Response to “Mapping Shariah” and Insight Magazine

UPDATE: Tariq Nelson reports that these people have vandalized Dar Al Hijrah. The object of this game is to incite hatred and paranoia against all of us. They have apparently gotten what they wanted to achieve.

The Fake Father and Son Combo of Paul and Chris Gausbaz and the Real David Gaubatz and Chris (Gaubatz?)

Some weeks back when I attended Hispanic Open House at the Dar al Hijrah Masjid in Falls Church, VA a young white man who called himself Chris Gausbaz took his shahadah and the photo of that event is above. We have now found out that Chris was an undecover operative from the Mapping Shariah Project along with a man who may be his father named Paul ( David Gaubatz) who later took shahdah with the help of Sheikh Yusuf Estes and this has come out in Insight Magazine which is a Goebbelesque publictaion affiliate of the Washington Times.

The mosques of America are open for the public to come into and this event was designed for non-Muslims as a community relations event. Those who came that day got a warm welcome and it was a blessed event.

The young man named Chris said he attended the Hipsanic event because he thought it was as good of a chance as any to publicly declare his shahadah after studying Islam per the request of his Egyptian girlfriend. Islam is no a private club, it is for all of humanity, and he we welcomed with open arms; but he took advantage and was deceitful and dishonest with the warm nature of the Muslim community.

The article claims that Imam Johari Abdul-Malik and Imam Shaker Elsayyed called for a Muslim takeover of America and the spread of sharia to America and that simple never ocurred,; but when you are speaking of Muslims you can lie and get away with it.

Chirs did not have the mannerism of any new Muslims I had ever met and this crossed my mind when I first saw him; but I gave him the benefit of the doubt as it is un-Islamic to be suspicous. However, when he began asking bizarre questions of Muslims about plans to establish a khilifa in America I became suspicous and backed off. Here are the conversations we had through email;

I want to thank you for being a witness today for my conversion to Islam. It was a remarkable experience for me. I went to your website ( as you requested. You are an amazing writer and I have spent the last few hours reading most of your articles.

Although I have studied Islam for the last few months, I understand there is much I need to learn. You are a convert as well and I respect your advise.

Can you help me with a couple of questions?

1. Can you recommend any locations where I can learn more about our beliefs at Dar al Hijrah. My future wife (from Egypt) & I will be moving to Falls Church. Her family are very devout Muslims.

2. From reading the various articles you wrote on Salafism and my being a new convert, do we at Dar Al Hijrah strive for a Caliphate State in America? From my readings I understand Saudi Arabia practices the purest form of Islam in regards to Sharia Law.

Again I want to thank you,

Chris Notice the bizzare nature of the questions as if they came from some troll reading Robert Spencer who decided to become Muslim. Here is my response still giving him the benefit of the doubt.

assalamu alaikum Chris,

I am just getting back in New York so I apologize for the delay in my response. To begin with I wish to thank you for your compliments and hopefully you can have some benefit from what I have written.

Being a Muslim is a learning process, whether you are a new convert of you were born into Islam, the believer never stops learning. There are some sources of knowledge which are more beneficial than others and it is best to stick with the traditional sources of Islamic knowledge. There are a lot of webistes out there and some are better than others; I will recommend these

These are two good ones. There is a class on the weekends at Dar al Hijrah, which I believe is taught by Anawar Hajajj, that is an introduction to Islam course, I highly recommend it. At this stage of your Islam it is important to focus on the basics; Islamic monotheism ( the belief n One God and what that means in the life of the Muslim and his world view), the life of the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) for which I recommend reading a book called The Sealed Nectar or Ar-Rageeq am0Makhtum as it is called in Arabic and it, along with other Muslim books, can be bought at the Halalco book store in Falls Churchon Route 7 near Broad Street I think it is. Also while there you can buy a book about how to perform the Muslim prayers and some things that will help you with the Arabic.

regarding your second question the simple answer is no. To add to this there is no set theological or political program at Dar al Hijrah, different people believe different things, but that is something I have never seen expressed. Dar al Hijrah is also not a Salafi mosque though you will find some people who attend who are Salafis but this is largely free of any political meaning and more focused on issues of Muslim theology. Having said that a lot of people at the mosque are upset about a lot of things in the Muslim World and regarding Muslims in America and are organizing to politically address these issues on an ongoing basis via lawful means.

Who has the purest form of Islam is up to debate. Thee are some things that are very strong in Saudi Arabia such as there observance to some aspects of Sharia and their Islamic belief.What I will recommend is that you seek the mentorship of someone who has been Muslim a long time and I am going to recommend Tariq Nelson since you both live in the area.


Notice I am telling him to shy away from poltics and to stick with learning the aqeedah of Islam. How many more brothers told him and the others the same thing and is there anyr ecord of that in the Insight article or on the website of Mapping Shariah.

Now Chris responds.

assalamu alaikum Umar

That you. I went to Halaco today. I could not believe how many books they had! I bought several. I was urged by the clerk when I had mention being a new convert, the book “Duties of the learned to Ignorant Muslims”. Written by Abdul Qadir Oudah. Thank you again, Chris

My reponse

wa alaikum salaam,well, I have never heard of that book or the writer, but hopefully you can get some benefit from it.


Now from a man named saying his name was Paul, who is in fact David Gaubatz a veteran federal agent, military intelligence veteran, and the latest person trying to make a living from hyping up the threat of Muslims to right-wing extremists and hyping the threat of “sleeper cells” throughout America.

From Chris‘ Father:Chris and I are studying and discussing. Pass my thanks to Brother Estes.

Couple questions:

The muslim people throughout the world relate through the media they/Islam is being oppressed. Why?

This will help me understand more.


My response,

well, I think some Muslims have the view they are oppressed and others do not. Many religious Muslims will argue that Muslims are in a weak state due to the abandonment of religion and the secularization of Muslim societies. Some attribute this partially to the influence of western secular humanism and the falling out of colonialism and some do not. Other Muslims feel that the aspirations of the political desires of the Muslim World are being stifled by US and other Western support for corrupt regimes and nations with perceived hostility towards Muslims.

That was the end of our talks and you can see that I did not say anythign crazy and therfore they did not want to tlak to me as they are only interested in paining opne pociture of Islam and that is a negative one…

The lesson Muslims should learn from this is not to be suspicous and close our doors to outsiders of any race; but to know that we have people in this country who do not hate us because we are a Salafi or Sufi or whatever, they hate us because we breath, because we exist, and our very existence in this country frightens them and they will do anything to incite fear and hatred against us. The history of the right-wing in America is a bloody one and has racism and genocide as a key part of it, we should be mindful of the likes of Chris and David.

The Immigration Debate

There has been a lot written and said about the immigration bill that seems to be going nowhere fast in the senate and most of it is hot air. On the political-right you have people who are demagogueing on the issue, engaging in racial politics and fear-mongering. On the left you have those who are blinded by idealism and political-correctness and those in the Democratic Party who like illegal immigration because they believe that these immigrants will become Democrats regardless as to whether they are hurting American workers.


I see myself in the middle of this issue. I support amnesty of those who are already here and do not want to live in a country that rounds up 12 million people and ships them away. On Fox News and talk-radio they make these 12 million sound so menacing; but in reality these are the parents of school kids, most are good neighbors, and most are hard-working. When you go to a hotel chances are they are changing your sheets and when your parents get old they may be the ones caring for them. The vast majority of these immigrants are just looking for a better life and most will find it here in America and their children will become full Americans in a generation.


This does not mean there are not problems though. Millions of unskilled immigrants drive the wages down for working-class jobs, encourage a system of exploitation, and create an atmosphere where it is impossible to assimilate such large numbers of people and the social fabric of many communities is removed. We clearly need to get control of the borders and then have enforced and regulated immigration.  We cannot allow everyone who wants to come here to do so, it is not possible, and since we have to limit immigration, we have to start admitting people based on the needs of the American society, such as limiting the amount of low-skilled workers so that wages for American workers go up and encouraging IT professionals, academics and researchers to come here. In fairness, as it is the American tradition, I also believe in family reunification, but within reason.


The worst thing that can be done is to implement some kind of non-unionized “guest worker” program that would create a permanent underclass to the delight of Wall Street or to keep the system as it is today.


Another issue relating to this, with our increasingly diverse society, is the need for things that bring all of us together as Americans, and I do not have the time to address it in this piece but this is one of the main reasons I support a national draft for 18 year olds that could be military, community, or humanitarians service (this would bring us together in a spirit of community and help many in need).

Accepting Islam

An Umar Lee Rerun

I had been led to the well by my readings and by friends from the Nation but being led to the well and drinking from the sweet waters of Islam are two different things entirely. Before attending the mosque and before meeting actual Muslims my knowledge of Islam was honestly very limited.


Islam is not primarily a political movement or some kind if ism akin to socialism or nationalism but is about submission to the Creator and recognizing the oneness of God and following the message He sent via his Prophets and Messengers to mankind. Islam is a complete way of life that affects every aspect of the believer’s life and it gives the Muslim a solid spiritual foundation and a unity with creation.


Walking in to the mosque for the first time all I was interested in was a grand political movement aimed at changing America; but that is not really what Islam is all about and I would soon find that out. Islam was not about Black Nationalism, or any kind of nationalism, and it isn’t fundamentally about overthrowing governments and things of that nature; Islam is about living a life in submission to Allah and following the Sunnah (example of His Messenger Muhammad) (pbuh).


As I had never been in a Muslim gathering before I did not know what to do when I entered the mosque seeking to attend a Sunday class that was titled Introduction to Islam. When I arrived there were only two people there and they were middle-aged African-American women. Trying to be polite I went and sat next to them and then suddenly I had this feeling that maybe I shouldn’t be sitting next to women at the mosque and it was an instinctive feeling because I had never been to a Muslim gathering in my life.


Moments later a middle-aged Pakistani man (a professor of anatomy and a pioneer of American Islam) Dr. Waheed Rana walked in and kindly asked me to sit next to him at the other end of the table. I sat next to him as the room filled with mainly African-American Muslims along with one white Muslim and a sprinkling of Arabs, South Asians and Africans. Many of these Muslims were dressed in the traditional clothing of their homelands and most of the men had beards and the women wore the hijab. This was not like any environment I had ever been in but at the same time I did not feel the least bit uncomfortable which I think can be attested to my experiences as an outsider in the black community and me being used to being the outsider in a group.


I did not pay close attention to what was being discussed in the book but I do know that the book that was being studied was Towards Understanding Islam by the Pakistani scholar Abdullah Maududi. For me there were too may distractions and I couldn’t keep my mind focused on what was being discussed and after the class I was mobbed by Muslims giving me their phone numbers, inviting me to dinner and asking me all sorts of questions.


A little overwhelmed I walked off to get some time to myself when I was approached by an older Pakistani man named Badrul Hasan who was very friendly and told me that he would like to get to know me better and help me in any way. Moments later I found out that his son attended my school and they lived near to my grandparent’s home. I rode home with his son and his brother-in-law and we chatted the entire way.


Badrul was true to his word and we began meeting on a regular basis and it was Badrul who took me back to square one and taught me about tauheed (the ones of Allah), Quran,  the Sunnah, ibadah (worship of Allah) and the main theological underpinnings of Islam (Aqeedah).  


He systematically deprogrammed all of the shirk (blasphemies) that I had grown-up with in my mind. Christianity was not false because some of its adherents were racists he told me, because there are also bigoted Muslims ( but to a much lesser extent than in Christianity and those bigots are produced in spite of Islamic teachings on racial equality as opposed to Christianity were many racists find their inspiration from their faith).


No I was taught that Christianity was false because it deviated from the path of Allah. Allah had sent prophets and messengers to humanity and that Jesus (Isa bin Miriam) was sent as the Messenger to the Sons of Israel and was born to Mary who had not been touched by as man. On the one hand most Jews rejected his message and on other hand, through Paul and others, Christianity was founded upon fabrications.


The Quran says that Allah begets none nor is He begotten and there is none to be compared to Him. The belief that G_d would appear in the form of a man was so contradictory to the message of the prophets that anyone familiar with their message could not accept this falsehood. Christianity was not founded by Jesus but by Paul and later it was further distorted in Rome. The Bible is not a creation from God; but it was written by men and the Bible itself was put together more then three-centuries after the death of Jesus. Matthew did not write Matthew, Mark did not write Mark, etc. Therefore Christians were following second, third and forth hand stories that were later interpreted by a Hellenized Jew named Paul whose theology was not even remotely connected to that of Jesus or the Jews and was in almost complete harmony with pagan Europe.


Those Christians that I grew-up with had no clue as to how the Bible was put together. Furthermore they have zero understanding of the culture of the people that Jesus was born to and the fact that Jews never expected the messiah to be the Son of G_d and that the belief that G_d has a son is a completer heresy. They worship in completer bliss and sing the old songs like “There is Power in the Name of Jesus” even refusing to call Jesus by his proper and given name.


Allah has promised to protect the Quran until the Day of Judgment and it cannot be distorted. From the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on people memorized the entire Quran and if anyone makes a mistake in recitation he or she is corrected by those around him. The Quran is also protected by the Arabic language and that is why to be an Islamic scholar and a true student of the Quran and Hadith (sayings of the Prophet) you must be an expert in the Arabic language.


The Quran is the Word of Allah and the Book of Allah (Kitab ul-Lah) and every word of it is studied by the believers on a word by word base. Muslims do not go to the Masjid (mosque) and sit in a class where they open up the Quran and randomly off the top of their heads say what this verse means to them ( as if the verse was only speaking to them). Muslims pray to Allah and pray for His guidance; we do not sit in our bedrooms and believe that we are receiving revelation from God on what 401K to choose. Our leaders, unlike George W. Bush, do not make policy based on conversations they have had with Allah. We are not prophets, the age of prophets is over and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him) born in 570 CE was the last prophet; the Seal of the Prophets. We have to base our lives on the revelation that was sent to us when the angel Jibrael (Gabriel) revealed the Quran to the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (pbuh).


The Quran is first interpreted by the Quran itself, next by hadith, next by the companions of the Prophet (the Sahabah) and next by the Arabic language itself. The classic works on tasfeer, or interpretation of the Quran, have now all been translated into English such as the tasfeer of the scholars such as at-Tabari, Ibn Taymiyah, Ibn Kathir and others.


In addition to the Quran we have the Sunnah, the ways of the prophet that were collected in books on his life (sira) and in books of hadith such as Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih al-Muslim, Al-Muwatta, Sunan Abu Dawud, at-Tirmidhi, Ahmed and other books of hadith.


Today all of these works can be found in English as well as books on the biography of the Prophet such as The Sealed Nectar by Mubakpuri.


A translation is a crutch and a translation is never perfect and that is why you should only rely on a translation for as long as you have to. It is laughable in the West to see so-called Christian theologians who do not understand Hebrew (other than maybe a semester they got in seminary) and then claim to be experts on the scripture. Language is crucial to understanding the texts (for instance why this word was used for son and not another word). Some Christian theologians study Greek or Latin; but who in the Bible spoke those languages?


Muslims have deen, Jews have an old deen, and Christians have a handful of beliefs with a million different interpretations and have no code to live by. The average American Christian prays to the Big Cardinal in the sky in St. Louis while sitting on the toilet defecating out pork chops or while taking a piss at a Bronx subway station and chewing gun. There is no reverence in American Christianity and if there is any it is just made-up with no roots in any kind of an historical tradition.


The traditions that do exist, for example in the Catholic Church, such as praying to idols( statues) and burning candles and calling on saints ( i.e. polytheism, the worship of humans and associating partners with Allah) have their foundations in Europe and not in the scriptures and are in and of them selves a violation of several of the Ten Commandments.


In America the truly religious Christians are few and the vast majority of American Christians are just some kind of cultural folk Christians. They receive no guidance on how to live their lives and they have no law so everything is up to interpretation and the different Christian groups vary greatly on even the most basic concepts.


Islam gives the believer complete guidance and a wealth of knowledge to support our stances. The life of a Muslim is not only a life of worship but is in fact a life of seeking religious knowledge and knowledge is something that is just not a priority in Christianity.


When one enters Islam all of the traditional American labels and titles lose meaning and a new person is born. For one who completely accepts Islam this means swearing off all other identities. The American Muslim becomes the brother or sister to the Palestinian, Kashmiri, Bosnian and British Muslim and the connection with them often supercedes that relationship you have with your fellow Americans. An American-Muslim goes through a process of globalization and suddenly eats foods from all over the world (and not from trendy eateries in gentrified neighborhoods but in the homes of immigrants). Immerse your self in Islam and you will feel a greater connection to a nomadic herder in the Sudan than you will with your non-Muslim next door neighbor.


The language of the Muslim is different; when asked how you are you will not say “I’m chillin”, “I’m cool”, or “fine buddy how bout yourself”, no you will say alhamdudilah (Praise be to Allah). When you make a meeting with someone you will say Insh’Allah (God willing).


For the white American convert the biggest impediment into integrating into the Muslim community and becoming a true believer is arrogance. Many white Muslims refuse to submit to the will of Allah and accept Islam for what it is. They want a new Islam or a reformed Islam and they are joined by many westernized Muslims who instead of submitting to the will of Allah seek to create a religion of convenience that bends to their reasoning and their desires. Many white Muslims think they have done Islam a favor by being Muslim ( and our treated that way be may immigrant Muslims with inferiority complexes) when in fact they are the ones in need of Allah, not the other way around.


One of the deviant leaders of this modern Islam said “why should I turn a perfectly good 21st century European into a seventh century Arab.”


Well, for starters, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a seventh-century Arab and it his Sunnah that Muslims are obligated to follow and it is the path of his Sahabah that we strive to be on. The 21st century European may be advanced in science and technology but his civilization has become culturally decadent and immoral, they are out of touch with the Creator, they are off of the fitra and are headed for an implosion. For one not to accept this after becoming Muslims means that the white Muslim has not discarded their internal-beliefs in white supremacy no matter what amount of politically correct speech they may have learned.


Many white Muslims have been able to do this, Masha’Allah, and thousands of white Muslims are now active members of the American-Muslim community and are even in leadership positions. Think of the contribution to American-Islam that the likes of Ibrahim Hooper, Suhaib Webb, and others have given to the community.


In the African-American community the problem is not arrogance, like we see in the white community, but the problem is nationalism. Because of the way that Islam entered the black community, through the door of Black Nationalism, many African-American Muslims have refused to shed off the shackles of that racial ideology which has no place in Islam. However, alhamdudilah, if one observes the growing Masjids in the black community they are almost entirely groups that are dedicated to the Sunnah. The new leadership of the African-American Muslim community is at the forefront of bringing the Sunnah to this country (Siraj Wehaj in Brooklyn, Abu Muslima in New Jersey, Abu Usama, Mahdi Bray, Johari Abdul-Malik, Jamil al-Amin and others). Furthermore if you look at the Islamic universities in Mecca, Medina, Yemen, and Egypt they all have large African-American contingents.


This is far from the stereotype of the black prison Muslim (but we must thank Allah for those prison Muslims) or the brother on the corner selling a bean pie. Today the Black Muslim community, especially in the Northeast Muslim Corridor (Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland, Phillie, New Jersey, and New York) is home to many second and third generations Muslims who are fully integrated into the Muslim community and are in fact global leaders in formulating a modern Islamic vision.


Islam is now spreading into the Latino community in America and there are a number of Masjids now who have large Latino memberships and there is even a Masjid in the Bronx where the Jummahu Khutbah is in Spanish.


In my travels I have met Jews, Arab Christians, Hindus, Evangelical Missionaries, Catholic seminary students, communists, atheists and Buddhists who have become Muslims. The American-Muslim community is growing and diverse and no matter what anyone tries to do to stop it nothing can stop the message, They can bomb, jail and murder Muslims but they cannot conquer the Word of Allah and Muslims are in this country making this society a much better place to live in for all Americans and this Dawah of al-Islam will spread no matter what measures are taken to try and stop it.


For those of you who are not Muslim Islam not only solves many of the social ills of the society (disrespect of elders, racism, sexual perversion, drug addiction, materialism, arrogance, greed, etc) but it more importantly puts you on the natural path of submission to the Will of the Creator.


If you are a Muslim these are times to stand strong. Everywhere you turn people vilify Muslims and you must know that we are hated by many on the right in this country because they see us as a foe and by many on the left because they hate religion. Our friends are few and far between but we must hold fast to the rope of Allah as the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) instructed us and we will succeed. We also need to be saburun, people of patience, and realize that if we follow Quran and Sunnah victory is ours in this life and the hereafter.


Who would ever think that more people in London would attend a Masjid on Friday than a church on Sunday? And who would think in some Western European countries that more than half of the children are Muslims? But both of these things are true and Islam is on the rise in Europe. If you look to Africa you will see that wherever you find Christianity there is AIDS and death and wherever there are Muslims there is life and that is why people are turning to Islam in places like Rwanda and South Africa and not because missionaries with millions but because of the message of Islam, deen-ul-Haqq.

Halal Hygeine Tips

To the brothers who spread the smell of doodoo all over the musella ever time they bend over in ruku – please use some toilet paper before you apply the water and if you can’t do that use more water.


To the brothers whose breath smells like a sewer and only use the miswak; it aint cuttin it brother, time to add some tooth paste to your arsenal.


To the Muslims who tell me back home they don’t believe in using deodorant; that may be fine there, but do not get expected to be hired at a job, or for brothers to want to hang out with you, if anyone standing next to you more than ten seconds get a headache.



To the brothers who drink tea and coffee all day with sugar; please know that your teeth are yellow and rotting because you are drinking tea and coffee all day and you may want to drink some water or juice from time to time.



Now, the feet; how many Masjids have I been on that smell like feet? The hallways smell like feet, the prayer rugs smell like feet, the wudu area smells like feet, etc. One of the main reasons for this is brothers not drying off their feet after wudu and then putting on the same socks they have been wearing for days which is easy to tell as you see them at the masjid everyday. This problem is worst with Muslims who follow the Hanafi madhab and do not believe you can wash the feet once a day and they wipe over the socks. Wash your feet when you bathe and dry them off after wudu.   



To the bathroom; how many foul and disgusting bathrooms have been in over the years in the Muslim community? Places so dirty and smelly I couldn’t even relieve myself in? Brothers and sisters if you think the problem is bad here it is much worse in most Muslim countries I have been in. People will tell you that this is the case because the bathroom is looked down upon in Islam, well maybe so, but the believer does not need to leave the bathroom with infections. Thankfully, I think a lot of Masjids in America have really improved in this area. The bathroom still remains an issue and in my home I have had Muslims come to make wudu and get water all over my basin, the floor, the walls, and the toilet paper gets soaked and so now days I make it clear to Muslims; you are given permission to make wudu in my bathroom on the condition you leave the place as you left it.


To the brother who told me using soap in making a ghusl is a biddah and therefore he only uses water I tell you, OK do not use soap in ghusl if you do not want to, but I hope you take a real shower after the ghusl and use plenty of soap- because you need it.

Traveling and Escaping the Fitnah

If you are a man New York City is the global capitol of fitnah in the summer. I mean, seriously, it is almost too much to take and a brother just feels like throwin in the towel sometimes. The streets are crammed with women representing every flavor and there is nowhere to escape.


Yesterday I attended Masjid al-Farooq in Brooklyn for Jummahu and it was jam-packed as usual and the Yemeni imam gave a Khutbah on the rights husbands hold over their wives and last week he gave one on the rights wives hold over their husbands. I left feeling good and bought one of those thingies that hang from your rearview mirror in you car that read Allah in Arabic and then commenced to walk to the Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn.


For those of you unfamiliar with Brooklyn the Fulton Mall is a pedestrian mall made up of all kinds of shops, and for the most part, is ghetto. On a day when it was something like 90 degress outside what did that mean? Multitudes of Puerto Rican girls in tight jeans and a third of a shirt, black girls in mini-skirts that has all the brothers waiting for the wind to blow, and Dominican girls showing off their tattoos in special places.


I had to wait for the bus at the mall and stood next to a Hasidic Jewish man who had his baby in a stroller while he waited on the bus. I couldn’t turn in any direction without seeing something that looked like Vida Guerra with a cute face or some girl that looked like she just stepped off of a BET video set and what was I to do?


The combination of all these women around in their CFM clothes and the heat led me to go across the street and buy a bottle of water while I waited on the bus. The water tasted good, it hit the spot like only water can on a hot day, but in the store I saw two girls, I think they were sisters, that may were great fitnah and I would have to fast for 600 years not to be tempted by them.


The bus came and I’m like OK I’m cool. If it is like a normal day I will be crammed in with overweight black women, Hasidic Jews reading the Talmud, loud kids, illegal immigrants from Latin America and FOB Desis who do not use deodorant. For the most part that is what I got; but it just so happened that I found an opening in one of those two seaters near the back exit and what happened? This girl, with a body like a computer couldn’t generate wearing jeans that looked like they were painted on and half a shirt, plops her big a** down right next to me, and I’m like damn, that just aint right.


The fitnah of NYC in the summer is no joke! The fitnah is bad for everybody, this is true, but as I was discussing with another American-Muslim brother the other day it is worse for us, because we know that we could easily pull one of these girls ( or a few) if we feel like it. It is easier for a lot of the immigrant brothers who may lust as we do; but are incapable of acting on their lust, which may be a blessing for them.



I was supposed to leave a few days ago but I will finally be flying out to St. Louis today. I will be busy this week and may not get a chance to blog so I have time-stamped and put up pieces to go up everyday. Some of these are things I have written years ago that have never been online and some were online a long time ago. Regardless, I more than likely am not going to get the chance to respond to anything going on here and if I do it will be brief.