I was meaning to get up early and write this morning, but I was out late making money all night and had to walk home and that took like an hour, so I was tired. I woke up and turned on the TV at 10:41 and turned the TV to NY1. As I sat sore in the bed I heard Irish names for it seemed like an eternity as those who lost thier spouses on 9-11 read the names of the dead from ground zero. The Mc names went on for over ten minutes and anyone familiar with New York knows what this was; the names of all of those firefighters who fell rushing into the buildings to save people. They represented the Irish-American ethic of honoring the dignity of hard work and service and that irish dream that America is a place where those who work hard will prosper and be able to raise a family and own the ground underneath.

Other names were read; Jewish names, Indian, Arab, Hispanic, Italian and others, and it showed the diversity of the suffering.

On this day I will also say that I am glad that I did not make it to the area; because I would have beat the hell out of those tasteless and disrepectful protesters who made a fool of themselves on this day.

This is also a day that bares witness to the ignorace and stupidity of the majority of Muslims who still belive in conspiracy therories.


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