Halal Hygeine Tips

To the brothers who spread the smell of doodoo all over the musella ever time they bend over in ruku – please use some toilet paper before you apply the water and if you can’t do that use more water.


To the brothers whose breath smells like a sewer and only use the miswak; it aint cuttin it brother, time to add some tooth paste to your arsenal.


To the Muslims who tell me back home they don’t believe in using deodorant; that may be fine there, but do not get expected to be hired at a job, or for brothers to want to hang out with you, if anyone standing next to you more than ten seconds get a headache.



To the brothers who drink tea and coffee all day with sugar; please know that your teeth are yellow and rotting because you are drinking tea and coffee all day and you may want to drink some water or juice from time to time.



Now, the feet; how many Masjids have I been on that smell like feet? The hallways smell like feet, the prayer rugs smell like feet, the wudu area smells like feet, etc. One of the main reasons for this is brothers not drying off their feet after wudu and then putting on the same socks they have been wearing for days which is easy to tell as you see them at the masjid everyday. This problem is worst with Muslims who follow the Hanafi madhab and do not believe you can wash the feet once a day and they wipe over the socks. Wash your feet when you bathe and dry them off after wudu.   



To the bathroom; how many foul and disgusting bathrooms have been in over the years in the Muslim community? Places so dirty and smelly I couldn’t even relieve myself in? Brothers and sisters if you think the problem is bad here it is much worse in most Muslim countries I have been in. People will tell you that this is the case because the bathroom is looked down upon in Islam, well maybe so, but the believer does not need to leave the bathroom with infections. Thankfully, I think a lot of Masjids in America have really improved in this area. The bathroom still remains an issue and in my home I have had Muslims come to make wudu and get water all over my basin, the floor, the walls, and the toilet paper gets soaked and so now days I make it clear to Muslims; you are given permission to make wudu in my bathroom on the condition you leave the place as you left it.


To the brother who told me using soap in making a ghusl is a biddah and therefore he only uses water I tell you, OK do not use soap in ghusl if you do not want to, but I hope you take a real shower after the ghusl and use plenty of soap- because you need it.


25 thoughts on “Halal Hygeine Tips

  1. Subhan’Allah Umar, Man!—you hit nail on the head. Some brothers have horrible smell coming out their mouth. I have come really close to fainting while in Ruku, and then in Sujud cuz the carpet smell like stall curry.

    How do these brothers make it? It’s terrible and embarrassing. My mom and sister asked me to take them to Darul Hijrah in the late 90’s because they wanted to see the Mosque; it took me months to finally take them.

    The Masjid doesn’t ventilate these joints, nothing but unnatural air and some of these brothers can really stink a place quick.

    The Imams should have twice a month Hygienic and (p) barking the cars Khutbahs; hygiene and the adab of parking your vehicles not your camels.

    Maybe have a brother in the bathroom door handing out Wrigley’s and foot powder.

  2. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    In my experience it’s not the Hanafis who wipe over their socks in wudu, it’s the “salafis” who follow, and aggressively push, the idea that it is even permissible. Hanafis, and all others who follow a madhhab, wipe over their feet or wear khuffs.

    As regards soap in ghusl, there is a sunnah way and it doesn’t involve soap. I have heard that scholars have said that it actually invalidates it, because it means you are interrupting your ghusl to use the soap. I would advise using the soap first, washing it off and then doing ghusl.

  3. salam alaikoum
    Preach on! Muslims are supposed to be clean. That is what the water is for. Furthermore the Muslim is supposed to be an example that makes non Muslims want to be one, and one of many ways to do that is by not smelling like the funk.
    I was taught the same as brother Yusuf mentioned, to do soap first and then do ghusl.

  4. Asalaamu alaikum.

    Just wanted to share some things that thoughtful wives could do to help their husbands out a wee bit in this regard (granted, I was blessed with a clean freak husband to begin with):

    I crocheted a little (olive green) bag with military buttons so it was a manly bag to begin with, but you could just purchase any cheap small toiletry case or other small bag. I purchased a hand towel at the dollar store, and a nice pair of black socks as well. I crocheted a kufi and made a set of sandlewood prayer beads. All of these things I put into the bag. When my husband went to the masjid, he then had a bag all ready to go with what he needed. No looking around for a kufi or his beads, no forgetting clean socks. He made wudu, had a towel to dry his feet, and clean fresh socks to put on that also would not show all the dirt from the masjid floor and become gray and ugly. Granted, he did not go often, so I didn’t have to worry over it, I could wash his socks and towel and put the set all back together without any inconvenience to him.

    As to the use of miswak, while I personally also use toothpaste twice a day, I don’t think the fault is in those who use only the miswak, because that is all the Prophet (salalahi alahi wa salaam) used. The problem is that they only use it for show, and don’t use it often enough. And probably that they don’t follow the other sunnahs of being careful to not eat garlic, onions etc before going to the masjid (wives who are cooking for thier husbands should think about their role in this). And I do think that our diets and all are so vastly different in this day (for example, we eat a lot more meat than was the norm during the time of the Companions’ lives) that our breath is doing all kinds of other things now. This is true of Americans in general, it’s just that most Americans take toothpaste and mouthwash for granted and at least know to use them before going to church or for a job interview or whatever. BTW, there are some nice no-alcohol mouthwashes now, like one by Crest, that really help alot. And again, these are things that wives could help their husbands out with just by making certain things available, pushing that they require them so they need to be in the budget etc.

  5. If Muhammad the Prophet (pbuh) had had soap during his era I’m sure he would have used it. He was the epitome of cleanliness. We have to adopt the whole of the Prophet’s uswa not just those parts that we deem for show. Simply put:

    Brothers wash your ass

  6. Assalamu alaikum, umarl, alhamdulillah that I’ve not come across some of the things that you speak of! Bu then again, I don’t go to the masjid that often! Anyway, regarding making ghusl and *not* using soap, why not make ghusl and then use the soap, or use the soap and *then* make ghusl? That would be OK wouldn’t it?

    Aaminah, non-alcoholic mouth washes! Woo-hoo! Didn’t know aobu thtis! Will have to tell my husband about this *not because he needs it, but so he can pick some up at the store on his way home*. Regarding leaving water all over the place when making wudu, I actually have a hand towel that I use to dry off the counter that I’ve dripped all over, either that or just stand in the bathtub and make wudu, there, although sometimes if you do that it’s hard to not get your clothes wet, any tips on how to a,e wudu withou dripping water everywhere?

  7. Hahahaha, so true!!
    I remember going to an ING training, the volunteers go to schools and work places to teach people about Islam. They had to have a whole section on hygeine because some of the speakers smelt pretty bad.

    It was a Muslim who introduced soap to Europe, I think his name was Ziryab. I got in a huge argument years ago with an Evangelical Christian who argued that Muslims don’t use soap or deoderant. We need to stop our brothers and sisters from giving Islam a bad name.

  8. Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah
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  9. Just so you know, you spelled “hygeine” wrong. It should have been “hygiene”.
    Also, bro, the way you say things is a little rude and insulting. You need to use a little wisdom when you write.

  10. Yes there is non alcoholic mouth wash. Also flossing can greatly reduce the smell of bad bread as food can hide between the teeth as well. There are nuff things a person can do to eliminate bad breathe. I have this thing against bad oral hygiene. I scares me, really.

  11. Asalaamu alaikum Bikhair. I’m with you! It’s one of those things that really creeps me out.

    A word to the wise too would be that if you smoke (and there is disagreement as to whether it is truly haram to smoke, so I know ALOT of otherwise practicing Muslims that do so), that smell never goes away. Not only is it in your clothes and hair, it seeps out of your skin and it is in your breath no matter what you do. I know during Ramadan, when we have iftars at the masjid there are sisters just dying for the clock to strike magrib so they can run out to their cars and have a cigarette, so I imagine it is the same on the men’s side, LOL. Well, you gotta realize that you are coming back into the masjid to pray with that smoke all over you, and then you are standing shoulder to shoulder with sisters (or in the men’s case, brothers, obviously) who are grossed out, or for whom it may even be a health risk (those with allergies or asthma, for example).

  12. As salaam alaikum,

    Brother Umar I am sorry to say that some sisters need to understand the issue of hygiene as well. I think the first problem begins when sisters are told not wear perfume in public. Some sisters take it too far and won’t use soap that is perfumed, lotion or body washes with a scent. Then some of them never used deodorant back home either. Combine that with the spicy foods they’re cooking and my word…I’ve been praying near some sisters and trying not to throw up. (Not joking either).

    I also think some sisters take the modesty thing too far and they think that taking good care yourself is some sort of self-indulgence or vanity. As my grandmother used to say, “there’s nothing worse than a nasty woman”.

  13. I agree, with Jamerican. Brothers aren’t the only ones who smell.

    Yes, and some people need to air out their houses and close their closets when they cook. That fried food (ahem Black people)sinks into your clothing and gets on everything . It may be cold but open your windows and use some incense, air freshner, febreez, something. And it gets worse with spicy food and ghee that has evaporated when cooking and settles on everything. Also for those cultures that like raw garlic and onion, please brush after eating. Brushing your tongue and flossing will help. No ethnic group is immune, I could catalogue the yucky tendencies that I have observed from every culture including my own.

    And the sisters with bad smells need to remember the whole point of not wearing perfume is to not draw attention to yourself. There is nothing worse than bad feminine odor. Take care of that!!

  14. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum

    I would have to say I agree with much of what you have said.

    Additionally, I have been in a few Masjids where the wudu area could be better improved (which as we all know can be 1 tiny sink in a very small bathroom in some cases), as well as carpets/prayer rugs getting a professional clean from time to time, rather then just a quick hoover.

    Some time ago I saw reports of a automatic wudu washer, but Ive never seen it in practice.


  15. just to add, I dont know if the washer would nullify ablution (its been suggested it might) but somebody definatly needs to come up with a solution to stop those bathrooms becoming swimming pools without the chlorine, particualrly at Ramzan.

  16. ASA,

    What else is bad is when brothers make wudu’ and come out of the bathroom soaking wet, then take their wet feet, hands and faces and make sujood. This is very unsanitary and adds to the carpet funk.

    Also, don’t forget the brothers that don’t use shampoo to wash their hair and wear the same ole kufi that used to be white once upon a time.

  17. To add an observation to Umar’s list of “Hi Gene” violations: Lining up for prayer in congregation, and contemplating letting the sunnah go forth by placing your feet next to those of the people on either side of you. However, you hesitate in doing so as you wonder whether that toe nail fungus that has ravaged you neighbors feet will spread to yours. Also, in regards to the issue of toilet paper I have noticed some of our brethren placing signs in the bathrooms of their masjids or restaurants requesting of the person using the bathroom that they refrain from discarding of used toilet paper in the toilet and instead placing it in the small, overflowing waste bin inside the stall!!! In addition, on at least one occaision I have observed dried doo-doo on the handle of the hose located in the stall by which we are supposed to clean ourselves. It seems that perhaps the worst bathrooms will have a sign on the wall stating that cleanliness is part of faith. Irony.

  18. I laughed soooooo hard. I remember a sister years ago who didnt use deodorant because of the perfume smell and I asked her is funk better than fresh? lol.
    I dont like fried chicken smells on clothes. I have a friend who fries all the time and I hated going to her home…Id always leave smelling of funky chicken…it got to the point where id ask her what she was cooking before I went there..lol…she finally realized if she wanted to see me then she better not start with that old oil reheated shyt..lol..

  19. haha
    Okay here’s another one: Just because it is sunnah to perform ghusl on Yawm al-Khamees in preparation for Jumuah. That shouldn’t be the only day you take a shower. I actually know someone who only takes showers on Thursday.

  20. brother , this business about smell…

    If the carpet stinks so bad , why not do something about it – maybe get a mop and bucket and clean it with some of the other brothers instead of moaning about it?

    Regarding the smell from others,people will smell no matter where in the world you are.You are making stupid assumptions about people’s lives.
    You may pray together with them but you do not know them.

    Anyway, you are by no means perfect yourself,so how do you know that a foul smell does not eminate from you too? No brother in mosque will tell you will he?

    I am certain in times of our dear prophet (pbuh) some people would have smelt , quite possibly far worse than today , yet they all got on with the command at hand and prayed , regardless of the stench of feet and sweat.

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