Some Reasons Why I Don’t Believe 9-11 Was a Conspiracy

Here are a few reasons, in brief, why I do not believe that 9-11 was a conspiracy;

– This administration is like the F Troop of American administrations. They cannot do anything right, and haven’t been able to keep that many secrets, so I doubt they could have pulled off something this complicated. See evidence in incompetence in Iraq.

– In order for this to happen there would have to be a lot of people in on it and keeping secrets; people just are not that good at keeping secrets, especially careerist bureaucrats in government.
– Federal law-enforcement and the military brass just aren’t smart enough to pull off something this complicated.

– Somebody would have tried to get a book deal off the conspiracy already or tried to get even by exposing everyone else.

-There would have been some schoolboy in the government or military who would have blown the whistle.


4 thoughts on “Some Reasons Why I Don’t Believe 9-11 Was a Conspiracy

  1. I believe AQ DID plan and carry out the attack BUT, from all circumstantial evidence available, it seems that KEY GROUPS within the U.S. Govt. ALLOWED it to happen and even participated by causing more damage in lives and property that AQ would have done by itself.

    I disagree with your 1st reason because the administration doesn’t have anything to do with carrying out bombings etc. there are specialists for this and they have MANY decades of experience. Before many wars in history were initiated, “acts of terror” were carried out by various Govt’s to gain the support of its citizens.

    2nd reason doesn’t take into account that there are circles within circles within the govt. Those in the outer circle only know what they need to know. Also, anyone who thinks he or she is smart enoght to blow a whistle can easily be eliminated. The govt has many decades of experience handling loose ends. Maybe people will be allowed to blow a whistle after 50 years when it doesn’t matter anymore.

    Again, you are underestimating law enforcement agencies in the US. Everyone doesn’t have the same training and experience. When the govt needed to assasinate Dr. King, they didn’t use Memphis police but well-trained special force troops. They CAN pull off a 9/11 and they did pull off 9/11.

    Brother, I sincerely suggest that you thouroughly research this and other governments histories as it relates to such matters. Reasearch the US govt “COINTELPRO” domestic espionage against its citizens during and after the Hoover years. Research the US govt’s (NIH, CDC) program which experimented on black american men with syphillis at Tuskegee. There is much much more information available about what your government can and DID do available.

  2. As salaam alaikum
    there is a documentary called Zeitgeist I believe on google that I think u should watch.9-11 was inside job.Think about it.The so-called highjackers were mostly from Saudi Arabia.Why then did we invade opium rich afghanistan and oil rich Iraq? They needed a crisis like 9-11 so that they can have an excuse to introduce the patriot act and other things designed to take away our civil liberties.Also a documentary on youtube called “the secret rulers of the world”.The religion stuff they talk about is questionable but there is some good info its 30 parts so start with one.I know these conspiracy theories sound really crazy but think about it.This country has instigated wars for years for their own agaendas.Wars are very profitable for them.They are already talking about going to Iran.We all need to wake up.

  3. Umar, I am sorry to see that you have not investigated the event with a commitment to enlighten yourself on what took place. I am not commenting to patronize you but I am hoping you find a few hours to do some research with the use of genuine logic. You can trace the roots of this new Islamic terrorism back to Jamal Afghani which should interest you since your background is in the fall of the latest neo-salafi revival. It is all connected. If you would like a few suggestions for books, blogs, and documentaries I would be happy to recommend some quality research avenues. Allah Mak

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