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Ultranationalist fervor hits Europe

  As I said before, White Nationalism is the issue at hand when it comes to much of this anti-Islamic hatred. This tide of white nationalism is steadily making its way into the American mainstream in a strong way. No one – outside of Muslims – … Continue reading

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On Cricket and Crossings

New York is a place of many cultures and on a daily basis you can hear dozens of languages being spoken if you listen close enough. It is also a city that a friend of mine has described as an … Continue reading

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“The ragheads did it!”

Yesterday the anti-Muslim bigots were busy blaming the Muslims. Debbie Schlussel adds 2+2 and makes 1,379: Here’s what we know about the murderer of at least 32 students and maimer of at least 28 more at Virginia Tech, today: The … Continue reading

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Punks find courage online

  Over the past couple of days, you all have seen the rabid comments that only demonstrated exactly the point that I was making. The anti-Muslim bigots are often the same same white supremist/nationalists that hate non-whites. When you take … Continue reading

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Umar Lee strikes a nerve

Charles Johnson and Robert Spencer’s idea of fun with a black man  Insidious anti black racists and anti-Muslim bigots Charles Johnson and Robert Spencer seemed a little disturbed that I outed them as racists. (I always call it like I … Continue reading

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1950s Little Green Footballs gathering

A Gathering of heros of the likes of Robert Spencer, Charles Johnson and Ann Coulter at a lynching picnic. I bet all three of those rabid racists have this picture on their wall. “The good ol’ days!”

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A Sister’s experiences from 1980’s Salafi Movement

A sister wrote this “prequel” and emailed it to me. Masha Allah, my original series on the 1990s Salafi movement made it to all corners of the globe and insha Allah will spark some much needed change. However, the sister basically … Continue reading

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