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Finding a Community That is Good for Your Deen and Your Wallet

If you have been around long enough in the American-Muslim community and around those who are active one of the things you will find is people tend to move around a lot and most of this moving is done in … Continue reading

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Monday Mailbag

I read in one of your posts that you understand/speak some Arabic. How did you accomplish that? Through books or socializing with Arabs/Arabic speakers?   I took some formal Arabic classes with a couple of teachers and briefly studied at … Continue reading

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Brothers, Family, and The Struggles of Our Lives

There have been times in my life as a Muslim when I have had low iman and when I have had high iman.   My iman has been high when I have been around the brothers and been close to … Continue reading

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Questions From a “Shahid” Wanna-be and My Response to Death Threats

Over the weekend I was emailed by an aspiring “shahid” and the author of a blog that glorifies every act of any self-proclaimed jihadist no matter how sadistic and un-Islamic. I am not sure if this person lives in America … Continue reading

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Desi Nationalism, Hanafi Purists and the Ouster of an American-Muslim Pioneer

I want to tell you about a man that I have known since I was a teenager. His name is Sheikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah, or just Sheikh Nur as most people call him, and he is the former Imam or … Continue reading

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Why Do Converts Get Married at a Younger Age than Born Muslims

I was searching the internet yesterday and was researching the topic of marriage and the Muslim family and was brought to a forum where the question was asked “why do reverts get married at younger ages than born Muslims?”   … Continue reading

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“Open Up Your Abaya and Let Me See What You Got Girl”

When I was in my pre-teen and young teenager I attended an Evangelical Baptist Church that had a very large youth group of maybe something like 300 kids. Amongst those kids some were very devout and into Christianity and studied … Continue reading

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