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Response to “Mapping Shariah” and Insight Magazine

UPDATE: Tariq Nelson reports that these people have vandalized Dar Al Hijrah. The object of this game is to incite hatred and paranoia against all of us. They have apparently gotten what they wanted to achieve. The Fake Father and … Continue reading

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The Immigration Debate

There has been a lot written and said about the immigration bill that seems to be going nowhere fast in the senate and most of it is hot air. On the political-right you have people who are demagogueing on the … Continue reading

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Accepting Islam

An Umar Lee Rerun I had been led to the well by my readings and by friends from the Nation but being led to the well and drinking from the sweet waters of Islam are two different things entirely. Before … Continue reading

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Halal Hygeine Tips

To the brothers who spread the smell of doodoo all over the musella ever time they bend over in ruku – please use some toilet paper before you apply the water and if you can’t do that use more water. … Continue reading

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Traveling and Escaping the Fitnah

If you are a man New York City is the global capitol of fitnah in the summer. I mean, seriously, it is almost too much to take and a brother just feels like throwin in the towel sometimes. The streets … Continue reading

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