Ultranationalist fervor hits Europe


As I said before, White Nationalism is the issue at hand when it comes to much of this anti-Islamic hatred. This tide of white nationalism is steadily making its way into the American mainstream in a strong way. No one – outside of Muslims – is paying attention because these people are busy relentlessly playing the anti-Muslim card right now, but in fact they are nothing more than racist anti-black, anti-Latino, anti-non-white racists.

Meanwhile, white nationalism is growing and making strides in Europe while it is growing much more quietly here in the US

When France last elected a president, the far right’s Jean-Marie Le Pen shocked the world by muscling his way into the runoff against incumbent Jacques Chirac. The outcome seemed to underline rising fears of an ultranationalist resurgence across Europe. 
    Mr. Le Pen ended up soundly beaten in 2002 and is unlikely to repeat his first-round success in a presidential election on Sunday. But with polls giving him up to 16 percent of the vote, it’s clear his France-first slogans still resonate.
    The same issues preoccupying the French — jobs, immigration, integrating a large and restive Muslim minority — have catapulted many of Mr. Le Pen’s views into the mainstream, with leading candidates both left and right co-opting elements of his ideas.
    It’s a phenomenon seen across Europe: Deep anxieties over security and unemployment have fed a sharp shift to the right, forcing mainstream politicians to embrace policies that just a few years ago would have seemed the exclusive terrain of ultranationalist forces.

    In October, Austria’s two rightist parties won more than 15 percent of the vote — far short of the stunning 26.9 percent that firebrand Joerg Haider received in 1999 but enough to trouble the moderate majority.
    The anti-immigration Danish People’s Party, formed only 12 years ago, is the third-largest faction in Denmark’s parliament. Far-right parties also made electoral strides last year in Sweden and Belgium.
    In Germany, far-right parties remain a fringe movement, but hold seats on three regional legislatures in the formerly Communist east. Officials say crimes by far-right groups and attacks against foreigners rose 16 percent last year.

    The hard right does not appear to be drastically bleeding supporters as the center co-opts its agenda. On the contrary, many nationalist groups appear to be enjoying a resurgence.
    In France, 78-year-old Mr. Le Pen is gloating as front-runners Nicolas Sarkozy on the right and Segolene Royal on the left hoist two of his pet issues — immigration and national identity — to center stage.

    Mr. Le Pen’s National Front today claims 75,000 members, and spokesman Thibaut de la Tocnay says membership shot up by several thousand after the November 2005 riots in immigrant-heavy suburbs of Paris.

Not mentioned in this article is that these hard right parties are racist and (guess what) very very anti-Muslim. Seeing the connection yet?

Growing in America and largely ignored

On Cricket and Crossings

New York is a place of many cultures and on a daily basis you can hear dozens of languages being spoken if you listen close enough. It is also a city that a friend of mine has described as an “imperial city” in the mode of the Ottomans in that there are a lot of people here of different languages and backgrounds and they have virtually nothing in common except paying taxes to the IRS and riding the subway with the same Metrocards.

A lot of times the diversity of NYC is a blessing to behold and makes every hour more interesting than the last as you see things you have not seen before, eat things that were previously strange to you, gaze upon the beauty of those of different backgrounds, and the like. Often times it is also a pain in the neck. Such as when I went to the gas station to get a Diet Coke and a bag of pretzels two weeks ago and the Egyptian attendant came out with a regular coke and BBQ potato chips because he didn’t know what a pretzel was. Or when I call the customer service of the cable company and can’t find anyone who can speak English I can understand. Or when Latino and Chinese day laborers walk through my neighborhood every morning and leave a path of litter along the way in an otherwise clean neighborhood. So, I guess you take the good with the bad and have to deal with the benefits of immigration, and the pains of a broken immigration system that has opened the floodgates to the world with no enforceable regulation at the expense of the American worker. 

Today I had an appointment to go to one of the most diverse neighborhoods in all of New York which is the Jackson Heights section of
Queens which has a lot of Desi, South Americans, and all kinds of other things mixed together.

I was early for my appointment and I saw a Pakistani halal restaurant so I stopped in to get something to eat. When I walked through the door I saw that there were well over a hundred men (all men in the restaurant except for one staff member) and they were all looking at a Cricket match on a big screen TV.

I just wanted the food and could have cared less about the Cricket as I know absolutely nothing about the game and while I can watch almost any sport and be interested I tried to watch the Bangladesh V. West Indies game and I didn’t know what was going on and what was going on didn’t look that interesting. Of course they might have had the same reaction if I was watching a baseball game and they came in.

The game of Cricket did not interest me, but I was interested in seeing such a large gathering of men in the daytime in America watching a game that the vast majority of Americans know almost nothing about. I am assuming that they do not watch baseball, football, basketball, NASCAR, boxing or any other American sport and I cannot help to wonder what their kids will be watching when they are grown.

Playing sports is a great way to integrate and assimilate into American life and I have said before many times that I wish more Muslim children would play American sports and it seems like most Muslim families are either totally alien to the concept of playing sports or are hostile to it because it takes away from studies and is a kafir pursuit. I would like to see these attitudes change. If we look at
Britain, and the likes of boxers Amir Khan and Naseem Hamed, we can see that if they choose to do so Muslim immigrant kids can do well in sports.

Even if the kids just want to play Cricket that would be better than nothing, but it would not help them become closer to their fellow Americans, and history tells us that immigrant groups usually drop the sports of their native lands in favor of American ones (and if that were not the case America would win every Soccer World Cup).

“The ragheads did it!”

Yesterday the anti-Muslim bigots were busy blaming the Muslims.

Debbie Schlussel adds 2+2 and makes 1,379:

Here’s what we know about the murderer of at least 32 students and maimer of at least 28 more at Virginia Tech, today:

The murderer has been identified by law enforcement and media reports as “a young Asian male.”

The Virginia Tech campus has a very large Muslim community, many of which are from Pakistan (per terrorism investigator Bill Warner).

Pakis are considered “Asian.”

There were 2 attacks at least half a mile apart.

There have been at least two bomb threats to this campus in the last two weeks

 A few comments at Robert’s place after his implication that it was a Muslim:

According to reports from ABC News, the killer was “a young Asian man.” Any bets?

If I were a betting man I’d be heading to Las Vegas right now…….the odds are in my favor that this is somehow linked to the religion of peace.

Would not suprise me if the term “Asian man” means someone who is Muslim. What we are dealing here is possible PC code talk.

And even after the shooter was identified, they are still saying that he is Muslim

Let’s not forget about Yong Ki Kwon, a Northern Virginia KOREAN engineer who converted to Islam and wanted to fight in Afghanistan.

 I say what I said before and now. Whoever did it -regardless of religion or race- was a nut. PERIOD. END OF STORY. But not with these guys. Every tragedy must be blamed on us somehow. If the perpetrator was not Muslim, then it is not a tragedy at all.

My heart goes out to the victims of the shooting and all of those affected…No blood is cheap

Tariq Nelson has an emotional update here

Punks find courage online


Over the past couple of days, you all have seen the rabid comments that only demonstrated exactly the point that I was making. The anti-Muslim bigots are often the same same white supremist/nationalists that hate non-whites. When you take Robert Spencer, Charles Johnson or Ann Coulter, you also get the same crowd that supports the Confederate flag being flown, opposes minorities at every turn and uses the word “nigger” often behind closed doors.

I grew up with and around these type of people and I know them all too well. That is why these guys have the smell all over them. These cowards are afraid of blacks and Latinos. A few black families move into their neighborhoods and they flee. If they are so tough, then why don’t they stand their ground? Why don’t they say these things in public?

These LGF clowns have sent me several emails  calling me a “nigger lover”, “rag-head” and “goat f*cker” from the safety of their homes, but they would never do it in person. They called blacks “sh*t skins” in the comments, but they would never go to Bed-sty and say that. They sit in their suburbs and talk trash about non-whites but would never even drive through their neighborhoods, much less say these things in public. They pretend to be good people in public, but they are rabid racists. I know their type. You can see it in their posts.

Whatever I say, I will say in public, but not so with these cowards. They only use the racist slurs amongst themselves. Before 9/11 these peoples’ ire was on blacks and Latinos, but they have now turned on Muslims. It is no coincidence that along with the rise of places like LGF and Jihadwatch, that white nationalism has also risen since 9/11

Charles and Robert don’t believe there is a single good Muslim except that he/she has left Islam. Those of you that are black, still won’t get any love -unless of course it serves their purposes.

As for Robert Spencer implying that I ran away from the St Louis debate. This is not true and he knows it! Anyone can check the archives of the Dave Glover Show of FM 97.1 in St Louis and the records are clear for anyone who wants to check. Robert Spencer did not show up and I debated Craig Winn instead. I destroyed Craig Winn in the debate and one of the producers said that they had never seen anyone silence Craig Winn like that.

Umar Lee strikes a nerve

Charles Johnson and Robert Spencer’s idea of fun with a black man 

Insidious anti black racists and anti-Muslim bigots Charles Johnson and Robert Spencer seemed a little disturbed that I outed them as racists. (I always call it like I see it) Why would a picture and three sentences send them into a tizzy except that I have them pegged. (And you guys should see the vicious and racist hate mail that I received from their fans. Keep it coming. It will serve as a fine demonstration of who you all really are in a future post)

Robert and Charles and their readers chose to play dumb and say that “Islam is not a race”. They know that I am not talking about that – hence the picture of people like them in the lynching. I am convinced that Robert and Charles both loved the picture though they will deny it to maintain their credibility. I know racism when I see it and they are both the real McCoy.

Just look at the sick and racist comments in the previous post.  Many of them thought that I was black. Surprise guys! I am white like you! (I know you think I am a race traitor)

I talk to their fans and overhear them talking because they often don’t know that I am Muslim. I hear them using the N-word and they talk about flipping off Muslims if they see them driving or coming from Jumuah. Robert and Charles can not deny it and they know it.

The fact is that the people in the picture above are the very same people (just read the sick comments on their blogs – especially at LGF) who are on the verbal assault and calling for all Muslims to be wiped out. They wish that there can be lynch mobs like there were in “the good ‘ol days”

In spite of the fact that I have posted against liberals and against extremist Muslim wackos, Mr Johnson painted me as a “leftist” and “Islamic radical”. It doesn’t matter to this bigot that I have condemned liberals and wacky conspiracy theories because his entire aim is to paint all Muslims as beasts that must be slaughtered like blacks were in the picture above.

In Charles’ racist mind, blacks (and now Muslims) can do nothing right. They are inferior. That is why he had nothing to say on the tragedy in the Bronx. He was glad that it happened. They were black and they were Muslim! Double Jackpot for these bigots.

It doesn’t matter to Mr Spencer or Mr Johnson that there have been countless condemnations of 9/11 and Muslim terrorism, they still both claim that Muslims have been silent in their relentless aim to have us all thrown into prison camps. You can send them any number of condemnations and they will ignore it and continue to spew the same lies as if you never sent it to them.

It doesn’t matter to them that I have condemned misdeeds by Muslims on numerous occasions, they will claim that I say just the opposite and endorse it.

It doesn’t matter what to them what I say about Jews and Israelis, they will claim that I am an Anti-Semite.

I denounce honor killings, they will claim that I support it.

 They think that it is perfectly fine for them to believe that their religion is the only one that is correct, but if a Muslim believes such a thing, then he is an “Islamic Supremist” Don’t dare believe in your religion if you are Muslim.

But Robert can write a book called “Religion of Peace: Why Christianity is and Islam isn’t” and it is just fine. And above all, it is perfectly fine for them to be white supremists, but not ok for us to believe our religion is correct?

Charles Johnson will berate liberals and liberal values, but when Muslims do so, it is the greatest of all evils and that person must be a terrorist.

This is why they absolutely, positively can not show anything positive about Muslims. Bad things happen and I write about it, but I also show some positive side as well. But these jerks (especially Charles) must present every obscure piece of bad news from Muslims so that they can to show how indecent all Muslims are.

Everyone that reads my blog regular knows that if a Muslim did the same thing Charles and Robert did, I would denounce it. That’s called being fair. Something a racist knows nothing about. I critisize Muslim stupidity with the best of them, but I am not going to sit here and say that all Muslims are like that. That is unfair and that is what is wrong with LGF and Jihadwatch

The point is that these racists have just simply taken on a different form. They used to ride around on horses and terrorize blacks and burn crosses on their yards. Decent people put a stop to that. Now they are trying to revive that thinking with blogs like LGF and Jihadwatch so that people can once again ride around and assault Muslims (and as a bonus those dumb blacks)

It is a good thing that there are decent people of all faiths that reject these white supremacist jerks and see them for what they are. 

We will fight against the terrorist nuts that threaten our country, but that does not mean that we should allow white supremists to spread bigotry without being challenged in the arena of ideas.

But since I’m a stand up guy, for Robert’s and Charles’ and their fans’ viewing pleasure. Here is a cartoon that they will enjoy. Their intellectual predecessors put it out. You will see the connection. Look at how they portrayed blacks in the past, then go to their blogs (particularly LGF) and look at how they want to portray all Muslims as evil and incapable of good.

Enjoy guys!

A Sister’s experiences from 1980’s Salafi Movement

A sister wrote this “prequel” and emailed it to me. Masha Allah, my original series on the 1990s Salafi movement made it to all corners of the globe and insha Allah will spark some much needed change. However, the sister basically gives a summary of her experiences with the beginnings of the movement in the 1980s:

This isn’t going to be very eloquent because truth to tell, I am saddened and sickened by the whole subject of salafism/wahabbism.  I came across Brother Umar Lee’s blog a week or so ago and have been hanging out there ever since.  Trying to find the logic in many comments, and when I can’t, trying to point it out.  I should have learned from the past.  In truth, it can’t be done.

I read Br. Umar’s discourse on “The Rise and Fall of the ‘Salafi Dawah’ in the US”.  I think he was spot on in his assessments.  Br. Umar began with the 1990’s, because he’s too young to know what US Islamic life was like back in the 80’s, pre-salafism as a defined group with a name.  But there were groups of brothers exactly like many salafis today, who would help to create, and/or go on to embrace the movement and call it by the name by which it is known today.

This isn’t a pretty picture, but it is the truth.  And in the nearly 25 years since I said my shahada, I am grief-stricken that not much has changed.

When I became acquainted with Islam, I was guided to one of the few masjids in town.  It was, I guess you could say, the largest congregation and the most ethnically diverse.  It was also located in the heart of the universities area, and attracted a variety of Muslims, both immigrant and indigenous, born Muslim and converted, Arab, Asian, African, European and “American”—in those days primarily “African” American.

The long and short of it is this:  This particular masjid was usually only occupied at prayer time, except for a group of young American, convert men who always seemed to be there.  Other members of the congregation were either students or employees, or both.  Not this particular group.  They were neither.  I would come to know most of them as I studied Islam before I said my shahada.  And sadly I would come to learn what a blight they were on the Islamic community.  They were the source of most of the fitnah and destruction of brotherhood/sisterhood among us.

I would first like to say that when one has too much time on his hands, Shaytan uses him as a plaything.  Under the guise of “Islamic education”, this group lounged around the masjid day in and day out.  There wore the pre-salafia dress, favoring long white jalabiyahs and turbans instead of the “highwaters” and kufis preferred nowadays.  They went by the name of the Islamic Propagation League.  It was their mission to bring Islam to the masses in my city, and correct the aqeedah of those already Muslim.  They went out of their way to catch those inquiring about Islam—or new shahadas—hoping to convert them to their own particular brand of Islam.  I guess this was one reason for staying in the masjid all day.  If anyone came or called asking about Islam, these brothers were usually the first to pounce on them.  They provided “dawah” on Islam, emphasizing rejection of all things western as tools of the devil. 

They placed great emphasis on how one was to dress, as western-style clothing was to be abandoned in favor of long robes for the men and full hijab, including niqaab, which they pushed as fard, for the women.  There was precious little talk of tawheed, the pillars of Islam, etc.  The emphasis was on outward appearances, even down to rejecting your birth name and choosing an Arabic one. 

They were my second encounter with Muslims.  My first was a man I had met at a party at the university, a Nigerian student who patiently answered all my questions about Islam once I discovered he was a Muslim.  My only “knowledge” of Islam in those days what that Allah was an idol in the desert and women were oppressed.  Alhamdulilah he set me straight, and guided me to the location of the masjid, and providing me with a number to someone eager to help me whom he described as “part Arab, part European”.  But on my first visit I encountered the Islamic Propagation League, of which this Arab/European kid was a part, and very nearly left Islam before I embraced it.

I’m not sure what the token white guy’s qualifications were to have been known around the masjid as someone schooled enough to give dawah.  I think he just seemed a bit more acceptable as he was white and a fluent English and Arabic speaker.

It came to be known that white converts—and there were many women especially—were a prized commodity to those slackers who lay in the masjid all day.  They tried to snag us at all costs.  Somehow they believed the addition of a white feather in their caps would give their group legitimacy—something it was sorely lacking.  They often complained that the Arab brothers “stole the white women” away.  I don’t know about that, but after listening to dawah lessons from both sides, with the exception of one lecture, I was much more impressed with the Arabs.  Why?  Because they concentrated on those concepts I mentioned above…tawheed, the five pillars, and cardinal beliefs.  They weren’t about damning the West and telling me I needed to get myself into mandatory niqaab and start calling myself Aisha or something.

My first Islamic outfits were sewn by me, long, loose flowing robes and the veils included niqaab.  I thought I was doing the right thing.  It wasn’t until I met other members of the mosque that I learned niqaab was optional.  I thought it was pretty and rather exotic-looking, but I was relieved because my family wasn’t having any part of my conversion to Islam, especially the clothes.  So when I left the house on the way to the masjid, in jeans and a t-shirt, changing into Islamic clothing on the way, I was at least relieved to know that showing my face wasn’t a sin.

During my studies, I was also made privy to the kind of life-style these pre-salafis were leading.  They were all, with the exception of one, married to black women and on the prowl for a second or third wife—preferably a white one.  Their families lived on welfare because it was “haram to work for the kuffar”.  The kuffar would not allow you to wear a turban and jalabayih to work, so you couldn’t work for them, as “Islamic” clothing for men was wajib.  It was not haram however to take charity from the kuffar.  So these families existed on full welfare, which back in those days—before Clinton’s welfare reform—was a bundle.  You could very easily raise a family on cash allotments—which by the way increased with the birth of each new child, food stamps—again increased with each new birth, medical care, WIC and free housing or ridiculously low monthly payments via a section 8 housing allowance.  Most of these brothers lived better than others who had jibs for a living.  They weren’t getting all that help, and struggled to make ends meet.

It was suggested to me that I might like to become the wife of one of these fine brothers.  I politely declined, not just because I was uninterested in living on welfare, but because I couldn’t get with the polygamy aspect, being that not only was it illegal, but I would have to lie and pretend I wasn’t married to my husband.  This is how the welfare department in our city came to call the Muslim women on the welfare role “the Holy Whores” – because they were often dressed in all black and niqaab and having children (as far as the state was concerned) out of wedlock. The second and subsequent wives could not be legally married to their spouse, and the government didn’t give a damn about or recognize a so-called Islamic marriage.  And so the “Holy Whores” were born and  I wasn’t eager to join their ranks. 

My polite refusal was met with scorn.  I was refusing a life with a decent Muslim man just because I thought myself above welfare and being known as a “whore”.  Well, truth to tell, I was.  I think there’s no shame in that.

To make a long story short, I accepted Islam during a Friday evening halaqa for the brothers at the masjid.  My pre-salafi acquaintances were also in attendance.  As was my future husband—a moderate Arab.  Once my future husband asked about marrying me, we were sort of doomed.  The American slackers had lost another white woman to an Arab man—something that apparently happened all too often.  I guess my marriage to him was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Because from then on, that group had it in for us.

My husband and I became very active in the masjid and in dawah.  I was affiliating myself more with the Arab sector than I was the African-American group—mainly because I saw a better Islam and sensible work/study ethic from the Arabs.  Because I was white, it often fell to me to meet other white women who were interested in Islam.  I would share my own experiences with them while my husband shared the nuts and bolts of Islamic teachings.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of what happened to us – because that would jeopardize my anonymity – but we were put-down, taunted, accused of heinous things at every turn from a small band of these lazy devils masquerading as righteous Muslims.  No matter that the greater Islamic community stood behind us—these pre-salafis were relentless.  They would not let up on us in their quest to make our lives a living hell.  After one particularly horrible incident, we decided to leave the city.  We couldn’t take the pressure any longer.

But I kept in touch with many from my first community, including a few African-American sisters who knew this group, but were not a part of it.  Upon hearing news from home, I was always so glad we had left.  It was a constant string of gossip coming my way—this one had taken a third wife and divorced the other two.  That one had caused a fight in the masjid between Arabs and blacks and the police had to be called.  Another family had been set up in what would eventually morph into a rape charge against a very decent Muslim man and his family who had given shelter to a homeless ex-prostitute sent in as a decoy pretending to be interested in Islam.  The list of atrocities committed by these pre-salafis was endless. 

The funny thing is, in this town there was a totally African-American masjid, but the imam there would have none of their pre-salafi antics or dawah.  He had forbidden them the opportunity to take up residence in his masjid.  He was a decent, working class man who cared very well for his family.  About 20 years later, upon his death, the masjid was taken over by salafis.  What was once one of the oldest and most revered African-American masjids in the country is now a joke.

Over the years, even 20 years later—as self admitted followers of the salafi dawah, some members of the original group, were still making problems.  Their wives still gossiping about people who had lived there ages ago, and trying to break up marriages and families of 20 years duration.  Good deeds, if done by the persons still hated by the salafis, were turned into very near crimes against Islam.  It continues to this day.

What happened to the original group?  Basically they traded in their jalabiyahs and white turbans for highwaters and kufis.  Their beards are down to waists, they reek of jasmine oil and henna, and their women dress like the beloved “black crows” of the Sunnah.  But their hearts seem to be equally black.  Most – if not all – have long since left that city, and formed or joined some infamous large salafi communities on the East Coast.  Many got free trips to study Islam abroad and came back throwing around a few Arabic words in fus-hah and calling themselves “sheikhs”.  Their second generation children are leaving the deen and are losing their own children to the dunya.  They want no part of this extremist cult.

To this day you will find salafis gathered in person or on the internet, still discussing trivia to the point of insanity…Like the ruling regarding a particular sheikh who made a mistake in prayer, or the ruling on a particular community member who committed a sin.  Hours and hours, days, weeks, months, volumes written on one single error—how to deal with it, discuss it, benefit from it, distance from it, ostracize the offender, etc, etc, etc. 

Is this the Islam I envisioned when I took my shahada?  No, and Alhamdulilah by the grace of Allah I never got sucked into it.

So the rise and fall of the salafi movement in the USA is a reality.  It’s probably much worse actually then Brother Umar has indicated.  There is a hadith of the Prophet (saw) that says…What starts on wrong is wrong.  The beginning of the salafi movement in the
USA started with groups of men who were not willing to do their Islamic duties to Allah, themselves or their families, preferring instead to laze around the masjid in the name of “knowledge”.  From my viewpoint, none of that has changed.  The salafi dawah started on wrong, and will remain so.  Unlike Islam—no sects, no labels, no bull—which will flourish and one day glorify hard-working, true believing Muslims, everywhere.