Umar Lee strikes a nerve

Charles Johnson and Robert Spencer’s idea of fun with a black man 

Insidious anti black racists and anti-Muslim bigots Charles Johnson and Robert Spencer seemed a little disturbed that I outed them as racists. (I always call it like I see it) Why would a picture and three sentences send them into a tizzy except that I have them pegged. (And you guys should see the vicious and racist hate mail that I received from their fans. Keep it coming. It will serve as a fine demonstration of who you all really are in a future post)

Robert and Charles and their readers chose to play dumb and say that “Islam is not a race”. They know that I am not talking about that – hence the picture of people like them in the lynching. I am convinced that Robert and Charles both loved the picture though they will deny it to maintain their credibility. I know racism when I see it and they are both the real McCoy.

Just look at the sick and racist comments in the previous post.  Many of them thought that I was black. Surprise guys! I am white like you! (I know you think I am a race traitor)

I talk to their fans and overhear them talking because they often don’t know that I am Muslim. I hear them using the N-word and they talk about flipping off Muslims if they see them driving or coming from Jumuah. Robert and Charles can not deny it and they know it.

The fact is that the people in the picture above are the very same people (just read the sick comments on their blogs – especially at LGF) who are on the verbal assault and calling for all Muslims to be wiped out. They wish that there can be lynch mobs like there were in “the good ‘ol days”

In spite of the fact that I have posted against liberals and against extremist Muslim wackos, Mr Johnson painted me as a “leftist” and “Islamic radical”. It doesn’t matter to this bigot that I have condemned liberals and wacky conspiracy theories because his entire aim is to paint all Muslims as beasts that must be slaughtered like blacks were in the picture above.

In Charles’ racist mind, blacks (and now Muslims) can do nothing right. They are inferior. That is why he had nothing to say on the tragedy in the Bronx. He was glad that it happened. They were black and they were Muslim! Double Jackpot for these bigots.

It doesn’t matter to Mr Spencer or Mr Johnson that there have been countless condemnations of 9/11 and Muslim terrorism, they still both claim that Muslims have been silent in their relentless aim to have us all thrown into prison camps. You can send them any number of condemnations and they will ignore it and continue to spew the same lies as if you never sent it to them.

It doesn’t matter to them that I have condemned misdeeds by Muslims on numerous occasions, they will claim that I say just the opposite and endorse it.

It doesn’t matter what to them what I say about Jews and Israelis, they will claim that I am an Anti-Semite.

I denounce honor killings, they will claim that I support it.

 They think that it is perfectly fine for them to believe that their religion is the only one that is correct, but if a Muslim believes such a thing, then he is an “Islamic Supremist” Don’t dare believe in your religion if you are Muslim.

But Robert can write a book called “Religion of Peace: Why Christianity is and Islam isn’t” and it is just fine. And above all, it is perfectly fine for them to be white supremists, but not ok for us to believe our religion is correct?

Charles Johnson will berate liberals and liberal values, but when Muslims do so, it is the greatest of all evils and that person must be a terrorist.

This is why they absolutely, positively can not show anything positive about Muslims. Bad things happen and I write about it, but I also show some positive side as well. But these jerks (especially Charles) must present every obscure piece of bad news from Muslims so that they can to show how indecent all Muslims are.

Everyone that reads my blog regular knows that if a Muslim did the same thing Charles and Robert did, I would denounce it. That’s called being fair. Something a racist knows nothing about. I critisize Muslim stupidity with the best of them, but I am not going to sit here and say that all Muslims are like that. That is unfair and that is what is wrong with LGF and Jihadwatch

The point is that these racists have just simply taken on a different form. They used to ride around on horses and terrorize blacks and burn crosses on their yards. Decent people put a stop to that. Now they are trying to revive that thinking with blogs like LGF and Jihadwatch so that people can once again ride around and assault Muslims (and as a bonus those dumb blacks)

It is a good thing that there are decent people of all faiths that reject these white supremacist jerks and see them for what they are. 

We will fight against the terrorist nuts that threaten our country, but that does not mean that we should allow white supremists to spread bigotry without being challenged in the arena of ideas.

But since I’m a stand up guy, for Robert’s and Charles’ and their fans’ viewing pleasure. Here is a cartoon that they will enjoy. Their intellectual predecessors put it out. You will see the connection. Look at how they portrayed blacks in the past, then go to their blogs (particularly LGF) and look at how they want to portray all Muslims as evil and incapable of good.

Enjoy guys!


87 thoughts on “Umar Lee strikes a nerve

  1. Great job Umar! This is EXACTLY what they are, they just can’t stand the REMINDERS. Please keep up the good work Umar and never stop reminding these idiots who their “predecessors” really are.

  2. Ayaan Ali Hirsi is a useful idiot for these tools. She would be raped and burned like the rest of them. Like one poster said on the previous post, they want to do to all Muslims what the Serbs did to the women, girls and boys of Bosnia, rape and mass murder.

    You think these idiots who murder sikhs will know the difference between Ayaan and any other “taqqiya” spreading terrorist?

  3. “Umar” you are a nigger lover and if you studied history you’d know that those two pictures you posted were of wanted criminals that were executed. How does a white man get a name like “Umar” anyway

    You are a disgrace

  4. Wow, what a great video!

    Something that Muslims could never produce, because music is ‘haram’- so are cartoons.

    But your smears and the focus on ‘race’ are soooo very Islamic, it is laughable.

    Anything with substance?

  5. Those of you who browsed LGF a few years ago might remember when a Google site search for the phrases “sand nigger,” “rag head,” and “subhuman” would produce results in the hundreds. I guess that was before Charles started scrubbing those terms.

  6. Actually, here are the exact results from back in April of 2004:

    “Search results for raghead (157 matches)
    Search results for towelhead (43 matches)
    Search results for koranimal (255 matches)
    Search results for paleostinian (352 matches)
    Search results for nuke mecca (198 matches)
    Search results for subhuman (259 matches)
    Search results for vermin (842 matches)
    Search results for savages (858 matches)
    Search results for sand n*gger (17 matches)
    Search results for barbarians (584 matches)”

  7. Brother Umar:
    You have opened what is normally an interesting blog to insulting invective and offensive speach. Brother, don’t turn a Blog that you use for your personal expression be co-opted and turned into a vehicle for racists and Islamophobes. (Comments above basically prove Umar’s point the two usually share the same characteristics.)
    Don’t continue to incite this type of ignorance Umar, you are better than that. It simply fosters acrimony amongst readers as opposed to intelligent exchange. Lets find a better way to address Islamophobia and keep the conversation civil.

  8. Get out of our country. We will never yield to you beasts. We will preserve our culture and way of life from you people. Go home

  9. blacks are are less intelligent and a lot them accept islam. the whites that do are wiggers. we made a mistake bringing the blacks over here and are living with the negative effects now with them on welfare and filling the jails.

  10. Tommy:

    Umar Lee was born in St. Louis. Many of the people here were born in America and converted to Islam. What are you talking about? Should we send Mohammed Ali, Congressman Keith Ellison, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, home? Home to where? You really show your ignorance of both Muslims and Islam.

  11. White Americans have been led to believe that “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are sacred. We’re conditioned to be shy when it comes to standing up for our own beliefs. But doesn’t every race, ethnic subculture, and special interest—from left-handers to lesbians—have all sorts of organizations working for them?

    Isn’t it about time someone spoke for us?

  12. Ok, now the HARD CORE racisits are coming out. Where Islamophobes stay, the racists come play…rather sad. LGF must be proud. I’d love to see what LGF’s Black Christian Islamophobes would say after reading some of these comments?

  13. Abu Jaleel

    Send them back to Africa or send them to Asia for all I care, just get them out of our country that we worked hard for generations to build. It is a shame that blacks arabs and latins are coming in to mooch off of whites hard work. go back to where you came from

  14. They had a piece on Sisiter Madsen, a White Muslim convert who heads one of the most powerful Muslim organizations in the country. White, and a women? What will the feminists say now?

  15. I probably have more education then everyone in your family combined. Most of my “Black” friends are lawyers, doctors, engineers, or work in finance. Get out of the trailor park and stop getting your image of Black people from Fox News and Don Imus. And yes, I am a Black man.

  16. Umar,

    I must say that the intended correlation from an obvious historical b/w photo, a rather vile one that you seem to have handy, and Robert Spencer, live, and in color, is absolutely baseless. Robert Spencer is a scholar of Islam, not African-American history and it’s related politics. The followers of Allah and the Qur’an might just as well be green and still draw the same content from his site.

    It is one thing to allow relatively free commentary, commendable, and deal with the obvious fact that some commenters will offer subpar postings. It is entirely another to debate Spencer with not one, but two historical photos, both in really poor taste I might add, as a rebuttal to….exactly what?

    What falsehoods about Islam, specifically, does he spread?

    You would be wise to heed Abu Jaleel’s words, unless of course you do not desire to change anyone’s mind, proving that you are correct about anything, your ability to effectively race-bait your own blog community aside.

  17. Most of my “Black” friends are lawyers, doctors, engineers, or work in finance. Get out of the trailor park and stop getting your image of Black people from Fox News and Don Imus. And yes, I am a Black man

    LOL…yea, it’s called quotas and affirmative action!!blacks can’t compete with whites without it

  18. Awake:
    It looks like the above comments of your LGF brethern seem to be proving Umar’s point more and more. There seems to be a great correlation between Islamophobes and card carrying racists.

  19. Fenris:

    Considering I went to a top prep school in New York and graduated with honors status and went to a top graduate school and outperformed many of my white classmates in classes, what are you talking about?

    Why don’t you get out of the trailor park and go racoon hunting or something, Fenris. Go to a gun show, watch some NASCAR, or buy some roasted peanuts…do some country line dancing.. just go away…

  20. Personally, I find middle class and upper class white people to be hands down the laziest people I know.

    Funny thing is, ALL the LGF types are loudmouthed keyboard warriors. See, when people say this kind of shit in front of me (not realizing the white guy in the scally cap, jeans, and leather jackets can be a raghead) I set them straight verbally and I have not once met anyone who will stick to their guns with me in an argument about it. They always say like “Oh shit” and apologize for offending me.

    The one fistfight I’ve been in in recent memory was a chickenhawk. The guy made a comment about now that we’re “painting the arabs’ walls with their kids, maybe they’ll know not to fuck with us”. Now, I had the exact same reaction I’d have if some Muslim asshole started talking gleefully about dead Israeli kids….I followed him out to his car when he left, confronted him, and smacked his bitch ass like he deserved.

    Now, bare in mind; I am NOT a big guy, I’m 5’9 and about 195 lbs. I’m a short, chubby, white collar worker for god’s sake….And this guy, who has 4-5 inches and probably 30-40 lbs on me, screamed like a little bitch when I hit him. Wow, he was talking so tough. Why wasn’t he in Iraq? Why aren’t the rest of you in Iraq? Oh, that’s right, it’s because you’re what my (U.S.) Army Buddy Mike calls “loud talking cowards”.

    And this is a big part of why I don’t want a conflict between Islam and the west…Not just for the sake of Muslims, MORE for the sake of Americans. Because, let’s face it, it’s a battle you can’t handle. You can barely hold on to Iraq and Afghanistan. Americans are soft and obsessed with material comforts, and you idiots cheering a war can’t fight and can’t stand the thought of giving up your lifestyles.

    PUSSIES, all of you.

    Hey, I live in Flagstaff, Arizona, and I’m easy to find any of you want to prove me wrong. But you won’t, you’ll decry me from behind the keyboard in your mom’s basement while you munch cheetos. Punks.

  21. You guys are all seriously nuts. I think you all need to chill out or something.

    The time I spent reading these last two posts and the comments that went along with it was probably the biggest waste of time in my entire life.

  22. awake

    you can’t reason with these rag heads. the only way is to get them the hell out of our country


    i bet i could kick you nigger loving ass

  23. Look at what ‘diversity’ has done for our country. the blacks and latinos killing each other and are terrorizing the good whites

  24. African leaders confirm:

    Concern for the human rights of blacks is a white thing.

    SOUTHERN African leaders have called for the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe, flying in the face of Western criticism of Robert Mugabe’s regime…

    (L)eaders at the Southern African Development Community summit issued a statement of “solidarity” with the Zimbabwean Government.

    It seems they were persuaded by Mugabe’s excuses:

    ZIMBABWE President Robert Mugabe said Friday that he had acknowledged to his fellow African leaders that opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai had been assaulted, but said he deserved it.

    “Yes, I told them he was beaten but he asked for it,” Mr Mugabe told supporters the day after returning from a regional summit in Tanzania.

    That’s all right, then. In Africa.

  25. Asalaam Alaykum Warmatullah,

    Long time reader first time writing a comment Umar. Just want to say I enjoy your thoughts and insights.

    The racist individuals who are posting utter garbage on your site have basic logical fallacies apparent to any intelligent reader. Cyclic and Self-Perpetuating Arguments (X is true because X is true) . The actions of some Muslims seemed to be mistaken for actions representing Islam in general. It is funny and sad how when one becomes an apostate in Islam they automatically become an “expert” and are called upon from various organizations to speak against Islam. And all this apostate fuss…..have Americans forgot what the punishment is in this country for treason? I thought so. Islam is not only a religion, but it is a system of living, and along with the system comes legal, family and judicial rules that are meant to protect the community.

    It further seems that discourse between the likes of jihad watch and the LGF only begins and ends with rude and futile comments. There is no level playing field with racists who see Islam as a violent religion. I am a Muslim American and I abhor any and all use of violence directed towards civilians. But a look in history shows us that Islam never has oppressed rather is being oppressed. “America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem. Throughout my travels in the Muslim world, I have met, talked to, and even eaten with people who in America would have been considered white, but the white attitude was removed from their minds by the religion of Islam. I have never before seen sincere and true brotherhood practiced by all together, irrespective of their color.” X

    Walikum ASalaam Warmatullah.

  26. I am a Muslim American and I abhor any and all use of violence directed towards civilians

    Yea right. How do I know that you are not making tuqqiyah or qitman? We can’t believe you bastards

  27. they still both claim that Muslims have been silent in their relentless aim to have us all thrown into prison camps.

    There are a lot of straw men being built up here. I sense this whole “Charles Johnson and Robert spencer are anti-black racists” is all rather tongue-in-cheek, because Umar feels unfairly labeled as an Islamist or a left-wing apologist. If you are not a leftist, Umar, then why do you have Malcolm X and Che Gueverra on you’re banner?

  28. LOL DA! wish I could’ve been there to see that! these people really are cowards…it’s one thing to act hard, it’s another to have the stuff to back it up.

    moms basement? cheetos? I am totally cracking up over here!

  29. …Cyclic and Self-Perpetuating Arguments (X is true because X is true) .
    Like the Koran is the literal word of God because it says so in the Koran?

    And all this apostate fuss…..have Americans forgot what the punishment is in this country for treason? I thought so. Islam is not only a religion, but it is a system of living, and along with the system comes legal, family and judicial rules that are meant to protect the community.

    Bingo!! Protect the community by killing someone for using his conscience to think in a different way! Whoah! the oppression that it brings when an individual wants to change religions! At least you are not ducking the issue as the typical Muslim apologist does.

  30. “…Cyclic and Self-Perpetuating Arguments (X is true because X is true) .
    Like the Koran is the literal word of God because it says so in the Koran?”

    I must admit that this is really a good point. I don’t get how any reasonable person can accept that rational for the Quran being the word of God. And I’ve actually heard and read people use this argument before and they seem to think that they proved some kind of major point and think I’m the idiot for not seeing it. I don’t get it, but whatever.

    And I personally think you LGF folks are nuts btw

  31. Abu Jaleel wrote:
    “It looks like the above comments of your LGF brethern seem to be proving Umar’s point more and more. ”


    Well, I tend to agree to a point. My “brethren” at LGF, as you put it, even in light of the fact that I do not post there, nor actually visit the site itself, are certainly not representing their position intelligently. If they are moderators there, then your point becomes irrefutably valid, if they are just commenters there, well then…not so much.

    The individual comments of “Joe Internet”, for lack of a better description should never be the linchpin of the argument when a blogger overtly accuses another of something that is categorically false. To use the empirical thinking proposed by Adel Syed, if [Joe Internet(X) is a racist] [and(+)] [Joe Internet(X) is on], [then(=)] [Robert Spencer(Y) is also a racist]. It is the same fallacious thinking and quite frankly, completely non-substantive.

    I have tried to appeal to a higher level of discourse here at this site, but to no avail. No one actually responds to my statements or questions at all. All I get is a lame reference in response to the offerings of the weak-minded postings of others, time wasted on those not worthy to respond to.

    I am truly disappointed, although unchanged. Unless someone can offer a shred of evidence otherwise, someone who can disprove of what Robert Spencer has said and continues to say about the abject threat that Islam currently poses to the West, I must remain so.

    In the absence of that, this blog is merely an infrequently visited excursion site, devoid of any real sustance to support it’s position and one readily willing to engage only those they express disdain for. Is there no Muslim here who can possibly understand? Is Islam not the problem at all? Is all the blame pinned directly on the shoulders of the Robert Spencers of the world?

    Please convince me otherwise or tell me I am right and send me on my way!


  32. awake,

    IMHO I believe Islam is not the problem but the actions of a group of Muslims are being taken to stand for the entire religion itself. The blame is on anyone who uses religion to justify crimes and bigotry. This “clash of civilization” that is portrayed, only adds to fuel to the already great fire of hate. I do not take the actions of the KKK to justify the absurdity that all Christians believe this way. I am living in America and practicing my religion as deemed to me by the very founding fathers of this country. To propose that my beliefs are inherently “bad” or “evil” due to the actions of others is preposterous. Spencer, as it may be clearly seen through his work, supports preconceived notions through selection bias. Spencer has no higher education training in Islamic studies to make such bold claims as he does. Whatever the case, I am not going anywhere and the 6 million Muslims and in America I suppose are not either. With all this hate and propaganda Islam is still the world’s fastest growing religion. You are entitled to your views as I am entitled to mine, but having discourse without attacking or viewing that I should have no right to voice my opinion is absurd. Islam is my way of life. You are entitled to yours. But there is no room for hate.

  33. Hmmm, growing up in America, I have always known about our dark side of racism. It appears to me that we have pretty much quit killing black people and others because of their skin color.

    Now, if the Muslims, would just quit killing Jews, Christians and even other Muslims, think how much better off things would be.

  34. No one thought you were Black son, only some White guy trying to impress both his racist Muslim friends and his White “liberal” cohorts would use this sort of disgusting images to “argue” a point. You, like you Muslim supporters, have no sympathy for the victims in these images, or their family who might stumble on your site. Whether this is because your influenced by the racist views of Blacks in Islam or modern liberalism isn’t at issue.
    Why not attempt to argue an actual point with either blogger? And if your just having yourself a little fun smearing somebody, why not have enough respect for the dead to not use them for your little jokes? It’s because your a typical white racist, and no doubt you were attracted to the degenerate desert god of the Koran because it allows its follers to own Blacks and women, giving you the power over others in life that you’d otherwise not have.
    You’re calling others anti-Black, but you’re gloating over pictures of atrocities committed by Whites on Blacks. I’d say you were a hypocrite if I didn’t also think that it was convenient that you have access to so much Klanner propaganda. Obviously you’re not just a hypocrite, but a frequent visiter to White Surpemacist websites. You, like your Muslim fans, are a spoiled degenerate child.

  35. I still have a bomb in my turban and no one seems to care. Oh, and the Dutch are really nice people who raise the coolest flowers and really nasty buds, so hey, give ’em a break ok? Killing Van Gogh was a really stupid idea, and man, who could hate a hottie like Hirsi?

    Don’t be ghey.

  36. Umar Lee is a total idiot for posting these pictures. CJ and LGF in general aren’t even close to racist. You are just pissed off that they focus on the other side of mainly the Israeli/Palestine conflict, which the MSM don’t.

    I’m not an LGF’er either. Some of their talk is way over the top yes. Some is right on the money.

    Umar Lee, you are the racist one, as you make your argument racially focused with these horrid pictures from the PAST. The problem with some muslims is they can’t seem to live in the present, because they can’t let go of the past.

    The beginning of the end of racism is letting go of the past.

    Now, let some internet shahid blast me with a reference to a crusade from a thousand years ago as justification for today. Go ahead, prove my point.

    /I/m in UR interwebs, bomb in turban makin fun of UR religions

  37. Look, Umar, I’m sure that neither Robert Spencer or Charles Johnson care what you’ve written, and, perhaps, due to their faults, they would never be interested in being friends with you.

    Never the less, they are both doing an important job of creating portals where people can read about the hatred and triumphalism that almost universal in Islam and about the violence that is both shocking and on the rise.

    They may not be perfect, but tell me, would you be willing to do their jobs? To wade deep in the hatred that eminates from Islam every day? That’s a horrible job they’ve taken on, and a necessary one.

    Spencer has never been as bright as I wish he was, and while Johnson is bright and controlled in what he writes, he is entirely responsible for what his comment section has become. I don’t think he really understands how much he is to blame for that.

    However, even imperfect men can do useful jobs.

  38. By the way, the specific way in which I think Robert Spencer has been very clumsy is in his handling of Muslim reformers.

    It’s obvious that Robert is entirely concerned with educating non-Muslims to understand the threat of Jihad. So when faced with debating a reformer, what Robert wants to convey to his target audience is that reform toward peace, tolerance, friendship with non-Muslims is a very marginal affair, and so far weak both in the extent of its goals and the extent of its authority.

    But instead of saying something like “your aims laudible, but as of now the vast majority of Imams and Mullahs teach a very different interpretation of Islam than you are advocating,” instead of that, he says something like “you are misrepresenting Islam!” Which is clumsy and doesn’t even communicate very well.

  39. Perhaps, though, what he meant to communicate is what Ali Salem (and many others) have said, that Islam can not be reformed.

    But once again, if that’s what he meant, that is what he should have said, and he should have explained why. What he did say was problematic and less clear.

  40. I think you leftists and muslims need to learn what a dichotomy is instead of the lies this umar lee publishes!!

    Our side is saying that Islam itself and its brutish founder ,muhammed, are evil…….and yes, they are..

    BUT we are not tarring 1 billion muslims as all Bin Ladin types and people that do that are stupid..

    I grew up with liberal muslims and I would cut my own hand off before I would let anyone disparage them….absolutely wonderful people…BUT that is inspite of islam, not because of it…

    They choose the nice parts of Islam and ignore the nasty stuff….

    Islam is what we are against…….not every muslim….our goal is to help muslims leave islam!!


  41. Albertadude, you got to know that it’s your false understanding of Islam that leads you to believe that there are nasty parts. All those “evil” verses and hadeeths that you heard about are completely misunderstood. Here’s my comment over at the other post clearing this up:

    Any true God-fearing Muslim would never behave in the nasty way you think they would. And should you succeed in bringing a Muslim away from Islam, then know that it was a weak Muslim. Somebody with a shaken faith. You can consider yourself successful if you manage to move a devout Muslim away from Islam, something you will never achieve anyway. Because any devout and knowledgable Muslim will have all the evidence to debunk your impression about Islam, much more than I can. Don’t trust bogus sources like Dr. Ali Sina and his hate site of Such people are lying to you.

    And besides, if you’re all about freedom, then let Muslims be Muslims. It’s our religion of choice after all, and we don’t want anyone changing that.

    Islam and Muslims are here to stay, and on the Day of Judgement, when we all stand together in front of God, the truth will prevail. So just stop trying. Believe me, it’s useless.

  42. Awake,

    Can you or Robert Spencer admit that all Muslims are not evil? You both think that our religion is evil. Why does Robert only present one side of Muslims and NEVER speak good about them as if there are no good Muslims?

    If you or him can admit that, we can start somewhere.

  43. Albertadude

    I can’t believe what you’re writing. What in the hell would you make friends with these fucking rag heads that want to kill us all? They are making tuqqiyah on you. the next President should pass an executive order banning mosques in our country

  44. Fireside, you’re either being stupid on purpose, or you’re blind. The guy said they’re very nice people, and besides, you got to stop believing this lie that Muslims want to kill everybody else. It’s the most inane, baseless and stupid lie ever perpetrated by the likes of you. We’re trying to have a civilized conversation here, and you come along with “zOMG KILL KILL KILL”

    Get a life. Or better yet, get a brain.

  45. The comments about anti-Muslim rhetoric leading to things like the genocide in Srebrenica are true. Radovan Karadzic, wanted war criminal for the genocide of Bosnian Muslims, always used to say that you can’t live with Muslims and pointed to terrorist attacks done by Muslims in the world (just like the people at places like Jihadwatch do) before he went ahead and conducted the genocide performed by the Serbs, because they were afraid of Muslims and thought that we want to take over the world.

  46. @Hamdi: Apparently these people don’t know (or rather forget) that this kind of hate is what made Nazism and the Holocaust work. In those days, Jews were despised like Muslims are nowadays, and people always were afraid of them taking over the European civilization and destroying it as well. Not to mention that people had “substance” to support their ideas, although it was probably all bogus anyway.
    History repeating itself. Let’s hope another Holocaust never happens in the history of man.

  47. Islam isn’t a race, but it might as well be one because it is so difficult to pull Muslims out of Islam. (In fact it’s worse than a race from an anti-Muslim POV because it can convert non-Muslims!)

    When the Muslims conquered Spain, they converted its inhabitants to Islam on a timescale little different to that of earlier Islamic conquests. When the Christians reconquered it, they were unable to convert the Muslims to Christianity and were compelled to resort to ethnic cleansing.

  48. How do racially conscious white parents insulate their children from a poisonous world of “multi culturalism”, multi-racialism, egalitarianism, cosmopolitanism and “diversity”?

    The races cannot live together

  49. For those who don’t think that this Charles Johnson is racist, just look at the top of his webpage where you will see a racist picture of “tarbaby” carrying a white woman in the style of the cartoon posted by Umar.

    What a vile and sick individual. You have to be racist to love that

  50. I have one message for these bigots crawling on Umar Lee’s board:

    we don’t believe in turning the other cheek.

    “When they knock on your door, how’re you gonna come? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun?”

  51. Dilbert, you’re damn right about muslims being vicious angry jihadis, right now I’m tracing your IP, checking email addresses, and sharpening my knives.

    We’re vicious maniacs who can’t understand your intelligent speech, so instead of listening to your virulent ranting, we’ll plunge long blades into your bleeding flesh, and flay your dead skull in our city squares. Do you have a problem with this?

    Call for nuking us, we’ll still out-breed you, and eventually own your women and children, who we’ll treat kindly, while we emasculate those of you we haven’t already killed, and force you to serve us as slaves.

    Are there more stereotypes you want to play on, while we contemplate how to hurt you when you first step foot on our property?

  52. Yes, I just thought a little over-blown rhetoric would make him think clearly, because he’s obviously not reading for intelligent criticism or wanting to engage in discussion.

    Neither is “awake” or any of the others, and from LGF’s comments section, which I’ve been aware of since it got up and going after 9/11, is not interested in hearing from muslim critics.

    You could post Alan Godlas’ page of compiled muslim criticism of 9/11, Osama, and terrorism, but they’ll still say muslims don’t condemn terrorism.

    so screw it, even though I would never hurt anyone who wasn’t aggressive towards me, letting them know I will return their aggression at least helps clarify the matter.

  53. I have to laugh about these idiots. They are just like the white power skinheads. They talk about “white power” and “white culture”. They dont know a thing about “white culture”.

    What they count as “white culture” is Guns and Roses and Motley Crue. They wouldnt know Goethe from Heine, Bach from Teleman, and they want to lecture others about “white culture”.

    These guys are the absolute dregs of “white culture”. The trailor trash scum of the earth who have to brag about what some white man did 400 years ago because no one in their family has done anything but clean toilets for 150 years.

    Just like the “white power skinheads” who claim to champion the “white working class” most of them probably have never held a steady job in their lives, have zero education and are more than happy to let their wives and girlfriends support them.

    White culture is great DESPITE the likes of the people posting on this blog,LGF, Jihadwatch and the like. These scum here are not worth one dingleberry hanging off the ass of a great person like Beethoven, if they even know who he is.

    So talk about “white culture” all you want, you guys are not a part of it, and never were. Stick to the things you know best, beer, whores and trailor parks.

  54. @ message to AWAKE

    I am going on the record and saying that all Muslims are not evil. I have only been here a short time, but I am damn sure I never made that allusion. The concept of 1.4 billion people with a genetic disposition for evil based solely on their ideological beliefs is absurd. The inability to effectively identify and separate those who codemn violence in the name of Islam and those who partake in it, is what is alarming.

    Your claim about Robert Spencer is also completely unfounded. He regularly lauds those, regardless of race or religion, who, like himself, points out the elements of Islam which are being adversely applied against infidels in the name of Islam. Does he call for the need for Islamic reform? Yes. Does he believe that this is a probable occurence? I would say no. it is the duty of the Muslim to prove him wrong, unless of course you believe that Islam is perfect as it is. If the latter, then expect the Robert Spencers in the world to multiply.

    As eloivsdiablo pointed out,
    “It is not an act of hatred against muslims to point out the depredations of jihad ideology.”

    period…end of story.

    As far as Spencer goes, peruse the site, find a posting by him to support your claims that he believes Islam and all Muslims are entirely evil. Please provide just one example. I will wait patiently.

  55. @ Ali Eteraz,

    I have seen your exchanges on with Robert. While you have valid points and are willing to express some internal criticism of Islam, it falls miserably short of debunking all that Spencer says and does. Robert’s main complaint about you is that you do not directly respond to questions. This unfortunately is all too typical when an Islamist is questioned about his/her faith or the Qur’an itself.

    I will, as a courtesy, forward last Saturday’s posting on your site to him, which I did read by the way.


  56. @ dawud,

    I am disappointed that you would lump me in with some of the others, namely Dilbert. I am most certainly attempting to engage in respectful discussion, despite your claim otherwise.

    By the way, if there was absolutely no truth to stereotypes, they would not exist.


  57. So you mean that the stereotype that LGFers are blind followers of the “lizard king,” Chuck(ie) Johnson, and regularly destroy the message boards (or worse) of people that they disagree with by overwhelming them with hate-filled attacks, endorse Dick Cheney, FOX, and associated webpages, all the while hypocritically complaining that the evil Media [MSM] depicts them badly and refuses to recognize their lunacy as profound wisdom?

    Those kind of stereotypes?

  58. DA
    Yeah, well 3 months ago I bit the shit out of some White Muslims. I think he was Bosnian. I was talking to someone about how I admire Milosevic and what he did in Bosnia and Kossovo. The guy came over and spat in my food. I got up and told him to come outside.
    I then beat the shit out of him.
    You Mulsims are punk bitches.
    You may scare the Chickenhawk White people ,
    But not a Hispanic, Latin King, Ex Military.
    I glad that in Iraq and Afgahnistan and what the Israelis did that we turned their Kids and Women’s blood into paint.
    Ha ha Bitch ass!

  59. “When the Christians reconquered it, they were unable to convert the Muslims to Christianity and were compelled to resort to ethnic cleansing.”

    I’m glad my ancestors did that!
    Ha ha ha!
    We’ll do it in America too!

  60. @ dawud,

    Stop being so damned hyper-sensitive. My statement stands alone, and I stand by it. I have no affiliation whatsoever with LGF.

  61. A bit of advice Umar, start moderating your comments section. I have been critical of you in the past but the level of vitriol coming from these racist losers is nauseating.
    The “joker” in particular is someone who I am convinced is an uneducated, unemployed, fat balding loser who still lives at home with home mom and dad, who probably crossed the border illegally. People who talk so much shit online have few accomplishments in life.

  62. “Robert and Charles and their readers chose to play dumb and say that “Islam is not a race”. They know that I am not talking about that – hence the picture of people like them in the lynching. I am convinced that Robert and Charles both loved the picture though they will deny it to maintain their credibility. I know racism when I see it and they are both the real McCoy.”
    In short, you have no reason to think they are racists but you want to pretend they are because it saves you finding arguments against them.
    Islam is an ideology, like christianity, marxism nazism and any other set of beliefs- including racism. It is no more racist to criticise islam as a set of beliefs and the behaviour it inspires in muslims than it is racist to criticise nazism and the behaviour it isnpires in its followers.

  63. Joker,
    I grew up almost entirely with Mexicans and have spent most of my life living around and associating with Mexicans, South Americans, and Guatemalans. None of them ever, ever refer to themselves as “latin”. Which makes me think you are totally full of shit. By the way, more Latinos are signing up for Islam all the time, cheif. Get ready to enjoy beating up sus primos.

  64. The majority of latinos that I know are smarter than to think like this ‘joker’. They respect Islaam for the most part and accept Islaam in large numbers. Just take a look at the countries and the number of Mosques that are being built within those countries.

  65. I think its best we just ignore thier comments. Although its sad that these comments exist in the first place. We really need to get Dawah movements up and running.

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