Say you apologize for calling us violent or we will set your houses of worship ablaze and make you pay in blood.

Say we liberated you, accept the fact of your liberation from the bondage of one of your won and accept the hospitality of the stranger, or fear for you life in Baghdad and Fallujah in the middle of the night.

Say you didn’t mean what you said about our beloved prophet, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, or we will show you his mercy as our blade slices across your throat for the world to see.

Say freedom is on the march in the motherland, and swear allegiance to the great leader chosen by Christ Jesus himself, or face that knock on the door from his private militia and the loss of your privacy.

Say you that it is our faith that reveres women and holds them to the highest level; or will thrust the swords I between our legs into the flesh of the disbelieving woman.

Say I am the way and the truth and there is no other way but me or lose the right to call yourself by the names of your fathers in the home of the brave.


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