Questions From a “Shahid” Wanna-be and My Response to Death Threats

Over the weekend I was emailed by an aspiring “shahid” and the author of a blog that glorifies every act of any self-proclaimed jihadist no matter how sadistic and un-Islamic. I am not sure if this person lives in America or not, if they do then they are a pure hypocrite because how can they live and benefit from a land that they profess to hate? If they came here to America and were not born here did they not stand in line to get a visa because of some shortcomings in the land they came from?


The person who emailed me these questions is a Muslim brother by the name of Samir Khan. By his name I can say his origins are either from India, Pakistan, or Afghanistan. If he is such a jihadist he should find more joy in living there than in the West.

The Questions and His Intro Follow:

How are you?

I have been getting some feedback from a few brothers that you hold and spread some views which can be considered dangerous to your Akhira.

Therefore, for the sake of Allah, from brother to brother, I would like to ask a few simple questions just to get your views (and perhaps, remove the brothers’ misconceptions).

I ask these questions just to fully understand your views before having an understanding that could be totally against what you believe.

Here are the questions from Samir Khan:

1. Generally speaking (no specifics), do you support the American Army in its war against those who call themselves the Mujaahideen?


I do not support the efforts of the United States to conquer any Muslim lands or to take non-defensive measures in the Muslim World against perceived threats. I do think that America, like any other nation, has the right to defend itself against legitimate targets, and Iraq is not such a target. As far as the issue regarding the mujahudeen, who are the mujahudeen? Any group of Muslims who get together and give themselves that title and proceeds to commit heinous acts?

2. Regarding the specifics of the above question, do you wish to see the destruction of certain Jihad groups (i.e., Islamic State of ‘Iraq, Taliban etc.)?

The Taliban brought nothing but misery to the Afghan people after a hopeful beginning that brought people together of different tribes. Where they able to feed the people? Or did the Taliban talk tough and then depend on UN handouts and NGO’s to feed the people in their glorious Islamic State?

Did they create a generation of more educated Muslim women who could teach their children or did they spread illiteracy amongst women of the Islamic and secular? As far as the “Islamic State of Iraq” is concerned I do not know the difference between them and the thousand other groups on Iraq. In general, I think that the Iraqi people have a right to defend themselves, however no matter what your grievance is you do not have the right to kill people indiscriminately and cut peoples heads off just because of the country they are from.

What if I was to cut the head off of the first Desi I saw because I was tired of riding on subway cars that smelled like curry and funk combined? Would I then be a mujahid? I can see little difference between that and the beheadings of Daniel Pearl and Margaret Hassan.

3. Do you wish to see the establishment of the Islamic State or do you wish that it never comes (or that it is destroyed)?


There would have to be an Islamic State before it is destroyed; but, in general, I support Islamic parties who use moral and ethical means to seek power in Muslim countries as long as they are not of the Taliban ilk or are murderous in their efforts and have a clue as to what it means to live in the modern world and are willing to respect minorities and work with those who disagree with them .

4. According to Shari’ah, generally speaking, who is not an “innocent civilian”?


The answer to this is obvious; combatants and their commanders

5. To slightly expand on the above question, if the American Army was to be considered Muhaaribeen (those who are at war with us) in the Shari’ah, would you still consider them your “fellow citizens”?


The shariah opinion would have nothing to do with their citizenship status or mine. If you are an American and you wish for the deaths of American soldiers you need to leave the country because your existence here constitutes hypocrisy and ignorance; but maybe there is a reason people would rather sit in the AC and comfort of America then go back to the failed-states their families came from.

6. Finally, when does Jihad on the battlefield become fard ‘ayn?


That is a theoretical question that I do not have the answer. I do know this, we can have 100 million more so-called “mujahudeen” and the majority of the Muslim World would still be uneducated and live in poverty. I suggest that instead of running away to play Rambo that young men try and change the cultures of their societies so that the majority of the Muslims no longer live in poverty and the Muslim countries are not full of classism, corruption, racism, tribalism, and failed economic and educational systems.


Death Threats to Tariq Nelson and Myself

It has come to my attention that some Muslim fanatic has made a threat against the life of my good friend Tariq Nelson. This comes a day after receiving word that there has been a threat against my life from a camp of deranged Muslims. Regarding Brother Tariq I make duah for him and his family and completely agree with him that he is within his right to take such a threat to law-enforcement as we are not gangsters but law-abiding Muslims.

As for me, if the source of the threat is identified I will also report it to law-enforcement, if it is not, and Allah forbid, some idiot comes for me, I will just say this; if you come for me come correct or it will not be me who is having a jannazah and it will be your mother who cries and not mine.


40 thoughts on “Questions From a “Shahid” Wanna-be and My Response to Death Threats

  1. DAMN!! You tell’em Umar Lee. Thats the only language these savages underestand. People like this jihady wannabe, dont understand words, their minds are too small to comprehend logic and reason. I wouldnt bother even answering these peoples questions, send their I.P’s to the FBI and if these Curry eaters come near you blow their brains back to South Asia. I am sick of these people, I really am. Their is no way we can have dialogue with them, we can quotes The Quran, and The Sunnah to these illiterate monkies day and night BUT THEY WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND. I remember Abu Sinan said these people only understand dont understand reason, they know nothing of Islam or Islamic Law , these people are mischeif makers, vigilantes, terrorists, heritics.

    As far as the issue regarding the mujahudeen, who are the mujahudeen?

    Hell thats what I would like to know, Does any Ligitamate Muslim State have any soilders out their?

    My country Libya is a Muslim State, but our military is in Sudan as part of the AU coilition trying to keep the peace. How about Saudi Arabia? Not that I have heard of, Nor does Iran.

    I mean any person with a gun going on rampages, who does not belong to a Military of a Respected Established State in Which The State Religon is Islam, and is engaging in the act of “jihad” is a TERRORIST. A Mischeif maker, who is spilling blood on the land. Islamic Law is 100% against Vigilanitism. Any nation State in which Islam is the registered religon of the state is Dar Al-Islam. And only a nation residing in Dar Al-islam can engage on colonial activities in areas which are designated Dar Al-Harab. Even if a Muslim Ruler(Someone who is ruling a Muslim State) is curropt, and wikid, Islamic Law DEMANDS that you OBEY THE RULER, weather he is just or oppressive. Because without a ruler, their is anarchy, and ALLAH HATES MISCHEIF AND BLOODSHED ON THE LAND. Here are some Hadith.

    [1]The Prophet Whosoever sees something from his leader of sin, then let him hate whatever occurs from sin. And let him not remove his hand from obedience, since whoever removes his hand from disobedience and splits off from the Jamaa’ah (united body), then he dies the death of Jaahiliyyah (pre-Islaamic times of ignorance).’’ Related by al-Bukhaaree (13/5) and Muslim (no. 1849)

    [4] ’Umar Ibn Yazeed said: I heard al-Hasan al-Basree during the days of Yazeed Ibnul-Mahlab, and there came to him a group of people. So he commanded them to stay in their houses and to close their doors. Then he said: ‘‘By Allaah! If the people had patience when they were being tested by their unjust ruler, it will not be long before Allaah will make a way out for them. However, they always rush for their swords, so they are left to their swords. By Allaah! Not even for a single say did they bring about any good.’’ It is related by Ibn Sa’d in at-Tabaqaat (8/164), and by Ibn Abee Haatim in his Tafseer (3/178).

    [5] Imaam as-Suyootee said in al-Ishbaah wan-Nadhaa‘ir (p. 87): ‘‘Preventing mafsadah (harm) is given precedence over procuring maslahah (benefit).’’ And Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (d.728H) – rahimahullaah – said in al-Hisbah fil-Islaam (p. 124): ‘‘Ordering the good should not result in the loss of a greater good, nor cause a greater evil (than before). Likewise, forbidding the evil should not result in a greater evil, nor in the loss of a greater good.’’

  2. According to Shari’ah, generally speaking, who is not an “innocent civilian”?

    What concern is this to him? He isnt part of a ligitament Nations Army.

    He’s a Civilian! Any taking of a life by his hands is MURDER, and thus punishible by death.

    He can ask this question to a Military Commander if he ever finds himself in the army of a Recognized Nation, with a ruler, judges, and tax collector.

    See Umar the problem is we keep justifying these terrorists existance, by debating what targets are ligitamate and illigitamate. THIS IS THE PROBLEM! No targets are ligitamate for them! If they kill anyone its a Crime. Not a WAR CRIME, just a crime. Stop giving them some sense of authenticity. This is exactly why the US government does not negotiate with terrorists. All of these people Hamas, Islamic Jihad, they are all terrorists. When Hamas was elected they no longer became terrorists, they became war criminals.

    We seriosly have to do something about these rodents who are running around like mad men, attacking everyone they see. They are giving Islam a horrible image, they have perverted its good name of Justice, the name which my ancestors worked so hard to Build in Al-Andalas, the name which Saladin worked so hard to build, the name Which The great Turkish and European Muslims of the Ottaman empire worked so hard to build. They have destroyed 1400 years of Crdiable Reputation.

    Islam use to bring to mind, learning, science, open mindedness, tolerance, diversity, honour, fairnes, the rule of law…. Now it bring to mind filthy illiterate curry eating peices of garbage with wild long hair and beards beating Muslim Women on the street with whips, Blowing them selfs up on Buses screaming Allah Akbar, this is a travisty, this is insanity. And whats worse is these filthy eastern dogs have begun exporting their anarchy and terror on muslim lands. The rodents went as far west as The Berber Lands of Algeria, ask the Old Berber women about the filthy brown scum who come to their villages raping their daughters, these Afghan pigs, these filthy dogs. invading berber lands, slaughtering our children, burning down our villages, these arab and afghan pigs. Look what they did in bosnia they reached Muslim Europe, attacking the locals. Burning the Ottaman constructed Mosques in Kosovo in the name of Islam.

  3. I make duah for him and his family and completely agree with him that he is within his right to take such a threat to law-enforcement as we are not gangsters but law-abiding Muslims.

    Yes I agree as well we must come out even louder against these hertics, these vigilantees, we must come out, and draw a huge line between us and them. We Must be loud and stern, and assertive. The Muslim leaders have been too weak in their voices, we need Muslim leaders to come out loud, and speak agaianst these people. Our Condominations sound like a Joke. Why arent people outraged?! My blood is boiling!! When I hear people like this rodent Khan speak……


  4. Isnt it odd that only hypocrites and secularists are your support?

    Your basing your imaginery arguements on second hand information. Speaking of Taliban by simply parroting what kuffar have said while the reality is contrary to your claims. Listen to Rahmatullah Hashemi’s interview with National Public Radio’s “TALK OF THE NATION” program (March 21), and you will be simply proven WRONG.

    Must be nice living amongst the kuffar, increasing their numbers, financially supporting their military and helping to spread their propaganda against the Muslims. Then you mock those who try to atleast adhere to the Shari’ah for the meantime while they are there and arent chicken-hearted like yourself who wimpers down to trying to appease the disbelievers.

    Even better when you make a blog whinning about not getting enough attention when you supposedly became Muslim. Would a few roses and a box of chocolates cure your hurtful wounds?

  5. Isnt it odd that only hypocrites and secularists are your support?

    Who are the securalists, and who are the hypocrites would you care to elaborate on your slander?

    Then you mock those who try to atleast adhere to the Shari’ah

    What part of the Shariah are you animals adhearing to? Tell me how under Islamic Law you justify your actions? Are you telling me that when you strap a bomb to yourself to commit suicide, in a market area crowded with Muslim women and children, you are following the Shariah? What warped notion of Shariah is this that you follow? You people are Mushriks, You people are Kuffar, and as far as Ramatelly-smelly, chicken curry whats his fuck is concerned if he loves being a talib so much, why is he siting in princenton in the halls of the kuffar, drinking tea with his adviser every afternoon? Why doesnt he mound his donkey and head back to The Aryan homeland? Back to Pashtun Territory?

    What you do in Afganistan is you buisness rodent, but when you come west of The Arabian Peninsula, when you come in my racial homeland, the home of my ancestors for over 12,000 years, and start burning down my villages and raping blond Imazighen women, screaming Allah Akbar, then we have a problem.

    Pakistan, Afganistan, and India are not Muslim Nations they are hindu Nations, the customs, belifes, and norms are still intact. Your countries are filled with filthy deisease ridden animals. Why wasnt it Pakistan who ordered that a women needs 4 witnesses to prove rape? And if she didnt not have these witnesses she would be lashed 80 times? Is this your adhearance to Shariah you animal, you perverter of Islam, you perverter of all that is good and pure! May Allah Destroy you, and destroy your Blasphamous Nation with a Billion earth Qurakes for your Kuffar. You are no diffrent then the Jews who changed their sciptures, you are changing Islamic Law to benfit your own sick and mysogonistic needs! Why wasnt it your brand of Shariah which that stated men of a tribe can gang rape a female relative of a male relative commits? How is it you people apply Shriah when your literacy rate is 36% in Afganistan?

  6. Ibraheem
    May 14th, 2007 at 8:05 am

    I get it, this is Robert Spencer possing as a Muslim? Eh I bet it was spencer who sent Umar Lee the email as well:P

  7. Ibraheem,

    I’m not Umar, and we have our disagreements, but you have some words to eat. “only hypocrites and secularists are your support[ers]” – err, please do tell me how you analyzed that, because you are held responsible for what you say. Nifaaq is a condition, as the Prophet said in a Sahih hadith, where someone:

    a) lies in their oath; (ie, lands in America, says they’ll respect it’s laws and constititution, and then tries to subvert those and kill it’s people)
    b) breaks their promises; (swears to defend the muslim lands, and oh- invites the American army to invade, causing tens of thousands to die for their benighted cause – that might count as a broken promise)
    c) fails to keep a trust; ie, the women and children of the muslim world are entrusted to those ‘call themselves mujuhadeen’ (sic) and yet they allow them to be slaughtered, in the tens of thousands, over years, all the while praising themselves as the valiant fighters in Allah’s cause, and putting up suicide bombers’ videos (who join in slaughtering people outside police stations, trying to get a job so that they can feed their families and FULFILL THEIR OATHS) – Wallah, swear to me that the blood of your brothers’ and sisters’ in Islam is worth more than lies, deceit, and murder – or don’t, because you’ve already lied often enough.

    RahmatuLlah Hashemi said some good words, and answered the questions adequately. Its’ notable that he’s since abandoned being a Taliban spokesman while he’s a student at Yale, but I guess you feel that only Umar, living in New York, is a hypocrite for living in the USA – and not RahmatuLlah? I do give the Taliban credit for keeping Dostum and his crew under wraps, but they did fall apart by taking deceitful ‘mujahidin’ under their umbrella, and slaughtering Shi’a women and children at Mazar-al-Sharif, and generally behaving like tyrants.

    Acknowledge the truth, it will cost you less in the end, then to have to acknowledge it on the Day of Standing before Allah, yawm-ul-Qiyamat

    your brother in Islam, insha Allah,

  8. Umar,

    I think the person who e-mailed you these questions is the very same person whom I asked last week on your blog to get to fighting if he supported the jihad so much.

    His new site is full of crap glorifying the “Islamic State of Iraq” which is nothing more than a front for the mass murderous of innocents.

    I just love those who talk about violence yet dont want to get their hands dirty themselves.

  9. No, Abu Sinan, we aren’t. I’m not as intelligent or learned as he is. Comparing me to him is giving me too much credit and a detriment to him. I’m not that articulate based on his letter. Thanks for the compliment, anyway, though.

    Over the weekend, I was too busy to write anything to Umar Lee, nor do I know how to write to him directly. But I will be keeping up with the progress of their dialogue if capable.

    Just curious, Umar, did the death threats say why someone would want to kill you or Tariq Nelson?

  10. “…if these Curry eaters come near you blow their brains back to South Asia.”

    “…these illiterate monkies…”

    “…All of these people Hamas, Islamic Jihad, they are all terrorists. When Hamas was elected they no longer became terrorists, they became war criminals.”

    “…filthy illiterate curry eating peices of garbage with wild long hair and beards…”

    “…filthy eastern dogs…rodents…filthy brown scum…”

    “…Afghan pigs, these filthy dogs…”

    As we “filthy eastern dogs” say, “shame, also, is a good thing.”

    I can’t believe that I actually found myself in agreement with you on quite a few things a few days ago. Now here you are, sounding no different than some Stormfront moron.

    Of course, if it was only you, that would be one thing. But every time I venture into an open forum that is home to a number of Muslims from a wide variety of backgrounds, I come across the kind of vitriol and raw, visceral hatred that I have only seen elsewhere on forums where Greeks, Turks, Albanians, Macedonians, Serbs, Bosnians, Croats, etc. hang out.

    If it’s not Iranians referring to Arabs as “dirty sand niggers” (yes, that exact language), it’s Turks saying that the only good thing that ever came out of Iran was women for Ottoman harems; if its not Pashtun Afghanis telling Hazara Afghanis that “Mongol rafidah scum have no place in Afghanistan”, then its Tajik Afghanis calling Pashtun something like “Pigshitstun” and telling them to “fuck off back to Pakistan with your brown brothers”.

    I could go on, but why bother.

    I sometimes really think that the last two Muslims on the face of the earth will die with their hands wrapped around each other’s throats.

    Our enemies have it so easy. Why bother killing us, when they can just play to our natural chauvinisms and keep us forever divided and killing each other. What great fun this must be for them.

  11. “This comes a day after receiving word that there has been a threat against my life from a camp of deranged Muslims.”

    So, it was more than one person? And they didn’t make the threat directly to you?

    Okay, that is rather troubling. I’ve gotten more than a couple of death threats myself from internutjobs, but I’ve never worried about it because those kinds of people are just small, insecure men out to make themselves feel big.

    But if it involves a group of people, who don’t actually make the threat to you… that’s something else, entirely.

    Still, I wouldn’t put too much trust in “the proper authorities”. I was nearly killed five years ago when my car was t-boned by a hit-and-run drunk driver. The police knew who the driver was — his name, where he lived, and everything — and yet, that guy was never arrested and never served a day in jail.

    My sister had to relocate after the police refused to do anything about a persistent stalker who was targeting her. There was even an arrest warrant for that guy … nothing ever came of it.

  12. eeh? Who you calling secular? It is amazing what one will say to another on the internet vs. face to face. Let us look to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and live by his example. The world would definitely be a better place. So instead of beating our chests and putting everyone else down with racial slurs and insults let us encourage and educate one another in a loving and gentle manner. If they don’t listen then obviously their hearts are hardened and we can all pray that Allah softens their heart and opens their ears. So salaams to all…

  13. Salaam,

    This post gives a whole new meaning to your new “Monday Mailbag” segment, Umar.


  14. Assalam Alaikum,

    Okay, now I have some follow up questions that I hope you can answer. It’s quite long, nevertheless it expands upon your positions.

    Again, I am asking these questions to iron your views out to everyone (to see) so that it is clear where you stand in various issues. There are many things that need to be clarified since many of your responses were vague.

    You wrote,

    “As far as the issue regarding the mujahudeen, who are the mujahudeen? Any group of Muslims who get together and give themselves that title and commit heinous acts?”

    The Mujaahideen are those who risk their lives and wealth in exchange for Paradise for the sole purpose of making the word of Allah the highest of the high and making the word of the disbelievers the lowest of the low. They reject other causes such as Nationalism, Socialism, Ba’athism, Democracy etc. and they wish to be amongst those whom Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) said, “The one who fights so that Allah’s Word becomes superior, then he is in Allah’s Path.” (Bukhari & Muslim) And his saying, “A group of people from my Ummah will continue to fight (lit.) in defense of truth and remain triumphant until the Day of Judgment.” (Bukhari (20/4718))

    1. What heinous acts do you have in mind?

    2. Give me a specific incident where those who called themselves Mujaahideen committed this “heinous act”.

    You wrote,

    “Where they able to feed the people?”

    Yes, they were and currently are. If you are keeping up with the reports which now Western reporters are giving such as Christian Parenti, BBC and others, you will come to the realization that nearly the majority, if not, the majority of the Afghan population (today) supports the Taliban; some estimate this majority to be 75% of the nation. Why? Two major reasons:

    1. America & its allies keep killing old men, women, children etc. (and lately, the reports have been spilling from Western Sources). Therefore, the Taliban showed their care for their nation and did what they could to keep them safe and fed them as well. Al-Jazeera has visited Helmand a few times and in one of their reports, they showed that the Taliban were running hospitals and schools for the Muslims.

    2. The Taliban give their people hope that justice will prevail. Again, if you are keeping up with the reports from Afghanistan, you would know very well that the Karzai Government is extremely corrupt, even at the level of leadership. They unjustly take money from their own people, they have ridiculous checkpoints were they take even more money, they are active in the business of drugs, and the list goes on.

    Now, it is widely known that women in Afghanistan – unlike before – are turning to prostitution, in large numbers, because of this corrupt Government that was installed by the Americans (i.e., your “fellow citizens”). These women are doing this evil deed because of the injustice of the Karzai Government (esp. at the financial and social levels).

    This never happened under the rule of the Taliban.

    Perhaps you should watch the Christian Parenti report:

    In regards to the Taliban feeding their own people before the war, then you can only get the proper answer from trustworthy sources that visited Afghanistan. At the top of my head, I can remember one incident which in itself proves – with a great declaration – that the Taliban fed their people and intended to feed their people more.

    Remember the Buddha incident were they destroyed the statue? Do you know why it happened and the sequence of events that led to its explosion by the Taliban? If not, here’s a very quick summary:

    The British used to shoot at the Buddha Statue as target practice during the period of British Colonization of the Muslim world; so the statue was pretty beaten up. When the Taliban ruled, the UN wanted to send money to Afghanistan for the sole purpose of restructuring the large Buddha statue. The Taliban complained and said that if they send this large sum of money, then the Taliban will give it to their people in order to feed them. The UN rejected. The Taliban blew up the statue in response. The UN was infuriated. The Taliban & those in Afghanistan were happy.

    An incident like that should at least convince you that the Taliban had great care for their people and even blew up a statue of the Mushrikeen to show that they cared for their poor.

    You wrote,

    “Did they create a generation of more educated Muslim women who could teach their children or did they spread illiteracy amongst women of the Islamic and secular?”

    Firstly, the Taliban didn’t even rule for a decade. So give them a break. It’s as if you expect some amazing utopia in just a few years. The Taliban were a very practical people and dealt with bigger issues than education such as capturing the highway robbers and crooks, destroying the marijuana fields, capturing those who were molesting women in huge numbers and treating them according to Islamic Law (i.e., execution), cleaning up the Country from many social evils as well as harmful objects from previous wars (such as unexploded bombs, mines etc.) and the list goes on. Most importantly, they did all of this in accordance to the rules of the Shari’ah because they are a people who love and fear Allah ‘Azza wa Jall. A good summary of what they were doing can be found in the book, “The Exposition Regarding the Disbelief of the one that assist the Americans,” by Shaykh Naasir bin Hamad al-Fahd, pgs. 52-56.

    Secondly, this statement of yours is clear to me that you didn’t even take the time out to find the reasons why the Taliban paused the education of Muslim women. Many people – from both within Taliban and outside Taliban – have already cleared up this misconception which was spread as propaganda from the West, so I’m not going to repeat it here in my own words. Here’s a simple quote from Azzam Publications when their contacts visited Afghanistan:

    “This is one of the biggest lies circulating about the Taliban. Please read our section on Taliban and
    Women and the reports by the American journalists and the Canadian physician about this. At the time Taliban came to power, most of the educated elite of Afghanistan were, and still are,
    Communists. This includes the female teachers. For this reason, the Taliban shut down those schools (for both boys and girls) which were teaching a secular, Communist-based education, by Communist teachers. There is not much point trying to build an Islamic society and a country based on Shariah if the teachers are teaching the young boys and girls, secular, Communist values, such as feminist concepts, sexual freedom and atheism. There are many girls’ schools functioning in Afghanistan which are run by practising Muslim teachers. Some of these schools have been founded and established by practising Muslim teachers (both men and women) from the West. These schools teach arts, languages and sciences in an Islamic environment. The Muslims around the World are in a position to change this situation if practising Muslim teachers emigrate to Afghanistan and establish schools for the children. To sit back and make criticising comments instead of going there and helping does not really help the situation.

    Likewise, it is a lie that women are denied healthcare in Afghanistan and that they are confined to their homes. Anyone can travel through the major cities in Afghanistan and they will see women freely roaming the streets and markets, accompanied and unaccompanied by male relatives. They are, however, covered Islamically, as would be required in an Islamic country anyway. If any Muslim considers Hijab as oppression for women, then perhaps they need to go back and study their religion from the basics.” (Frequently Asked Questions about the Taliban, pg. 5)

    From within the ranks of the Taliban Ministry, their Ministry of Education stated, “We need time in order to prepare righteous female teachers that we can trust to raise the daughters of the Muslims.”

    You wrote,

    “As far as the Islamic State of Iraq is concerned I do not know the difference between them and the thousand other groups on Iraq.”

    Your statement reveals your weakness of even caring about your fellow Muslims who deserve more of your attention than your “fellow citizens” since this Ummah is one (according to Allah and His Messenger) and the disbelievers are not a part of this one body.

    In summary, دولة العراق الإسلامية strictly follows Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah and are a mix of many Jihad groups within ‘Iraq. These groups came together – as they recognized the great importance of working together as one unit under the banner of Islam – and formulated the al-Mutayibeen alliance and then eventually it came to be the دولة العراق الإسلامي. You will find that many hold the opinion that they are not simply just another Jihadi group but they are an actual Islamic Government. Why? Out of the many reasons, here are a few:

    1. Literally speaking, every area they control, they rule it with the Shari’ah. In addition, they have set up Islamic Courts.

    2. Like any other Government, they have set up different positions of ministries such as Ministry of War, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social Affairs, and so on. Recently, they named the individuals who were chosen for the leadership positions in each of these fields.

    3. The members of the Islamic State as well as many of the laymen in ‘Iraq have given their bai’yah to its leader, Shaykh Abu ‘Umar al-Husaynee al-Qurayshee al-Baghdadi. Notice, he has lineage from the Quraysh. This was done purposefully since they intend to make this State a true and lasting Islamic State; in case you didn’t know, there is Ijmaa’ upon the issue that the Khaleefah should be Qurayshi as this is the most preferred and there are many, many ahadeeth confirming this. This in itself shows you how down to the detail that the Islamic State of ‘Iraq is following in its establishment of Islam.

    Interestingly, their leader doesn’t declare to be Khaleefah nor has he declared that his state is a Khilaafah. There are a few reasons as to why this could be such as the fact that they are under occupation, but this also shows you how greatly the Mujaahideen have planned out their system in the interest of being realistic with their Ummah.

    You wrote,

    “In general, I think that the Iraqi people have a right to defend themselves, however no matter what your grievance is you do not have the right to kill people indiscriminately and cut peoples heads off just because of the country they are from.”

    I didn’t quite understand your statement here. Who is chopping off whose head just because they are from a Country?

    If you are referring to the American Contractors working in ‘Iraq for the American Army or ‘Iraqi Government, then your concept of who is and who isn’t innocent is very strange as there are many ahadeeth and actions of the Sahaaba that would contradict this view.

    But please elaborate and give an exact example of something that happened in ‘Iraq regarding this (since we are discussing ‘Iraq).

    You wrote,

    “I can see little difference between that and the beheadings of Daniel Pearl and Margaret Hassan.”

    Daniel Pearl was not killed in ‘Iraq. Furthermore, Daniel Pearl was, according to the Shari’ah, a Muhaarib Kaafir and there are Shari’ laws regarding these classification of people. You should study this in greater detail especially if you don’t have the understanding of the Mutawaatir hadeeth (and here is the Riwaaya from the Bukhari version),

    “I have been commanded to fight mankind until they testify Laa Ilaaha illallah, Muhammadur Rasoolullah, and they establish the Salah and give the Zakah. Then if they do this, their blood and wealth will be saved from me, except for (what is) the right of Islam, and the Reckoning is with Allah.” (Bukhari)

    In addition, you should also study in great detail the [Sahih] ahadeeth regarding the incident of Abu Baseer and Abu Jandal (radiyallahu ‘anhuma) when they attacked the caravans belonging to Quraysh seizing their wealth and killing the Kaafir’s that were present. Here’s the catch to the story: The disbelievers in these caravans would be consider “innocent” under American law.

    Not everything is as black and white as you wish it to be. Things only come clearer through studying and continuing the path of a sincere seeker of knowledge.

    Regarding Margaret Hassan, first of all, nobody knows who really killed her. Even on Wiki it says:

    “It is not clear who was responsible for Hassan’s abduction and murder, and there have been no claims of responsibility as with previous abductions.”

    Secondly, even al-Zarqawi – the man known as the Ameer of the Slaughterers – asked for her release if there was no clear proof that she is working with the invading Coalition.

    Thirdly, she never converted to Islam.

    So I don’t even know why you bring her name up. She’s just a lost case; her death has no tie to any ideology or group or individual that anybody knows of.

    You wrote,

    “There would have to be an Islamic State before it is destroyed;”

    I didn’t understand this statement. Can you please further elaborate?

    You wrote,

    “but, in general, I support Islamic parties”

    Again, please elaborate. What do you mean by “Islamic Parties”? Are you literally referring to Islamic Parties that are active in the getting seats and winning votes in the democracy?

    You wrote,

    “who use moral and ethical means to seek power in Muslim countries”

    Does moral and ethical means also take up the form of Qitaal fe Sabeelillah?

    You wrote,

    “as long as they are not of the Taliban ilk”

    Please explain. What exactly have the Taliban done that made you make this statement?

    You wrote,

    “and are willing to respect minorities and work with those who disagree with them.”

    Again, this statement is vague to me. Please elaborate. What minorities are you referring to? What disagreements (between the parties) are you referring to?

    You wrote,

    “The answer to this is obvious; combatants and their commanders”

    Okay, I have a few follow up questions to this.

    a) According to Shari’ah, who is a combatant?

    b) How do you explain the many ahadeeth about the Sahaaba killing al-Kuffaar whilst they (al-Kuffaar) were not aware of the planning of the Sahaaba, especially of those attacks which took place in the territory of al-Kuffaar? Would this not be considered “Terrorism”? Here’s a very short hadeeth out of the many related ahadeeth to give an example:

    Narrated by Naafi’ (radiyallahu ‘anhu): Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) made an attack on Banu al-Mustaliq when they were unaware. He killed the fighting men and took the women and children as captives. ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar told me about that. (Agreed upon [i.e., Bukhari & Muslim] & this hadith can be found in the Translated version of Bulugh al-Maram by Al-Hafidh Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani on page 452, hadith number 1088)

    In Bulugh al-Maram, Muhammad bin Ismail as-Sanani says in regards to this hadeeth,

    “Because Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) was informed that they were preparing to fight him, so he invaded them, killed ten men and took the rest as captives. When the Prophet freed and married Juwairiya (radiyallahu’ anha), the Sahaba released all the hundred captives of her people and they all became Muslims.”

    You wrote,

    “The shariah opinion would have nothing to do with their citizenship status or mine.”

    Now this slightly explains your stance to my above question, but again, I’m awaiting your full answer to it.

    You wrote,

    “If you are an American and you wish for the deaths of American soldiers you need to leave the country because your existence here constitutes hypocrisy and ignorance.”

    I don’t understand how it is considered “hypocrisy” and “ignorance” when the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) told the Quraysh (during the Makkan period), “O people of Quraysh! Hear this: By Him in Whose Hand is the soul of Muhammad- I have come to you, to slaughter you.” (Narrated by Imām Ahmad ibn Hanbal in his Musnad (11/203, # 7036). Imām Ahmad Shākir declared its chain to be Sahīh, and said, “Isnāduhu Sahīh.” He also mentioned that it is narrated by Ibn Hajar al-Haythamī in Mujma’ Az-Zawā’id (6/15-16), and was pointed to by Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalānī in Al-Fat’h (7/128), and Ibn Kathīr mentioned that it was narrated by al-Bayhaqī in At-Tārīkh (3/46).)

    If we went with your logic, then wouldn’t it be “hypocrisy” and “ignorance” for the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) to destroy the idols of Quraysh during the Makkan period? Wouldn’t that be considered “State Terrorism” and “Treachery” and “Treason”? Here’s the hadeeth just in case you haven’t come across it:

    ‘Alī ibn Abī Tālib, may Allāh be pleased with him, said, “The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم and I went out until we came to the Ka‛bah. So the Messenger of Allāh صلى الله عليه و سلم said to me, ‘Sit,’ and he
    climbed upon my shoulders. So I began to lift him up, but he perceived a weakness from me. So he got down and the Prophet of Allāh صلى الله عليه و سلم sat for me and said, ‘Climb upon my shoulders.’ He (i.e. ‛Alī) said, ‘So I climbed upon his shoulders.’ He (i.e. ‛Alī) said, ‘So he stood up with me.’ He (i.e. ‛Alī) said, ‘So it seemed to me that if I wished, I could have reached the horizon of the sky, until I climbed upon the house (i.e. Ka‛bah) upon which, were copper or brass statues. So I would engage it on its right and its left and in front and behind it, until I was in control of it. The Messenger of Allāh said to me, ‘Now throw it!’ So I threw it and it shattered like a broken bottle. Then I got down and the Messenger of Allāh and I left, racing until we would hide amongst the houses, due to the fear that someone from the people would discover us.” (Narrated by Al-Imām, Ahmad and Abū Ya‛la and Al-Bazzār, with a Hasan chain. Al-Haythamī made a chapter for it in Mujmi‛ Az-Zawā’id: “Chapter – His صلى الله عليه و سلم ’s Breaking of the Idols.” Abū Ja‛far At-Tabarī mentioned it in Tahthīb Al-Āthār (pgs. 236-243).)

    And there are more examples similar to this if you wish for us to cite.

    So how is this “hypocrisy” and “ignorance” when the reality is that we are telling the people the bitter truth about their tyrant (Taaghoot), commanding the good, and forbidding the evil? Does that not take any form of precedence in Islamic Obligations?

    You wrote,

    “That is a theoretical question that I do not have the answer.”

    So here, you just admitted that you have a lack of knowledge on the subject regarding the basics of Jihad. Why do I use the word “basics”? Because its likeness is that of the Wudu before the Salah; if you don’t have Wudu and it is time for Salah, then Wudu is fard ‘ayn on you. That is how you know when Wudu becomes fard ‘ayn on you (i.e., when you must have wudu). This is the ABC’s of Wudu. This is the basics of Wudu. This is an Ijmaa’ and nobody disagrees with this. Similarly, there are times when Jihad becomes fard ‘ayn on you. There are 3 situations where it can be fard ‘ayn on you and one of them is when Muslim lands are attacked by al-Kuffaar. That is the ABC’s of Jihad. That is from the basics of Jihad. And this is from the Ijmaa’ as well.

    It is only “theoretical” to you because it seems that you don’t know the actual Shari’ answers. I only say that because if I asked a newly converted brother that shows arrogance of knowledge, “what is the greatest deed one can possibly do,” he would reply, “Surely, this is a theoretical question…” even though Allah and His Messenger have made it clear to us that it is Jihad fe Sabeelillah. So instead of attributing his answer to his weakness of knowledge – like how our Scholars do very humbly – by saying “Allah knows best,” he tries to mix and match with his limited scope of knowledge and make up some answer from his whims.

    This should tell you and everyone else that reads this blog of yours that for you to talk about Jihad and the Mujaahideen (and things related to it such as “Terrorism” and “innocents”) is absolutely childish since you just admitted that you don’t even know the ABC’s of Jihad! It’s like a child arguing with absolute certainty (in his mind of course) that he knows the better prescriptions for patients than the doctor himself! Meaning, your knowledge on this is so low that for you to talk about any issue relating to it, you only embarrass yourself and expose yourself as an ignorant with arrogance. Now I know for sure that I can throw 20 ahadeeth at you regarding Jihad and you’ll be stuck on them and try to explain them using your own intellect without referring to the explanation that is already agreed upon since your learning of the ABC’s haven’t even commenced!

    You wrote,

    “I do know this, we can have 100 million more so-called mujahudeen and the majority of the Muslim World would still be uneducated and live in poverty.”

    What does education and poverty have to do with defending your blood and its people when its attacked? If a robber came to my house and attempted to kill my family, I’m not going to sit back and say, “Woe to me! If I fight, then that would leave the world in great poverty…!”

    I just realized again your lack of knowledge regarding the ABC’s of Jihad. How can you say such a statement whilst knowing the function of Ghaneema and Fay’ on the Muslim Army and those living under the rule of the Shari’ah? Or do you know their functions? That would solve the issue of poverty since the great majority of the wealth of the Sahaaba came from this.

    Regarding education, where did you pull that conclusion from when the Mujaahideen have opened up Schools and will continue doing so? If you want more educated teachers, then why don’t you go participate yourself or advise others to participate? This would be better than sitting as an “armchair general” that criticizes everything and refuses to lift a finger.

    You wrote,

    “I suggest that instead of running away to play Rambo”

    It is not our fault that your heart may be drained of Taqwa – and Allah knows best – but it must be said that your lack of respect for those who sold this life for the next is beyond the limits of Fisq. I hope you openly apologize for this and repent, especially after all of these evidences I have given you and the statement of Allah Ta’aala,

    “And fight in the Cause of Allah against those who fight against you…” (2:190)

    You wrote,

    “and change the cultures of their societies so that the majority of the Muslims no longer live in poverty and the Muslim countries are not full of classism, corruption, racism, tribalism, and failed economic and educational systems.”

    I find this statement quite amusing since you are expecting these great achievements to come without an Islamic Government. You see, you cannot expect a dog to fly a plane; it’s something that they are absolutely unable to do because they weren’t made for doing such a thing. Similarly, none of the people should expect that the Governments that don’t rule by the Shari’ah to have a solution to poverty; and I mention poverty first because if that’s not fixed, then corruption is caused from it. The Taaghoot are not made for doing such a thing since their economies are based on Riba and their oppression of the poor – no matter how rich the Government is – is what they live off of. If all of the Government leaders are willing to live a life of simplicity and anti-luxury (i.e., no palaces, no expensive cars and material gains etc.), and rule the economy with Islamic law, then the issue of poverty is solved.

    You can feed 1,000 people in America in a single month, but then you’ll come to see that in the following month, there will be an increase in the amount of poor individuals. Bill Gates and many other filthy rich disbelievers have donated billions to the poor, yet it hasn’t solved the issue of poverty. So money is not the issue. Nor is giving speeches. Nor is passing out fliers. Nor is participating in soup kitchens. The problem lies in the Government. The society reflects the legislations of their Government; that is why we never saw the Sahaaba trying to work within the Government of Quraysh to make changes to it nor were they focusing on just social aspects in hopes that the social evils would be eliminated; the Sahaaba knew very well that the answer lied in 2 things:
    1. Da’wah
    2. Jihad

    And their Da’wah was one of calling people to Tawheed, and the rejection of Shirk and Kufr, and the declaration of their disavowal (Baraa’ah) from the oppressors and Mushrikeen.

    Many years later, the Sahaaba conquered Makkah. But they didn’t conquer it through compromising by taking part in the Government of Shirk and Kufr (of Quraysh); they conquered it through the sword and made the disbelievers humiliated under its shade.

    Even in the Futuhaat of the Sahaaba, they didn’t revert back to the Makkan Stage of living amongst the Kuffaar to do Da’wah for many years etc. Rather, their Da’wah was mainly to the leaders of the tribes, cities, countries, and empires. The Sahaaba came in with ‘Izzah (honor) and never humiliated themselves in front of the disbelievers by standing on street corners and passing out pamphlets in hope that an Islamic State would arise.

    So obviously, the solution is to have an Islamic State. And that’s exactly what the Mujaahideen are establishing and working on strengthening today. A Government can never be toppled with pamphlets, or fancy speeches, or books with beautiful language. Unfortunately, Muslims today don’t want to believe that because it would then require them to live a life of sacrifice and honor.

    And don’t ever forget, Imam al-Mahdi is not going to appear from the West as an “Activist” and “Intellectual” and all these other fancy and useless titles. He’s going to be coming with armies of men who are in search of death at every corner of the globe.

    That’s what it means to wake up to the reality.

  15. Ugh. I’m sorry that you and Tariq have to put up with this crap. The worst I usually get is some creep telling me to “go back to Ukraine.” I will be grateful for that now, in light of all this.

  16. no offense umar, but the guy InshAllah shaheed just shut you up pretty badly, if i were you, i would learn some aqeedah and fiqh, you did not even answer a single question with giving a reference. Your knowledge of Afghanistan is completely false, dude learn your religion and history bro. I am not even muslim, i bumped into your blog, and that dude InshAllah shaheed just embarrassed you. I honestly do not think anyone should come on your blogs dude, thaat guy InshAllah just shut you up badly dude.

  17. Dear Umar,
    Im extremely disturbed that you and Tariq would recieve death threats from groups of thugs online, and i pray for both your and your families’ safety, and urge you to report this to the to the authorities. As for the Libyan Observer, i agree with many of his points about the general shittyness of all the self-proclaimed mujahideen, and terrorists in general, but i think that it did tend to come off as racist, and i should remind him not to make generalization, (im a white egyptian myself). As for “inshallahshaheed”, all i can say is wow……his warped and twisted view of islam is completely different than mine, and his views on the taliban and scumbag terrorists using the cover of the truly peaceful religion islam to reach their own nefarious means are kind of scary to the say the least. If you truly think this way about terrorists inshallahshaheed, then i humbly suggest you leave the west, as you’re only furthering the misconceptions of those who dont truly know about islam, and giving people such as Rober Spencer bullets to shoot us sane, non-fanatic muslims with.

  18. Being a convert to Islam does not make you an automatic preacher. Your blog is spreading more false news than it is clearing up the truth.

    You clearly admitted that you are ignorant in regards to certain issues, this should give you a hint to keep quiet and not further discredit your hollow thoughts that are being spread falsely in the name of Islam. You do not even know the basics of the Deen, which includes al Wala wal Bara, which is part of Eman and without it you are not even considered a Muslim.

    Not only that, you’re attacking RIGHTEOUS MUSLIMS who have suffered greatly for the defence of this belief and Ummah, while you are amongst the people who are negligent. Have you no sense? The Taalibaan did much good, which you seem to have no clue of and just find faults in poor Muslims. How could you use kuffar sources to insult and attack Mujahideen, who will have a station in jannah with the Prophets when they are killed?

    Ask yourself, what are you? What have you sacrificed, and I dont mean pork chops and beer, for this Deen? Remember, speaking with falsehood is greater evil than remaining silent about the truth.

    Speaking of the Munafiqeen, Allah and His Messenger (saw) have given us descriptions on how to recognize them, a few are that the hypocrites will mock the believers, especially those who are fighting. the hypocrites will also try to compromise with the kuffar and seek judgment with other laws than Islam. So this is what is most probably meant by hypocrites being his supporters since this is what Mr. Lee is doing.

    As for the former ambassador of the Taalibaan, he has been denied access to the USA due to reasons that the government does not wish to discuss. He did not break his ties with the Taalibaan, since he still has honor.

    P.S. The Lybian Observer, dont embarass yourself with such stupid irrelevant comments.

  19. He did not adequately answer even one of my questions and ignored the bulk of what I said.
    To “Insha’Allah Shaheed”,
    I am not even convinced you are a Muslim, and not some mole for law-enforcement online to attract extremists or working with some anti-Muslim group. My picture is online and many people know me. Who knows you? Where is your photo? Where do you live? What masjid do you attend? Who knows your family? Until these questions are answered I do not think anyone should take this guy seriously.

  20. My gosh, first the LGFers and now their Muslim equivalents!

    These foolish comments are nothing more then macho postering: “I know more Islam then you”, “I’m more of a warrior then you”.

    Think about it, when do you ever see such comments on a sister’s blog?

    Back to your train sets boys.

    I agree with Rick… this isn’t the Islam I practice either.

  21. If someone who provides sources from Islamic Sources using Quran and Sunnah and words of Islamic Scholars, goes against someone who provides sources from Kuffar sources, i think its pretty obvious whats going on here. The person above states this is not the Islam you practice, if the Islam you do not practice separates the truth from falsehood, then i do not even know if you are practicing Islam.

  22. “Jihad of Umar” LOL come on dude, what have you been smoking? I herd they got the good stuff in USA.

    Your not doing Jihad, your doing the total opposite buddy, dont fool yourself now.

  23. Sik,

    You are a fool, and so are the people who think that they can deduce law only because they are capable of Googling the Quran and Hadith and get a summarized version of all the six books of Ahadith…and randomly pick your favorite Hadith or Ayah to make you point and labeled your fatwa’s or accusations with “Quran and Sunnah”—

    The best person is he who is asked a question and says “I don’t know” when he doesn’t know — and Omar has said he doesn’t know certain rulings.

    It’s almost like you can say all sort bull-s** and add the Quran and Sunnah slogan to make it legitimate. These types of people give a horrible name to Islam and defame the U’lama of the past and present who gave up their worldly life to proper Islamic knowledge so when they gave rulings or advice it genuinely.

  24. Sorry Safia,

    You’ll find MUCH WORSE on sister’s blogs and e-groups.

    If you don’t accept polygymany, then you must not be a real Muslimah. We are not obligated to be in such a relationship, but SOME sisters you can’t say this to. I’m woman enough to know that’s a road I have no desire to travel, perhaps when I’m in my 60s and 70s.

    If you don’t wear niqab then you are….

    If you have no desire to have a house full of babies, then you are………

    If you mention something about them being on welfare, then you are ….

    If you work, then you are an immoral woman who loves to mix with men and….

    If my husband doesn’t like your husband or he’s not on the right minaj…..

    Please don’t mention that those who stay home all day should have a spotless house. I grew up with 10 siblings and mom didnt’ work, our house stayed spotless, so how are these women with 2 – 6 kids living in filth, yet sitting home all day?! OOOPS, it’s hard raising children and cooking.

    Sisterhood in Islam is a joke! We all know we can barely get a sister to return our salaams, even inside the Islamic centers.

    Perhaps all thse folks are back up and need of some good stroking.

  25. Bint Will – I’m really sad to hear that there are are sister’s blogs like that. Alhamdulilah, I only know the nice ones.

  26. What the hell? Inshallahshaheed quoted a reference for his answers. And you acted like he was hiding, but you already put his real name on blast at the beginning of this post. I’m sorry you got death threats, but you belittled Inshallahshaheed, and if you had merely been neutral at first, who knows how nicely he might have filled you in? I would have loved for this to have a nicer tone, but he didn’t start off edgy or hostile, just asking a question. Umar, I know you’ve been more polite with other people. Why jump Inshallahshaheed who just asked your views for clarification? You want his picture and his address? It’s not my fault he doesn’t show it, I advised him to not tell who he was but rather what he knows. I’ll take the blame for that. Hell, at least he said what he knows. If I knew what he does I wouldn’t have the guts to say it….. partially because I’m not as anonymous as he is. I ain’t jeopardizing my loved ones. You think he has no loved ones or family members to protect?
    I saw this with the other Lion before he ran off, not Umar but others of you asked him to give his name and location as if to dare the FBI to come get him! When you tell a tyrant they’re a tyrant, it’s not your job to surrender yourself to them! What the hell are you all thinking? If you’re Muslim then you’re already loved by someone like Inshallahshaheed for the sake of Allah, probably more than we love ourselves b/c if he doesn’t give his name he’s still taking a risk telling us what many scholars keep from us! Now that his name is publicized, though, he has something in common with Malcolm X. He loves Muslims more than we love ourselves, and he’s telling what he learned without fear, calling tyants tyrants and calling the kuffar kuffar. Risking his ass to do it, too.
    So, if you all disagree with him, at least disagree with some evidence and with some respect, because he loves us enough to risk his ass to inform us AND he hasn’t brought any harm to anyone.
    Hey, Inshallahshaheed or Mr. Khan, I salute you! Wanna-be Shaheed may have been meant as an insult, but I say it as a compliment. After all, if you can’t be a prophet and you can’t be a companion, why not be a brother to the prophets? You know? Why not be what even Muhammad (saws) said he wanted to be?
    Umar, I don’t say any of this with hate, I just want him to get the benefit of the doubt and give the credit that’s due, that’s all. The rest of you critics are some cold pieces of work and some of you are some downright sell-out fothermuckers if you really know any better. I know that cause I myself am a selfish, scared, low-down bastard, and you all make me look GOOD with all capital letters!

  27. Just to let you know, this InshallahShaheed dude is from North Carolina and continues to live there while extolling his ‘jihad’ to others. He has actually been banned for a week on IslamicaWeb for posting the infamous ‘bin laden fatwa’ calling for the killings of American civilians. This is the same guy who once argued that it is our Islamic duty to abandon our heathen languages and adopt Arabic in our everyday lives! LOL!

    He says all this crap while living in North Carolina! This guy is REAL Brother Umar, he is an active poster on IslamicaWeb if you want to see it for yourself.

    And as for this African Lion retard, I don’t know why him and his homo buddy Mr_GQ from the AllAboutGQ blog haven’t made hijrah to a Muslim country since they seem to support terrorists who want this country’s people dead.

  28. Mr Gomez,

    Mr. Umar not only had no knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah, even the rule of the Taliban. What did he say? He has not clue about anything, and if he does not have knowledge, he should not be debating about issues and saying things that he is not capable of backing up. Thats the my excuse, this guy Shaheed uses Quran and Sunnah, and mr. Omar uses his own Opinions. I am not a fool, if i am a fool for following the Quran and the words of Rasoolillah sws whether the words be 1 or 2, then you tell me what kind of muslims you are! if you are one! And i do not know what you are saying by the statement you can add b”””s”””, the guy was just revealing why that verse or saying was told. Is that wrong?

    I am not a muslim so i do not know. It just looked like this Omar guy has no clue what he is saying.

  29. Also, I wonder what that InshallahShaheed has to say about the gross slaughter of Shi’a Hazaras by the Taliban simply because they are Shi’a.

    Mazar-i-Sharif and Bamyan ring a bell? At least Hezb-e-Wahdat gave a serious beating to the Taliban thugs at one point. Allah Akbar!

  30. WOW….SIK,

    I didn’t realize that you said you weren’t a Muslim, ok..Now I take back all said….sounds like you are instigator. I will ignore your comments from now on….:D

  31. I cry for this brother. I knew him personally. We were good friends. We lived for a week together. He was such a nice and sincere brother. SubhanAllah! He has changed…

    May Allah (swt) guide us all! Ameen.

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