Clarification of My quote in WaPo

I was quoted in this article in the Washington Post. In it they quote me:

Those mosques [I was referring to Dar Al Hijrah and ADAMS] “kind of gave you the mushy middle. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t make people mad,” said Umar Lee, a former Falls Church resident who attended Dar al-Arqam. The young people, he said, “wanted authenticity.”

To clarify this statement, when I was speaking of “wanting authenticity” I was referring almost exclusively to theological issues and issues of Islamic belief. The article would lead one to believe that I was talking about politics. I was not. In fact, it was well known that Dar al-Arqam was NOT a place to go to hear about politics, but to learn about Islamic issues without that.

I want to make it clear that Dar Al-Arqam was a place of balance, and that we should *NOT* have the impression, even for one moment, that Dar al-Arqam was filled with the type of stark raving mad lunatics that follow Abu Hamza in London or anything similar to that.

Perhaps I will say more on it later, Insha Allah, but I am currently on my way back to New York

Entire Article: Hardball Tactics in Era of Threats


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