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Why the Convert and Old Muslim Wanna Meet

Ali Eteraz has an interesting piece on his displeasure at the term “revert” for Muslim converts and Tariq Nelson has picked up on this. I share the opinion of both Ali and Tariq that revert is not an appropriate word … Continue reading

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The Weak White-Muslim Brother Getting Hitched

This is a delicate subject and I do not wish to hurt anyone’s feelings with this. However, because I have seen this situation play itself out so many times in the Muslim community, and it deeply saddens me, I think … Continue reading

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I may not feel great but I feel a lot better when I am writing. Umar Check out my new wordpress blog.

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Ramadan 15 Years On: Thinking of the Good and the Bad

Fifteen years ago was my first Ramadan and since that time I have had Ramadans when I felt like I was on top of the world and as close to Allah as I can get and I have had Ramadans … Continue reading

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