Traveling and Escaping the Fitnah

If you are a man New York City is the global capitol of fitnah in the summer. I mean, seriously, it is almost too much to take and a brother just feels like throwin in the towel sometimes. The streets are crammed with women representing every flavor and there is nowhere to escape.


Yesterday I attended Masjid al-Farooq in Brooklyn for Jummahu and it was jam-packed as usual and the Yemeni imam gave a Khutbah on the rights husbands hold over their wives and last week he gave one on the rights wives hold over their husbands. I left feeling good and bought one of those thingies that hang from your rearview mirror in you car that read Allah in Arabic and then commenced to walk to the Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn.


For those of you unfamiliar with Brooklyn the Fulton Mall is a pedestrian mall made up of all kinds of shops, and for the most part, is ghetto. On a day when it was something like 90 degress outside what did that mean? Multitudes of Puerto Rican girls in tight jeans and a third of a shirt, black girls in mini-skirts that has all the brothers waiting for the wind to blow, and Dominican girls showing off their tattoos in special places.


I had to wait for the bus at the mall and stood next to a Hasidic Jewish man who had his baby in a stroller while he waited on the bus. I couldn’t turn in any direction without seeing something that looked like Vida Guerra with a cute face or some girl that looked like she just stepped off of a BET video set and what was I to do?


The combination of all these women around in their CFM clothes and the heat led me to go across the street and buy a bottle of water while I waited on the bus. The water tasted good, it hit the spot like only water can on a hot day, but in the store I saw two girls, I think they were sisters, that may were great fitnah and I would have to fast for 600 years not to be tempted by them.


The bus came and I’m like OK I’m cool. If it is like a normal day I will be crammed in with overweight black women, Hasidic Jews reading the Talmud, loud kids, illegal immigrants from Latin America and FOB Desis who do not use deodorant. For the most part that is what I got; but it just so happened that I found an opening in one of those two seaters near the back exit and what happened? This girl, with a body like a computer couldn’t generate wearing jeans that looked like they were painted on and half a shirt, plops her big a** down right next to me, and I’m like damn, that just aint right.


The fitnah of NYC in the summer is no joke! The fitnah is bad for everybody, this is true, but as I was discussing with another American-Muslim brother the other day it is worse for us, because we know that we could easily pull one of these girls ( or a few) if we feel like it. It is easier for a lot of the immigrant brothers who may lust as we do; but are incapable of acting on their lust, which may be a blessing for them.



I was supposed to leave a few days ago but I will finally be flying out to St. Louis today. I will be busy this week and may not get a chance to blog so I have time-stamped and put up pieces to go up everyday. Some of these are things I have written years ago that have never been online and some were online a long time ago. Regardless, I more than likely am not going to get the chance to respond to anything going on here and if I do it will be brief.


32 thoughts on “Traveling and Escaping the Fitnah

  1. Hmmm, I didn’t read the whole post, but the first few lines were enough (for now).

    There is a ‘remedy’, prescribed by the Salaf (early Muslims), follow it and (I’m sorry for writing it this way, here, and in front of women readers, but hey, anything but to fall in zina). The Salaf said (as related by our scholars): “if one of you likes a woman [i.e., that is not his wife, and he fears the arousing lust from dragging him to zina], let him remember the places of bad smell in her body = إذا أعجبت أحدكم امرأة فليتذكر مناتنها”. Hmmm, we all know those places, be them for both sexes or just those peculiar to women, so…like the Salaf said, remembver that and trust me :D you’ll HATE what you’re seeing, hahaha :D And that fitnah or lust will be gone, gone, gonnnnnnne :D

  2. yo, I appreciate your analysis of Desis and them becoming the new yuppies but Ive noticed everytime I hear you refer to them it is something really negative. I concur as a fellow cab driver that Desis are the worst at holding their liquor but the way you write about Desis is as if they should be universaly despised.

  3. Oh yea and there is a lot of fitna here in the Chi too. Man downtown, northside, humboldt park. Its a fitna straight up.

  4. Men are fitna as well…have you seen the sweat glisten as it caresses those strong hard… on a man with a beautiful physique…

    Ever watch his thighs as he jogs by and winks at you.

    aaaayyy those buns of steel

    Seriously, men don’t think we don’t get excited either. SOME, sadly not all, look simply ravishing…

    Yes, I know that hadith… my man is a very blessed man during the summer.

    God Bless America and those fine men who briing me out the park every weekend so I can harass them.

  5. Akhi, this post just made me sick. All that’s missing are surreptitious shots from a phone cam. It’s one thing to see what attracts you, it’s another to take ‘haram looks’ and quite another to blog about it and describe in detail what got you so bothered. You can write about fitnah without spreading it. Anyway, this issue is yet another good reason why a Muslim should make hijrah.

  6. “The fitnah is bad for everybody, this is true, but as I was discussing with another American-Muslim brother the other day it is worse for us, because we know that we could easily pull one of these girls ( or a few) if we feel like it. It is easier for a lot of the immigrant brothers who may lust as we do; but are incapable of acting on their lust, which may be a blessing for them.”

    I’m pretty sure we could hold our own. I’ve met too many Desi and Arab men married to White women for this generalization to be accurate.

    On a related note, I concur with Ibn Sabeel’s thoughts above. I enjoy reading your blog, but I don’t appreciate some of the comments you make about Desis. I know you mean it as good-natured ribbing and don’t intend anything malicious by it, but it often comes off as belittling and condescending.

    On the issue of Desis being suburban yuppie-types, I think this has more to do with socioeconomics than culture or ethnicity. The Arab families I’ve met who live in the same kinds of communities as the Desis you refer to (affluent suburbs full of well-educated professionals) are completely indistinguishable from suburban Desi families in terms of yuppie habits and tendencies. Conversely, most of the Desis who live in more urban settings (such as the Pakistani community in Jackson Heights, New York or the Bangladeshi community in Hamtramck, Michigan) aren’t yuppies by any stretch.

  7. Haha, Bint Will
    Men can be fitnah for us with way more clothes on. But wife beaters (the t-shirts) and basketball shorts are mmm mmm, okay let me stop.

    I dunno, I live in Silicon Valley and some of the worst pick up lines have come from South Asian men. Persians fare better (although the Euro-trash thing is way to dorky) as well as Arabs. But sometimes when they try to holla, it is a bit stalkerish and creepy. I don’t think the point is that immigrant men can’t get white women. But many immigrant men are way too corny to pull a dime piece Latina or sista. If my suspicions are correct, brother Umar used to have game in his jahiliyya days.

  8. Brautigan,
    Fitnah in the West is everywhere, it’s already “spread”! Talking about it doesn’t make it appear to you all of a sudden, it’s something we live on a daily basis here! The bro’s post may have gotten him help (like I hope the ‘remedy’ I mentioned above did, which was said by Ibn Mas’oud and echoed by Ibn al-Jawzi and Ibn al-Qayyim).

    But you’re right, a reason to make hijrah, but sadly the Muslim countries aren’t much better now, except maybe for parts of Saudi (however you have to expect seeing some rebellious girls there doing ‘crasy’ things, and Yemen, but forget about Egypt and Jordan and Syria, certainly forget about Dubai and the rest of the Gulf countries. Your best bet is Yemen maybe, there are more niqabis there than in Saudi. It’s become part of the culture). Then ban TV from the house, because the Arab satellite channels are purposefully spreading fitnahs to distract the youth from taking any collective action to rise up to the corrupt, apostate rulers, and the American indirect occupation of our countries.

    I read all the comments, not yet the post :s Anyways, certainly women feel like men feel about the opposite sex, and this is a fact the Prophet himself (he said about women: [they] are the twin halves of men”) and the Salaf after him confirmed.

    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) spoke the truth when he said, “I am not leaving behind any fitnah (trial, temptation) more harmful to men than women.” He also said: “This world is sweet and dazzling, and Allaah has you put in charge of it to see how you will do and what you will do, so beware of this world and beware of women, for the first fitnah (temptation, trial) that befell the Children of Israel was concerning women.”

    Here is our great Islamic fatwa website’s advice to a young girl complaining from the same thing:غض%20البصر

    Another great responses from that website on the same problem, with the questioner mentioning making hijrah to escape the fitnahs:غض%20البصر

    I advise every true Muslim to browse that website, it’s the greatest thing that happened to us online. The shaikhs fatwas are mostly detailed and teach us about the subject from scratch. It ain’t like a Shia fatwa website where the ayatollah seems to be busy smoking or practicing mut’ah while typing on his keyboard, can’t wait to get rid of the questioners (haha, Dariush, I can’t but mention you people every now and then :D).

    Actually, the zina I mentioned earlier is zina of the body, but there is zina of the eye too, read this fatwa:غض%20البصر

    And another fatwa on what to do to combat thsi fitnah:غض%20البصر

  9. Well brother your a muslim now and you wont be picking up any women, so why dont you try lowering your gaze and educate yourself about how a muslim man should view women, which is a bit more than just pieces of meat.

    Why would you want to reminise about sins you used to commit. Im all for keeping it real but you crossed the line of islamic decency. I wonder what will happen when you get married, you still gonna be checking these women out on the low and fantasising about how you “could” get with them. Regarding born muslims, your right i guess one advantage some born muslims have is lack of illicit past, i mean surely as a muslim you should be ashamed of those sins not happily taking that trip down memory lane and making yourself feel better through some macho crap about your superior sexuality due to prior experience.

  10. Hussam Hariri

    There are much better ways to avoid zina than such crude comments about a woman body, i mean honestly “places of bad smell” sounds like school boy SexEd. Last thing we need is more men with negative views of a womans body/sexuality.

  11. Umar, where is my 2nd comment? Why do you moderate some of my comments like that but not others?

    Mercy, these are the Salaf who said this, not me, and they are the best of mankind after the Prophets of Allah. That’s not “crude”, and you should rather refer to the ‘rude’ comments said by 2 Muslimahs above instead, and not refer to the words of the Sahabah and the notable scholars as ‘crude’, but what can I say? Ignorant new Muslims and their bad adab with the men of Islam, but their likes? They dare not to refer to their rudeness (because they share the same background, meanwhile the “Arabs” have always to be the crude ones, just like their oil, huh?)

    Umar, publish my comments, bro, or tell me straight up that you don’t want me to write here! I don’t save my comments, don’t make me waste time writing then you don’t publish them! Respect the time I spend on your blog, my brother!

  12. Oh, and hey Mercy, that ‘remedy’ is for both men and women, as I thought I made that clear! Some “Bint” could use it too, that way she doesn’t have to talk about men like she did above.

    There are no negative views of women’s sexuality or body among men! What are those? That’s unheard of! How is that? Both sexes are drawn to each other no matter what!! Negativity? You are really funny!

    I call upon those who describe or drool over the bodies of the opposite sex to be reserved like their new religion calls them to be. Leave behind the akhlaq of your jahiliyyah days, they aren’t proper for you now as Muslims. This describing of someone from the other sex made the Prophet and the rightly-guided Caliphs after him BANISH some people from the land!!!

    I guess another reason for some to stand more firmly against a rising caliphate in the Arab East (I won’t say Middle East, which aims to accomodate “Israel”). Have some ‘haya’. The phrase I quoted above is from our deen now, and it does better in safeguarding one from fitnah than anything else anyone else can say or do in this regard.

    Umar, I hope not to lose my comment that’s not appearing yet. Please stop moderating my comments like that. I say nothing that’s against Islam or is disrespectful of Muslims.

  13. Sorry Hussam,

    I just came back Accotink (I know I spelled it wrong) park…on the way home there were some construction workers. One fella had his shirt off, I couldn’t resist so I SHYLY yelled out “Wooo hoooo.”

    We had to turn around and drive past again. I had to tell him “Nice buns.”

    NOw I can sleep well being I made a bunch of sweaty men blush, giggle, and feel violated.

    You’re right Margari,

    THe site of a man in a thwab with a bushy beard makes my knees wobble. If he smells good, SMH…

  14. I don’t know about that Muslimah, I saw a bunch of sisters in the mall with a hijab on their head, from they neck down they were showing their goods. One sister had on pants so tight, I know she was funky and in need of some monistat

  15. Bint Will, I have seen this. There’s a hijabi girl here in Flagstaff ( I don’t know who she is, she doesn’t go to Jummah or hang with the Shia I know), and she wears the scarf with tight jeans and t-shirts and is built like J-Lo.

  16. Hate to break it to you, fellas, but the “bad smell” carries phermones. If anything, it’ll get you excited.

    If all of those women were covered head-to-toe in black, the only thing that’d be different is that overexcitable men will spend hours wondering as to what is underneath.

    As Bint Will said, men are just as tempting to women in this regard. As I life-long fetishist of dark, curly haired fellas (Spanish & Arab), of Scots, and footie players, I have to say, Umar’s observations are pretty easy to relate to.

  17. As a muslim, you should learn to lower your gaze.
    If you find it hard to escape the fitnah, then get married.
    Again, you need to learn to clean up your language. There are sisters who read this blog.

  18. “If all of those women were covered head-to-toe in black, the only thing that’d be different is that overexcitable men will spend hours wondering as to what is underneath”

    Spot on natalia.

  19. Mercy,

    The problem with SOME (a small group) of niqaabis is they fix up their eyes, when they take photos, the poses are extremely seductive (but you know me, I feel we do not fully comprehend the concept of hijab)

  20. Natalia is totally right. And I know I’m guilty of finding Taureg men, who wear indigo headwraps around their faces, incredibly attractive, wondering what their faces really look like. I am sure men indulge in similar thoughts when it comes to women wearing hijab or niqaab. Deny it all you want boys, it is what it is.

  21. I hear you bint will. Hijab is more than a cloth.

    I really feel that just as we muslims accuse non muslims of treating their women are pieces of meat, many a time we are guilty of doing the same thing. Even in hijab/niqab women are accussed of being “fitnah” in their nature, who seek to lead pious men into sin. When some countries make niqab almost mandatory, we dont find a decline in “fitnah” actually the opposite, im sure many of us have observed or heard about the groping, harrasing and sexual assaults that are common place in many middle eastern countries.
    Im waiting for the day that muslim men start to really view muslimahs (and all women) as human beings, not walking, talking sirens.

  22. Brother Umar- You are not lying about the fitnah in NYC. I live and work in Queens right now and it goes from where I live where we got banging black and Guyanese shorties to Jackson Heights where we got Spanish and Asian girls looking lovely. Finally I work near La Gaurdia Community College where it is just bursting with nekkedness. It only gets worse as the summer goes on too.

    Also, I don’t know about the rest of you, and maybe I haven’t been around practicing Muslimas for too long , so therefore I am not immune to the hijab but my libido and everything goes away when I talk to a sister with a hijab. I usually do not think about what is under their veil or anything like that.It makes it much easier for me to pay attention and not try to kick it or flirt with her.

    Lastly, other desis have said this and its getting old really. Whatever kind of desis you met in Missouri are most likely corny. But you need to stop popping shit about desis in general because you don’t know what kind of people desis are. A lot of Afghani, Paki, and Bengali kids on the East Coast especially grew up having to fight Spanish kids and once we moved out the burbs had to fight white boys for respect(Italians, Irish, and your typical drunk wet dog smelling crackers.) And we heard all that shit that youre spouting “you dotheads smell, f—ing Hindus, gandhus, etc” you name it. I hope that the white Muslim converts such as yourself do not bring this attitude to Islam or else there will be a much harder fitna than just tight skirts and high heels.

  23. lol…Im in Queens and I guess Im one of those sisters who wears a scarf with…when I go out I see all the women looking like hoodrats.It aint no joke for the brothers here…personally I dont know how they do it because even I am trying not to look down someones top or when I see a big butt squee-sed into a tight jeans…Im like dayyum..if this is what the brothers see then they are lost.
    Just to also add that I dont know where Umar is but I know round here(Jamaica) the women arent all fine with banging booties..some women look crazy in the summer and are far far faaaaar from being attractive.And I mean Faaaaaaaaaaaar.
    It aint easy wearing hijaab in this kinda humidity especially when you are the lone muslimah on the block but I does it so…….respec I ! lol

  24. Ps. I have been hit on wearing hijaab from top to toe and eyes showing…Ive been hit on with jeans and with skirts. Ive come to the conclusion that a lot of men are dogish in nature and dont really care what you are wearing…as long as you’re a woman are a potential conquest.I hate seeing brothers in shorts and Tee while the sisters totaally covered…maybe I have issues with hijaab Allahu Alim..but I feel like brothers need to resemble muslims also….rock a nice white thobe or something!

  25. Myopic you are right, men do not care. They will still approach a hijabi sister, just in a different manner.

    I remember one day on sister came in, she’s very beautiful. SItting in the office all I heard was, “subhanallah, I need to go make 2 rakahs.” and similar comments. Yes, there was a barrage of “do you know her, is she married?”

    I feel the same too, when I see brothers in shorts and the wife fully covered. To me it’s the ultimate sign of disrespect and lack of consideration/compassion, but you know the fire is hotter sister. Also it feeds into the muslim woman being oppressed belief many non Muslims have

  26. Yup Yup @ Bint Will…Here I am in Hijaab travelling around the city and Im like a single muslim man magnet….Ima make a sign sayin “Unavailable..Keep It Moving” or act like I dont speak english..something!
    Yea the fire is hotter sis…but I dont think that hijaab will save me from the fire…Its about actions and deeds too. At times I think the emphasis that can be placed on being covered takes away from those other important things like….good character, islamic adaab…etc etc..

  27. Although men do excite women; its a lot more intense the other way round. Wearing hijaab or not, the effect and reaction is much the same. The impression that a Muslim woman who is covered according to the rules of hijaab will not attract attention, or if she does, then she is treated respectfully is whimsical. So I agree with you Myopic and Bint Will – its just the nature of some men.

  28. salaam,

    i’m sick and tired of hearing about ‘brothers who can’t lower gaze should get married’, married brothers can be just as sick as some single ones.

    my husband says he’s drowning, drowning in what? fitnah of women (which he doesn’t say in words), because at work, thats all the kaafir men talk about. It makes me so angry because he only lowers his gaze if I’m in eyesight. He looks all over the place and goes out of his way to enjoy the sights, once I heard him say under his breath whilst glancing at a womans breast, ‘I NEED TO FAST’. this man is not denied anything, and even though brothers might say subhanallah the sis must be ugly or fat LOL, or boring but the truth is I go gym, I ain’t major ‘HOT’ but I know the score and I make most of what Allah has made halal for me to do alhamdulillah. I was on his computer one night and a message came up, reminding him to visit this sight, so i went on the sight and it was porn site. and i caught him with erection which he tried to hide from me, he had been on this forum that displays porn. Allah guide this man or give him what he deserves. Instead of catching him again i confronted him and gave him advice which he took, but he looks like he’s covering his tracks and i don’t trust the b**** anymore. wallahi, how can a sister look like as HOT as a PORN model after having multiple kids and breastfeeding them for 2 years, you tell me brothers! **some** sisters look like sh** they wear kids socks, no make-up, belly warmer undies and smell like masala fat. wear boring clothes, even though you can get a way wearing sexy modest clothes. i think married brothers should get double punishment for looking at porn and lusting after girls because some of these nasty k***** women refuse their men and the muslim man can order his wife to diet, look good, come to his call whenever, he has so much over her that there is no excuse for drolling over women.

    please brothers give me dawah coz i’m ether getting paronoid or i lack self estem or lack confidence right now, all this is making me truly depressed with being married, i can’t stand seeing these women outside causing fitnah for my husband and him being such a sh**** by trying to act like he’s not looking but when i turn away thats it.

    is it true that no matter how fine your wife is or how much you are looked after you will still look? should i just stop being over concerned with this problem and just say ‘i live in the west so no matter how much i try and protect my husband he’s gonna look anyway and lust after women?’

    brothers and sisters, please forgive my bad words because it truly doesn’t display who i am, i’m just fed up and want to understand how married men think and it’s really a call for help, afwan.

    umar, i’ve been looking at your blog a bit and have learnt lots but if you were my husband and you quoted that, you would swear that i was tyson dressed up as your wife LOL

    hussam, thats a beautiful quote, i pray allah blesses you for quoting from the salaf, for surely they were the best. as a woman i’m not offended by your quote but sometimes brothers can get carried away.

    subhanaka allaahumma wa bihamdika ashhadu a laa ilaha illa anta astaghfiruka wa atoobu ilayk.

    afwaan, afwaan yaa ikhwaan

  29. Salam Aleikom….

    Brother Umar,did you ever read that the first watch is for you ,the second is haram?,sometimes you can not avoid to watch nice cookies,but,to scan the details,something sounds wrong,looks like you look for it…

    Fitnah is everywhere,in Algeria,it’s similar,even with hidjab,unfortunatly…Allah Hafidh

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