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The Refuge of the Blogosphere: Minister Save a Sister and Recover a Brother

What has been the benefit of the Muslim Blogosphere?

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Sex and the Muslims Part 3: The Taboo

I think by now it has been well established that marriage and the problems that exist within them are probably one of the biggest taboos in the Muslim community. I think that one of the problems with converts is that … Continue reading

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Brother Jose

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100 Degrees in a .250 City

On some nights craziness is just in the air and I wish people could see what I see and feel what I feel. Get inside my head and live what I have lived and see why America is not the … Continue reading

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Part Two of Muslims and Sex: Time for the Sisters To Get Mad

In part one I wrote about what a woman needs and the general thought in Muslim lands that a marriage does not need romance, but just a general understanding amongst Muslims that the man will provide a, b and c … Continue reading

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Only PUNKS do marital rape (Sex and the Muslims Part 1)

After thinking about this issue, I have decided to write a little something on it.

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Professor Habeeb

There is another well read Muslim blogger who has written several articles about Muslims and sex in recent weeks and I have been reading these pieces by Amad Sheikh with interest and did not plan to comment. After reading them … Continue reading

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