Why the Convert and Old Muslim Wanna Meet

Ali Eteraz has an interesting piece on his displeasure at the term “revert” for Muslim converts and Tariq Nelson has picked up on this. I share the opinion of both Ali and Tariq that revert is not an appropriate word and I have stopped using it even if I do not agree with all of the arguments that Ali makes in his piece such as his displeasure when people claim the supremacy of their own faith which I see as a fundamental of an authentic faith.

Ali states that the majority of the Muslim community wants nothing to do with converts unless it is for marrying white convert women, putting white brothers up as spokesman, and putting African-American brothers up on the Masjid basketball team and while this is a humorous exaggeration there is some truth to it.

Let me say that I know of numerous authentic and loving friendships between immigrant Muslim brothers and converts and I know of many of these brothers and sisters who have been a great help to one another. Now, having got the PC crap out of the way let me give you some real reasons that immigrant Muslim brothers want to befriend the convert.

  1. The immigrant brother is horny and tired of jerking off to photos of blonde porn stars and wants you to help him solve the mystery of how to actually bang a white girl.
  2. He is trying to get with your sister and offering to make dawah. 
  3. He is offering money to your sister, or mother, for a fake green card marriage,
  4. For some strange reason he needs to ask you where the gay clubs are.
  5. He wants to pay you to write his college papers.
  6. He doesn’t know how to work the remote control.
  7. He wants to take a picture with you to mail back home to his parents.
  8. If he is from Morocco he wants you to marry his sister.
  9. He thinks you are a fanatic for wanting to be a Muslim and needs someone to snitch on to the feds if he gets busted with the kiddy porn on his computer or try to deport him.
  10. He wants you to carry a package for him onto the subway at rush hour.
  11. He thinks that he has finally found someone dumb enough to listen to his fanatical speech.
  12. He is scared to walk the streets at night and needs an escort.

Why do the American brothers want to befriend the immigrant brother?

  1. He needs help making hijrah.
  2. He wants to get with his sister.
  3. He is attracted to the local terrorist organization in the brothers nation of origin.
  4. He needs help learning Arabic…or Urdu if he is a Taabliquee.
  5. He thinks the brother looks holy and real in his thobe and turban.  
  6. He is trying to scam him out of some money he needs for being a new Muslim.
  7. He wants a job at the Masjid.
  8. He wants to live off the generosity of Muslims.
  9. He wants to sell the brother some incense and oil.
  10. He wants to rob the brothers store.
  11. He wants to go on jolla for the free food.
  12. He is a lost whiteboy going native running around with a turban two sizes too big on his head.

32 thoughts on “Why the Convert and Old Muslim Wanna Meet

  1. That is FUNNY! You know, for all of the talk of the right wingers and neo cons about Muslims wanting to take over the world, they sure do a crappy job at it.

    Dawah in the USA and Europe is crap. The way Muslim converts get treated is crap. I hate the word revert, it is too close to pervert, and it seems to denote to me that “once you were okay, you got all messed up, now you are okay again.”

    As to why “born” Muslims want to be friends with converts you missed one, so they can ask you about all of the wide times you had before you converted, drinking, drugs and fornication, so they can live through your past life.

  2. Revert or convert who gives a rats A$$. Those born to muslim families do think they are better than those that have verted to Islam. Most immigrants dont have time for islam, theyre too busy making money. The ones that do practice probably started since being in the west.

    How can there be any dawah when they either jail those with knowledge or chase them away. The last thing they want is for people to learn what is true islam. They will tell us what islam is.

    There is alot of truth to what bro. Umar says though.

    I will marry his moroccan sister if she is practicing. They make better wives than arabs from the gulf or Egypt.

  3. Sheesh, cynical there bro. Kinda depressing.

    Personally, I prefer the term revert. It’s hard telling some people I “left” Christianity or converted away from it, and since Islam matched what I actually believed before, I found “revert” more comforting. One brother’s parents said maybe he was always Muslim, and he just found what he was looking for.

  4. I dislike the word “revert” too. It’s too contrived.

    I think I may adopt DA’s coinage. “I verted to Islam in [whatever year]” etc.

    As my kids say, quoting Calvin and Hobbes, we like to “weird” language.

    As for people quizzing me (or any other “vert”) about past Jahiliyah, they can go jump off a cliff. People like that aren’t worth a rat’s patootie.

  5. as far as I have noted, converts are usually the ones who use the term revert. aren’t you being a little picky when quarrelling the use of it? Eteraz’s conclusion is based on an absurd connotation of the word.

    Although, I am not a convert, so I may not have the same response to that usage as a convert.


  6. I’m with DA and Jdsg, if Eteraz hates “revert” it must be better than convert. It’s not really an important argument, but Eteraz settled it by expressing his opinion.
    A little more famous, and he’d be the poster boy for “soft Islam”. I’m not implying he wants to, I’m saying he would be just by virtue of his stance even if he didn’t want such.
    Maybe I should post another anti-Paki entry into my blog just to tick him off……

  7. Abu Sinan said: “The way Muslim converts get treated is crap.”

    I had the opposite experience with a brother the other day. He said myself and the other “converts” would enter Paradise before those born into Islam. It made me feel uncomfortable because I’m not worthy. What if I do more haram things then someone born into Islam, or if I have hidden shirk?

  8. As salaamu Alaikum

    I have a question that has absolutely nothing to do with this topic. I want to ask it here because people read this blog and encourage debate. I would ask the question on my own blog but not many people read it or if they do they dont comment.

    There has been much controversy lately regarding the niqab. I recently read an article about the debate in Egypt. http://tinyurl.com/yjazfh

    The question I have is why are some people so bothered by another persons decision to wear a niqab?

    When I became Muslim and no longer wanted to eat pork, many people were also bothered by that. Is it because they feel that by your decision to wear niqab or not eat pork, you are somehow saying you are better than them? I just dont see how it harms others the way they act like it does.

    I understand why a secular government hates niqab or hijab, but not normal people.

  9. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Dawood: it was a controversy here in the UK as well. The probable reason is that people who call into phone-ins and respond to polls in certain newspapers are invariably those who are hostile, such as people who have a dislike of Muslims anyway. Certainly, in this country prior to Jack Straw’s article three weeks ago, the veil was never any real issue here although it was always known that a woman wearing it could not do most jobs, which was OK as most of them intended to be housewives. Radio phone-ins often attract people “astroturfing” for interested groups (i.e. faking a popular movement); racist groups are known to do this and I’m sure you have some of the same people who bombard news outlets with hostile emails whenever they print something insufficiently biased towards Israel calling in to attack Muslims as well. So I would not read too much into it. On the other hand, the veil was always generally disliked in the UK, but tolerated because the women who wore it were not harming anyone. The fact that women risk being attacked if they wear niqab in some areas has always been known to the community.

  10. Christ, I got attacked like a dozen times in the UK and wasn’t even a Muslim back then. Seriously, what’s with the limeys and Scots and brawling? Forget Niqabis, nobody is safe there!

  11. Yusuf Smith,
    It is understood that there are many people that hate the truth(Islam).

    “On the other hand, the veil was always generally disliked in the UK, but tolerated because the women who wore it were not harming anyone. The fact that women risk being attacked if they wear niqab in some areas has always been known to the community.”

    If they hate Islam and muslims ,Why do they single out those wearing niqab? Why not attack all muslims equally. After there are no women with niqab I suppose it will be those in hijab, then long dresses, then dresses to the knee.

    Everyone should start wearing niqab, men, women and children. To support the rights of those that want to wear it. See how they like that.

  12. Not too sure about “everyone” including men starting to wear face veils – unless they are Tuareg of course. But I *have* started to make a point of saying salaams to niqabis when I see them in the mall, whether they return my salaams or not. I’m female, which shouldn’t freak them out, but I’m also white, which might … It’s just my small way of showing support and that I am not freaked out by niqabs.

  13. We all know why liberals use their newspaper columns to attack Muslim women who appear to be “practicing”; these women, especially if they’ve worn a hijab or niqab out of choice, directly contradict the narratives of “progress” and general emancipation from religious tutelage that form the bedrock of their own beliefs (this is flatly contracted not only by Muslims, but by propogation of Christianity in Africa and East Asia).

    But, imho, the niqab, Muslims and so on are proxies for a different problem in the UK: the apparent loss of English identity. A niqabi is an easy target on which to vent these frustrations.

    Plus, beating on immigrants is a very old sport English sport. Pretty much what is said about Muslims today was said about the Irish Catholics (“terrorists, fifth column”) and Eastern European Jews (“attachment to religion and weird customs”).

  14. While Eteraz is busy redefining us reverts maybe he should look into his own culture to find out why they still call themselves Pakis maybe he needs his own redefinition as most suburban Pakistani youth have been white washed maybe a more appropriate term would be Waki. No disrespect to my Pakistani brothers still holding on to some sembelence of their culture but whitewashed pakistanis have no business redefining anything.

  15. I always hated the word revert, but since Eteraz doesn’t like it, I will no longer. I still won’t use it though. As to the lists above, this must be a big-city issue. I’ve been a Muslim for a couple of decades and only rarely experienced uncomfortable moments with other Muslims. But, I live in a small college town and most Muslims that I have met here are laid back. However, when I have gone to the big cities, the Muslims there usually have nothing but harsh, smug, or unfriendly faces. Strange, as if the governments are going to use converts as spies when they can get immigrants to do it, and probably much better, because they have a built-in affiliation. But, that is only a guess on my part.

  16. I think it (the original posting) is because of this: born Muslims don’t have much going for them in this world except to be happy that they’ll get paradise while the West will go to Hell (’cause, you know, just being in the tribe of Muslims entitles them to paradise; its not as if they actually have to earn it). But, now that Westerners are embracing Islam in ever greater numbers (hopefully more than the numbers who leave it after a few years, if that long), you get a mixture of admiration “Mashallah, now he/she has it all!” and resentment “Damn it! Now he/she has it all and didn’t leave me with anything to hold over them!”

  17. >>If they hate Islam and muslims ,Why do they single out those wearing niqab? Why not attack all muslims equally.

    ‘caaaaaause Dawud, maybe they don’t actually hate Islam and Muslims. Maybe, like alot of people who haven’t trained themselves to be tolerant, they just don’t like it when people are too different from them. Its kind of like immigrants who piss on converts when we don’t convert to Arab culture or South Asian culture because they don’t know how to act like brothers or sisters to people who are too different from themselves…

  18. OmarG,
    What are you a spokesperson for the white house? If not you would probably make a good one.

    It was yusuf Smith that brought up the ” people who have a dislike of Muslims” anyway, but I fully believe that most westeners have a genuine hate for Islam and muslims.

    I dont know which immigrants your referring to that want muslim converts to become arab or asian. Only when they want to teach you Islam then they try to throw in culture. Just ask them for the daleel. Most I see want to convert to americanism. They try to immitate the kufar in almost everything.

  19. Salam,

    >>but I fully believe that most westeners have a genuine hate for Islam and muslims

    Well, if you live in a Western country, daily life must be a living hell for you being besieged like that…

  20. Dawood is for the most part correct. I haven’t seen evidence that most of them hate Islam and Muslims only, but I have seen that most of them hate religion and requirements of discipline in general. Your average faggot in the US doesn’t single out Islam, he hates all organized religions period. They have to go to faggot churches as an example, so they can hold hands during the service and not feel guilty about plowing each other’s rear ends the night before. So their hatred is now general, but what Dawood sees is where the society is headed. Soon, deviants of many types will hate only Islam as it’s our faith that always contains a party calling to the right and forbidding the wrong and not changing our religion.
    Brother Rasheed, I see exaclty what you mean about Pakis and Wakis. But what they really need to hold on to is the same as what we all do, and that’s Islam. What African Lion said might be true. Their culture is probably the most inferior of all the Muslims. Their culture is exactly why dawah in this country is so weak and watered-down. Not to let other groups off the hook, though. We all slippin’ in some way or another. I’d like to see what Latin Americans and the Native Americans do when they began accepting Islam.

  21. >>Their culture is probably the most inferior of all the Muslims.

    Interesting. Which Muslim culture is the best, then? Do you have a ranking system?

  22. One thing I have noticed is the more the second generation holds to their culture the more they will hold to Islam. Now it is true we all have cultural practices that are alien to Islam. Reality is most people never really shake the qawmiyya thing… To some degree I regret some of my comments on the whole Waki Paki thing, we are all just products of our envoirnment. If a Pakistani brother grew up in the suburbs, it’s not really his fault that he has been white washed, he is really just a product of his surroundings. Just as if a white brother grew up in an AA community it wouldn’t be fair to call him confused either…The problem is most people feel uncomfortable when other people don’t fit in our little boxes that we define for them…

    I guess thats the thing that ticked me about the Eteraz post. He really had no place to redefine people who had chosen to redefine themselves in a way he didn’t like.

    I have seen this happen time and again, people know the flaws of their culture and have a tendency to romanticize other cultures or at least look at other cultures as superior and worth emulating that is why the prophet forbade tashbeeh.

    So someone like Eteraz will look at “reverts” in dismay and contempt to some degree because he is saying this is the exact thing I am running from. Likewise the “revert” will show contempt for the imigrant brother try too hard to be American for the exact same reason.

    There are a few key points here remember people are dynamic and they don’t always fit into the boxes you wish to place them in.

    Islam should guide all of our behaivors and culture while keeping them intact as deversity adds richness to the deen.

    Every man has the right to a life with dignity, disrespect that and be ready for the consequences.

  23. OmarG
    Wa alaikum salaam

    CBS conducted a poll on american opinion of Islam
    http://tinyurl.com/jqkl6 You can go to any yahoo news story on iraq or especially Islam and scroll to the bottom and click the link discuss. This is a place where people post messages and for the most part remain anonymous. You can really get a good idea of the hate they have.

    “Well, if you live in a Western country, daily life must be a living hell for you being besieged like that…”

    Anyone that has love for Islam more than love for the backward american sin and haram lifestyle will feel like life is hell. How do you teach your children in that envionment?

  24. Teach my children what? How to be a good person? How to pray? Why we fast in Ramadan? How to read the Quran in Arabic? Well, in the West, a Muslim certainly can’t sit back and hope the “village raises thier children” for them. It just doesn’t work like that. And newsflash: comment sections on CBS, like comment sections everywhere can be easily hijacked by special interest groups who are out to give the false impression that “everyone” hates Islam and Muslims. As for th polls, they show that the majority are afraid of Muslims and know about Islam what non-Muslims have told them. Such poll numbers are a reflection of two things: the absolute success of the jihadis in making people fear Muslims and the absolute failure of Western Muslims (both real Westerners and Western-resident guests) to be sensible enough to do things that SHOW the West that we need not be feared and that Islam is flexible enough to be an organic part of the Western tradition without replicating failed third world societies here. (CAIR and others can talk all they want, but talk is cheap and Americans, above many other Westerners are far more impressionable by concrete actions than cheap talk. But, too many Muslims here think the media should naturally want to fondle them because, as you know, our tribe is the best! [snarf])

  25. “Teach my children what? How to be a good person? How to pray? Why we fast in Ramadan? How to read the Quran in Arabic?”

    Is that what Islam has been reduced to? Praying, fasting, and reading quran.

    “jihadis” you sound like Tony Snow or Rush Limbaugh

    Which jihadis are you talking about the sahabi Khalid Bin Walleed or someone else. I assure you that were there muslims like that around we wouldnt be having this discussion.

    Truth and falsehood cant coexist. Western traditions and third world failed societies are falsehoods.

    The only thing the west needs to fear in regards to Islam is the truth.

    CAIR and anyone else trying to fit a square block into a round hole are nothing more than kafir appeasers. Nobody respects that.

  26. >>Is that what Islam has been reduced to? Praying, fasting, and reading quran.

    Reduced??!! My brother, these are the core essences of Islam. Anyone can dream up a state and a political system, opress people with it, conjure up moral systems and call it whatever they want (even Budhists think murder is a sin; Hindus often practice purdah, too), but tawhid, belief in the Prophethood of Muhammad, the Islamic prayer, our fasting and the miracle of the Quran are the main things which distinguish Islam from other faiths. So, reduced is definitely the wrong word to use and I think the wrong way to think about Islam. But, in the end if that’s what you choose for yourself, only you have to live with the consequences, but if you try to force it on others, it will be a rude awakening.

  27. Assalamu Alikom,

    People what is that fuss all about?? i jus want u all to think that we are all muslims n it doesn’t matter if u were a convert or originally born muslim stop making boundaries between muslim brothers and sisters cos it makes us stupid fighting our selves instead of uniting together and fighting our enemies!!!

  28. This is a very nonsensical blog, if i was a Christian id be laughing my head off at the stupidity of most people on this blog.

    Hell i wouldn’t even need to comment just watch Muslims destroy themselves. I mean come on, Why do you hate white converts so much? Whats with the great big chip on the shoulder?? Do they not have a right to the same religion as you?

    Since you are black, i thought you’d be more enlightened about race issues. Not just bitter and verging on being racist yourself!

    This is beyond ridiculous- just what are you hoping to achieve here??

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