Bush Throwing a Tantrum

I am listening to a press conference given by a very testy, and less than confidant, but still bullheaded President Bush. He seems to be angry about the fact that the Senate, including Republicans Senators, believe that there is still such thing as a constitution and that there are limits to presidential power no matter what Deadeye Dick tells him. He sounds like a little kid who is used to getting his way and has finally been told no. The fact that the US should follow treaties it has entered into, and cannot torture, seems to irk W and his compassionate Christianity.

Two things stick out; the fact that Americas wants to go all round the world and tell everyone how to act and what to do, but is terrified of the fact that anyone else may do the same thing. Bush wants the US to be able to interpret the Geneva Convention himself, so why shouldn’t Iran and China be able to do the same thing? Why shouldn’t they be able to set up their own versions of GTMO? Why shouldn’t US soldiers who have violated treaties be held to account by foreign governments? The US does it all the time. There should be no immunity for US soldiers, and those soldiers committing crimes in Iraq today are committing crimes against the Iraqi people and should be held to account there.

If George sounds this bad now then I wonder how he will sons after the Democrats take over the house and they start setting up investigations and have subpoena power? Or will they not have the courage to prosecute Bush for the crimes against he and his administration have committed against the American people? Personally, I doubt the political will is there for the Dems to do anything other than cause some minor annoyances to Bush and the GOP. One thing we can be sure of though; the Bush Administration will be using scare tactics the entire way to try and scare the American people into supporting them.

However, hopefully a Democratic takeover can somehow stop any plans the Bush gang may have at going after Iran, which would be a disaster that would make the war in Iraq look like a picnic.

The question today is this; who is left to support Bush? The religious-right who are still calling for the blood of Muslims and believes that Bush and the GOP will outlaw abortion and gay-marriage (he has done little on either issue), the military and law-enforcement who seem comfortable and being the underpaid and undervalued lapdogs for the right, and Wall Street?


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