Sex and the Muslims Part 3: The Taboo

I think by now it has been well established that marriage and the problems that exist within them are probably one of the biggest taboos in the Muslim community.

I think that one of the problems with converts is that too many thought/think that humanity was/is haraam. This crossed over into marriage. Those couples that were willing to break the inhuman taboos behind closed doors were the couples that made it and have happy families. Continue reading

100 Degrees in a .250 City

On some nights craziness is just in the air and I wish people could see what I see and feel what I feel. Get inside my head and live what I have lived and see why America is not the model-society for me, and the underside to Western values, and why I do not want many of these values to seep any further into the minds of Muslims. See why I see no reason for Muslims to be on the defensive and every reason for us to be on the offensive.

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Part Two of Muslims and Sex: Time for the Sisters To Get Mad

In part one I wrote about what a woman needs and the general thought in Muslim lands that a marriage does not need romance, but just a general understanding amongst Muslims that the man will provide a, b and c and the woman will provide x, y and z. They act within a framework of concern for the expansion of his bloodline or keeping ties or marriages based on backroom deals from brothers pawning off their daughters or something like that with no romantic notion at all.

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Professor Habeeb

There is another well read Muslim blogger who has written several articles about Muslims and sex in recent weeks and I have been reading these pieces by Amad Sheikh with interest and did not plan to comment. After reading them at least 4 Muslims, three brothers and one sister, have told me that I need to write on this topic, and so I think I will do this in the form of a Q and A. So, Muslims and non-Muslims, if you have any questions for Professor Habeeb, in the area of sex, please send them to me and I will see what I can do, and do not feel shy.