Questions From a “Shahid” Wanna-be and My Response to Death Threats

Over the weekend I was emailed by an aspiring “shahid” and the author of a blog that glorifies every act of any self-proclaimed jihadist no matter how sadistic and un-Islamic. I am not sure if this person lives in America or not, if they do then they are a pure hypocrite because how can they live and benefit from a land that they profess to hate? If they came here to America and were not born here did they not stand in line to get a visa because of some shortcomings in the land they came from?


The person who emailed me these questions is a Muslim brother by the name of Samir Khan. By his name I can say his origins are either from India, Pakistan, or Afghanistan. If he is such a jihadist he should find more joy in living there than in the West.

The Questions and His Intro Follow:

How are you?

I have been getting some feedback from a few brothers that you hold and spread some views which can be considered dangerous to your Akhira.

Therefore, for the sake of Allah, from brother to brother, I would like to ask a few simple questions just to get your views (and perhaps, remove the brothers’ misconceptions).

I ask these questions just to fully understand your views before having an understanding that could be totally against what you believe.

Here are the questions from Samir Khan:

1. Generally speaking (no specifics), do you support the American Army in its war against those who call themselves the Mujaahideen?


I do not support the efforts of the United States to conquer any Muslim lands or to take non-defensive measures in the Muslim World against perceived threats. I do think that America, like any other nation, has the right to defend itself against legitimate targets, and Iraq is not such a target. As far as the issue regarding the mujahudeen, who are the mujahudeen? Any group of Muslims who get together and give themselves that title and proceeds to commit heinous acts?

2. Regarding the specifics of the above question, do you wish to see the destruction of certain Jihad groups (i.e., Islamic State of ‘Iraq, Taliban etc.)?

The Taliban brought nothing but misery to the Afghan people after a hopeful beginning that brought people together of different tribes. Where they able to feed the people? Or did the Taliban talk tough and then depend on UN handouts and NGO’s to feed the people in their glorious Islamic State?

Did they create a generation of more educated Muslim women who could teach their children or did they spread illiteracy amongst women of the Islamic and secular? As far as the “Islamic State of Iraq” is concerned I do not know the difference between them and the thousand other groups on Iraq. In general, I think that the Iraqi people have a right to defend themselves, however no matter what your grievance is you do not have the right to kill people indiscriminately and cut peoples heads off just because of the country they are from.

What if I was to cut the head off of the first Desi I saw because I was tired of riding on subway cars that smelled like curry and funk combined? Would I then be a mujahid? I can see little difference between that and the beheadings of Daniel Pearl and Margaret Hassan.

3. Do you wish to see the establishment of the Islamic State or do you wish that it never comes (or that it is destroyed)?


There would have to be an Islamic State before it is destroyed; but, in general, I support Islamic parties who use moral and ethical means to seek power in Muslim countries as long as they are not of the Taliban ilk or are murderous in their efforts and have a clue as to what it means to live in the modern world and are willing to respect minorities and work with those who disagree with them .

4. According to Shari’ah, generally speaking, who is not an “innocent civilian”?


The answer to this is obvious; combatants and their commanders

5. To slightly expand on the above question, if the American Army was to be considered Muhaaribeen (those who are at war with us) in the Shari’ah, would you still consider them your “fellow citizens”?


The shariah opinion would have nothing to do with their citizenship status or mine. If you are an American and you wish for the deaths of American soldiers you need to leave the country because your existence here constitutes hypocrisy and ignorance; but maybe there is a reason people would rather sit in the AC and comfort of America then go back to the failed-states their families came from.

6. Finally, when does Jihad on the battlefield become fard ‘ayn?


That is a theoretical question that I do not have the answer. I do know this, we can have 100 million more so-called “mujahudeen” and the majority of the Muslim World would still be uneducated and live in poverty. I suggest that instead of running away to play Rambo that young men try and change the cultures of their societies so that the majority of the Muslims no longer live in poverty and the Muslim countries are not full of classism, corruption, racism, tribalism, and failed economic and educational systems.


Death Threats to Tariq Nelson and Myself

It has come to my attention that some Muslim fanatic has made a threat against the life of my good friend Tariq Nelson. This comes a day after receiving word that there has been a threat against my life from a camp of deranged Muslims. Regarding Brother Tariq I make duah for him and his family and completely agree with him that he is within his right to take such a threat to law-enforcement as we are not gangsters but law-abiding Muslims.

As for me, if the source of the threat is identified I will also report it to law-enforcement, if it is not, and Allah forbid, some idiot comes for me, I will just say this; if you come for me come correct or it will not be me who is having a jannazah and it will be your mother who cries and not mine.