thoughts on the NY Times perspective:…serland& emc=rss

    Regarding the NY Times article…

    “[Padilla] was released last year from a long and highly unusual military confinement to face criminal charges in Federal District Court here.”

    *** “HIGHLY UNUSUAL?!?!?!” Have the brownshirts taken over The Times yet no one at the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has bothered to inform me??? Hmm… the words “blatantly unconstitutional” seem a better choice of descriptive to me.

    “The government’s chief evidence was a faded application form that prosecutors said Mr. Padilla, 36, filled out to attend a Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan in 2000.”

    *** So… he APPLIED to attend an al Qaeda training camp PRIOR to 9/11. Was he accepted? (*SMIRK*)

    “After being held in isolation in a military brig in South Carolina for three and a half years…”

    *** Someone call the FBI! I think the technical term for this is… KIDNAPPING. (*ROLLING MY EYES*)

    “The dirty bomb accusations were not mentioned during Mr. Padilla’s three-month trial…”

    *** No… of course not. (*ROLLING MY EYES*) Throw accusations around and then don’t CHARGE the person you’re accusing with the actual CRIME you’re saying he committed. (*HEADACHE*)

    “Like Mr. Padilla, the co-defendants, Adham Hassoun and Kifah Jayyousi, were convicted of conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim people in a foreign country…”

    *** Jeez… ya think there are any Flying Tiger pilots still alive? How’bout volunteers with the Lincoln Brigade in Spain? Yanks in the RAF? (*GRIN*) (You see where I’m coming from… right?) Question: If an American is accused of committing a crime in a foreign country, isn’t the standard proceedure to allow extradition and trial IN that country BY that country pursuing the indictment???

    *** Listen… you guys know me – I’m not exactly a bleeding heart liberal or past recipient of the ACLU Man of the Year Award, but for Christ’s sake… the ends DID NOT justify the means in this case. That much at least appears clear – to me, anyway.

    Anyway, Abu… just to dispel any confusion about the tone… this is a repost from a post I originally made on Robert A. George’s blog Ragged Thots. That’s really my main blog I hang out. (*SMILE*)

    I *am* interested, Abu – and I *do* indeed possess human decency. Suggesting otherwise just makes you sound… well… I’ll leave that characterization to others. (*SHRUG*)


  26. stargazer,

    Why would you assume or ask others to assume he is guilty of things he’s not even charged with? This is not from the adab of a Muslim…heard of husn aTh-Thann?

    What you did was incorrect, and so I provided my advice and defended the honor of my brother, these are obligations I have and I don’t apologize for fulfilling them.

    May Allaah (swt) preserve you.


  27. stargazer,

    Why would you assume or ask others to assume he is guilty of things he’s not even charged with? This is not from the adab of a Muslim…heard of husn aTh-Thann?

    What you did was incorrect, and so I provided my advice and defended the honor of my brother, these are obligations I have and I don’t apologize for fulfilling them.

    May Allaah (swt) preserve you.


  28. Mr. Barker,

    I have no desire to go back and forth with you.

    If somebody was talking about my brother being tortured in front of my face and was smiling and grinning and talking about well I don’t really know what happened then I would probably punch the person in the face.

    The person could claim that this was just their style of talking, but I would tell them your style of talking is inappropriate to this subject matter so either change it or shut your mouth.

    Alhamdulillaah you were not in front of my face so I just advised you as to what I thought was inappropriate about your comments in the nicest way I could. It was not my intent to offend you, but simply to make you think twice about your words. If my advice doesn’t make you think twice, well, I’ve done all that I can do.


  29. Put a sock in it, Tammy. You’re the ones shutting down charities for political reasons. The same reason for which you placed an embargo on the Palestinians for electing government you personally don’t approved of(so much for democracy).
    All the while happily giving billions to jewish terrorists who built settlements on occupied land. So much for “accountability.”

  30. Assalamu alaikum wa rahamtullahi wa barakatuh

    The situation has reached a point that being a Muslim in America is dangerous. I am not saying that there are not Muslims out there who are justifiably threats to the society. However, we simply by being Muslims are not a threat to the society.

    There is much hype against Islam and Muslims now. We are a part of this society and deserve to have all the rights as any other citizen in this society. It is clear that one cannot get justice when those running the courts are filled with hate and biogeted. We learned this lesson in the Jim Crow days. Nothing has change. The one thing different is the ones who are being hated. Muslims are the new boogy-man on the block. Islam-haters will try to stretch the truth and misconstrue evidence in order to make our lives difficult.

    There is nothing that an Islamophobe and Islam-hater hates more than someone converting that was born and raised in the US.

    Ala ayudanos.
    Khalil Al-Puerto Rikani

  31. Be happy to pump some rounds into this muzzie rodent’s brain cage and watch it splatter.

    I’ll do it pro bono.

  32. Anyone who knew Jose knows this brother was far from a terrorist… Jazakallahu Khayran Umar for your brave stance.

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