Response to “Mapping Shariah” and Insight Magazine

UPDATE: Tariq Nelson reports that these people have vandalized Dar Al Hijrah. The object of this game is to incite hatred and paranoia against all of us. They have apparently gotten what they wanted to achieve.

The Fake Father and Son Combo of Paul and Chris Gausbaz and the Real David Gaubatz and Chris (Gaubatz?)

Some weeks back when I attended Hispanic Open House at the Dar al Hijrah Masjid in Falls Church, VA a young white man who called himself Chris Gausbaz took his shahadah and the photo of that event is above. We have now found out that Chris was an undecover operative from the Mapping Shariah Project along with a man who may be his father named Paul ( David Gaubatz) who later took shahdah with the help of Sheikh Yusuf Estes and this has come out in Insight Magazine which is a Goebbelesque publictaion affiliate of the Washington Times.

The mosques of America are open for the public to come into and this event was designed for non-Muslims as a community relations event. Those who came that day got a warm welcome and it was a blessed event.

The young man named Chris said he attended the Hipsanic event because he thought it was as good of a chance as any to publicly declare his shahadah after studying Islam per the request of his Egyptian girlfriend. Islam is no a private club, it is for all of humanity, and he we welcomed with open arms; but he took advantage and was deceitful and dishonest with the warm nature of the Muslim community.

The article claims that Imam Johari Abdul-Malik and Imam Shaker Elsayyed called for a Muslim takeover of America and the spread of sharia to America and that simple never ocurred,; but when you are speaking of Muslims you can lie and get away with it.

Chirs did not have the mannerism of any new Muslims I had ever met and this crossed my mind when I first saw him; but I gave him the benefit of the doubt as it is un-Islamic to be suspicous. However, when he began asking bizarre questions of Muslims about plans to establish a khilifa in America I became suspicous and backed off. Here are the conversations we had through email;

I want to thank you for being a witness today for my conversion to Islam. It was a remarkable experience for me. I went to your website ( as you requested. You are an amazing writer and I have spent the last few hours reading most of your articles.

Although I have studied Islam for the last few months, I understand there is much I need to learn. You are a convert as well and I respect your advise.

Can you help me with a couple of questions?

1. Can you recommend any locations where I can learn more about our beliefs at Dar al Hijrah. My future wife (from Egypt) & I will be moving to Falls Church. Her family are very devout Muslims.

2. From reading the various articles you wrote on Salafism and my being a new convert, do we at Dar Al Hijrah strive for a Caliphate State in America? From my readings I understand Saudi Arabia practices the purest form of Islam in regards to Sharia Law.

Again I want to thank you,

Chris Notice the bizzare nature of the questions as if they came from some troll reading Robert Spencer who decided to become Muslim. Here is my response still giving him the benefit of the doubt.

assalamu alaikum Chris,

I am just getting back in New York so I apologize for the delay in my response. To begin with I wish to thank you for your compliments and hopefully you can have some benefit from what I have written.

Being a Muslim is a learning process, whether you are a new convert of you were born into Islam, the believer never stops learning. There are some sources of knowledge which are more beneficial than others and it is best to stick with the traditional sources of Islamic knowledge. There are a lot of webistes out there and some are better than others; I will recommend these

These are two good ones. There is a class on the weekends at Dar al Hijrah, which I believe is taught by Anawar Hajajj, that is an introduction to Islam course, I highly recommend it. At this stage of your Islam it is important to focus on the basics; Islamic monotheism ( the belief n One God and what that means in the life of the Muslim and his world view), the life of the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) for which I recommend reading a book called The Sealed Nectar or Ar-Rageeq am0Makhtum as it is called in Arabic and it, along with other Muslim books, can be bought at the Halalco book store in Falls Churchon Route 7 near Broad Street I think it is. Also while there you can buy a book about how to perform the Muslim prayers and some things that will help you with the Arabic.

regarding your second question the simple answer is no. To add to this there is no set theological or political program at Dar al Hijrah, different people believe different things, but that is something I have never seen expressed. Dar al Hijrah is also not a Salafi mosque though you will find some people who attend who are Salafis but this is largely free of any political meaning and more focused on issues of Muslim theology. Having said that a lot of people at the mosque are upset about a lot of things in the Muslim World and regarding Muslims in America and are organizing to politically address these issues on an ongoing basis via lawful means.

Who has the purest form of Islam is up to debate. Thee are some things that are very strong in Saudi Arabia such as there observance to some aspects of Sharia and their Islamic belief.What I will recommend is that you seek the mentorship of someone who has been Muslim a long time and I am going to recommend Tariq Nelson since you both live in the area.


Notice I am telling him to shy away from poltics and to stick with learning the aqeedah of Islam. How many more brothers told him and the others the same thing and is there anyr ecord of that in the Insight article or on the website of Mapping Shariah.

Now Chris responds.

assalamu alaikum Umar

That you. I went to Halaco today. I could not believe how many books they had! I bought several. I was urged by the clerk when I had mention being a new convert, the book “Duties of the learned to Ignorant Muslims”. Written by Abdul Qadir Oudah. Thank you again, Chris

My reponse

wa alaikum salaam,well, I have never heard of that book or the writer, but hopefully you can get some benefit from it.


Now from a man named saying his name was Paul, who is in fact David Gaubatz a veteran federal agent, military intelligence veteran, and the latest person trying to make a living from hyping up the threat of Muslims to right-wing extremists and hyping the threat of “sleeper cells” throughout America.

From Chris‘ Father:Chris and I are studying and discussing. Pass my thanks to Brother Estes.

Couple questions:

The muslim people throughout the world relate through the media they/Islam is being oppressed. Why?

This will help me understand more.


My response,

well, I think some Muslims have the view they are oppressed and others do not. Many religious Muslims will argue that Muslims are in a weak state due to the abandonment of religion and the secularization of Muslim societies. Some attribute this partially to the influence of western secular humanism and the falling out of colonialism and some do not. Other Muslims feel that the aspirations of the political desires of the Muslim World are being stifled by US and other Western support for corrupt regimes and nations with perceived hostility towards Muslims.

That was the end of our talks and you can see that I did not say anythign crazy and therfore they did not want to tlak to me as they are only interested in paining opne pociture of Islam and that is a negative one…

The lesson Muslims should learn from this is not to be suspicous and close our doors to outsiders of any race; but to know that we have people in this country who do not hate us because we are a Salafi or Sufi or whatever, they hate us because we breath, because we exist, and our very existence in this country frightens them and they will do anything to incite fear and hatred against us. The history of the right-wing in America is a bloody one and has racism and genocide as a key part of it, we should be mindful of the likes of Chris and David.


37 thoughts on “Response to “Mapping Shariah” and Insight Magazine

  1. This is extremely disturbing! Thank you, Umar, for sharing.

    I think the fact that they mentioned a book by ‘Abd al-Qadir ‘Awda has strong implications: they are being deliberately provocative! Awdah is little known outside of specialist circles, though his role as an intellectual ideologue of the Ikhwan was certainly as significant as–if not more than–that of Sayyid Qutb (although, of course, Qutb has now been popularized by the media!). Awda was a lawyer/judge by profession, and had apparently “pioneered the study of Islamic penal law in a comparative modern approach.” He was arguably one of the first proponents of the kind of codified shari’a that political Islamists talk about so much. Awda was executed by the oppressive Nasser government in 1954.

    The fact that these guy would refer to Awdah could mean that they’ve done their homework in conspiracy. I even doubt if there are available English translations of Awda’s writings! Very fishy…

  2. POWERFUL – “they hate us because we breath, because we exist, and our very existence in this country frightens them and they will do anything to incite fear and hatred against us.”

    So tell me again why we fail to unite regardless of color, ethnicity, SES, and other frivolous matters? WE are the same to them regardless of what sect we belong to or the color of our skin. Yet we still fall into the old divide and conquer game.

  3. This is common type of stuff. I suggest you read about the COINTELPRO operations against the American Indians in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as those against black militants stretching back even further.

    These people will bait, try to get people into bad situations, all to try and prove their point which had already long being made in their own heads.

    These people could get half the grannies in America into compromising situations.

  4. I hope through his “conversion” he was able to see how beautiful and generous the Muslims community is. I wonder if it was much like my conversion, where I was showered with love and support, invited to come to homes for dinners and given many nice gifts (prayer rugs,clothing,books,etc).

    I wonder if any of this pierced his heart, soul and mind? If not…this man is truly COLD-BLOODED.

    Honestly though…once he jumped right to the “Caliphate” questions, that raised a big red flag.

  5. Assalamu alaikum, Umar, I’m so sorry this happened to you! It doesn’t feel good to be deceived, really it doesn’t! However, I’d also say that we shouldn’t be suspicious either. Inshallah, everyone who tried to help this man out will be rewarded for their intentions and good deeds.

  6. Consider this comments from the website of Mr. Gaudatz’ organization, the Society of Americans for National Existence (racists always feel that they’re existence is threaterened. That’s how they justify rape, murder, genocide, etc.):
    America was the handiwork of faithful Christians, mostly men, and almost entirely white, who ventured from Europe to create a nation in their image of a country existing as free men under G-d.
    You’re right Umar! Check out the webiste. The Klan never looked so good. These people are racist extremists, nothing more. Now with their false shahadas, they get to enjoy the status of being munafiqeen. I hope some of their Saudi-backed Wahhabi literature mentioned what will happend to hypocrites in the Hellfire. Maybe that will lead them to reconsider their chosen path.

  7. These guys may have done their homework but still stick out like a sore thumb… although serious in nature I couldn’t help but find the humor in this…

  8. Salaam Alaikum…

    This stuff is scary, we had someone come to our Latino Muslim gatherings, possing as someone interested in Islam with a Muslim girlfriend. The guy was weird and I didnt know how to respond to some of his questions.

    He asked me weird things, do we believe in wife beating, plural marriage, whats my attitude about afghanistan and Iraq. Finally he asked me to check a website and comment on it, It was a website I never heard, poorly done with weird articles. It was filled with pro-gay, equality for all, very progressive and the site was from UK. So I got the same gutt feelings Umar did…and sort of stop answering his calls….

  9. Asalaamu alaikum brother.

    There is so much I would like to say, but I don’t know where to start. So all I will let out of my “mouth” (through my keyboard) is that you and everyone else involved will be in my du’as. The whole Ummah will be in my du’as, because when one part of us is hurt, we should all feel that hurt. And this problem is not just going to be about one community, one mosque, a few scholars… this evil is intending to spread itself out into all mosques, all traditional education centers (if al-Maghrib is getting it, Zaytuna will be next, then the Sokari Institute and YanTaru, and on down the line), all Muslims in the U.S. are going to be effected. We should not sit idly by thinking that it is an isolated foolishness. You and brother Tariq have exposed this organization and they are a real threat. But Allah is our Sustainer and Defender, and we have the only Truth that matters on our side. Whatever trouble this group forments, I pray Allah gives us all the strength to withstand it with our iman and deen intact. And may Allah bless you for bringing this situation to light and educating us.

  10. Maybe now Umar will think twice before complaining about immigrant Muslims and why some “converts” are looked at with a degree of suspicion. You know something is off when they are trying too hard. Its time to “map” the shallow end of the gene pool from which these racist throwbacks emerged from.

  11. This is why the death penalty was imposed for apostates, because we, the Ummah, can be so easily infiltrated by those who wish us ill. Just say your shahadah publicly and “Alhamdulillah, you’re one of us now.”


  12. I was horrified when I first read about the mapping project. Now I think it’s naive of me to think that it wouldn’t go this far.
    But this revelation about the ‘converts’ at my local mosque, Dar al Hijrah, is outrageous. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it…
    I’m so glad you kept your correspondence with him, and that you were extremely cautious. This is a reminder to our youth to really watch our words, but at the same time not be afraid to say the truth. One can easily get carried away, and especially these days, benign words can be interpreted in the most malicious ways.
    May Allah protect our community and our ummah as a whole.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. I never said pass a rule that no whites can be Muslim, Umar. That’s absurd. My point was that your earliar posts lambasting immigrant Muslims about “paranoia” over CERTAIN “converts” was out of line. In the current climate a little suspicion isn’t such a bad thing.

  14. Dr M, most spies within our community are from Muslim backgrounds/families/countries to begin with. Very few guys like the one Umar here has mentioned would go through the whole trouble of converting and trying to suck up, its just to long for most of them. There are brothers in my areas who are in maximum security at the moment cos they’ve had terrorism charges trumped up against them (they’re all innocent men- the ones I’m specifically talking about that is) and all of them are in there because of what other Muslims (who aren’t white or converts) have said to the police. One brother who’s family we know is in their because another brother (all African Muslim btw) had beef with him and told the police that he was plotting something to get revenge on him. Also at my old university and a few other universities in London, there were Muslim Asian bros who were spying on Islamic societies for the universities, others being paid by newspapers etc…Not to mention all the agent provocateurs, who scream all night and day about jihad and who lure guys into extremism, who are working for intelligence services.

    By and large, guys like Chris and David who do all this shit are rare so theres no need for Muslims to be suspicious of new Muslims. 99.9999% recurring are genuine. Its the ones already established in our
    communities that we have to worry about!

  15. ps. alhamdualiah these men have been exposed for what they are. I suggest this gets emailed to CAIR and all the masjids in America so people know who these men are, recognise them and throw their sorry backsides out if they step through the door.

  16. Dr. M, the truth of the matter is that this is what the islamaphobes want, for Muslims to be suspicious, to be so wrapped up with all this infighting that we are weak and disfunctional. It is sad, but with how our Ummah is tearing itself up from the inside, we really don’t need enemies.

    We Muslims have an obligation of taking Muslims on their word. We have clear examples from the sunnah about how to treat new shahadas and guests. Not once do you find a hadith about our Beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) mistreating a new convert, not matter what family he came from, what tribe, or ethnic group.

  17. I agree with your points, Muslim_Gal, but my comment was aimed at Umar past generalizations. I would be far more suspicious of “born”(not a good term, I know) Muslim then a curious convert, but I would still be cautious.
    I also agree with your points, sister Margari, but I’ve been approached by a few people, here and there wanting to learn Arabic(knowing full well that I’m not an Arab) yet tried to discuss suicide bombing and other topics having nothing to do with the subject. When they didn’t get their “answers,” their interest in learning Arabic was gone. All I’m saying is, be vigilant. Islamophobes aren’t the only ones who can play the manipulation game. Munafiqs be warned, we’re on to you.

  18. Assalam Alaikum

    I really wish i was shocked by someone doing this, but i am not, steve emerson and daniel pipes have been doing this kind of garbage reporting for sometime now. Thanks for helping expose this kind of bad journalism.

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