Why New York Loves John Duddy

This is piece of mine on Irish boxer John Duddy from Eastsideboxing


Get Wired: The Best Show in American TV History

This show is the best written show in the history of television and is so real and so gritty and so true to its message that many cannot stomach it and retreat to the safer pastures of shows like Weeds (which are yuppie friendly) and the like. The Wire makes you think about things America doesn’t want to think about and doesn’t tell the story of good guys fighting bad guys; rather it paints in shades of grey. The police are not angels, rather as in real life urban America they are racially divided and political minded and underpaid. Black criminals are painted in complexities and the stories of violence and poverty are told better her than anywhere in the history of TV. This season deals with education and children as they become men and women in the 8th grade. I will write on this later.

Some Reasons Why I Don’t Believe 9-11 Was a Conspiracy

Here are a few reasons, in brief, why I do not believe that 9-11 was a conspiracy;

– This administration is like the F Troop of American administrations. They cannot do anything right, and haven’t been able to keep that many secrets, so I doubt they could have pulled off something this complicated. See evidence in incompetence in Iraq.

– In order for this to happen there would have to be a lot of people in on it and keeping secrets; people just are not that good at keeping secrets, especially careerist bureaucrats in government.
– Federal law-enforcement and the military brass just aren’t smart enough to pull off something this complicated.

– Somebody would have tried to get a book deal off the conspiracy already or tried to get even by exposing everyone else.

-There would have been some schoolboy in the government or military who would have blown the whistle.

Walking from Queens to Brooklyn With My Thoughts

I went for a long walk the other night at about two in the morning. I started out in the Maspeth section of Queens and ended up in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn. I walked for blocks and blocks along Grand through an area that has been described as desolate and in need of development so that it can merge nicely into the working-class areas of Maspeth and the gentrifying globoland of Williamsburg. Yet as I walked block after block I saw factories and warehouses that were open late at night, parking lots full of the cars of workers, and the sound of American industry in the air.

If America is going to be a nation that has a middle-class in the future, and if New York is going to be a city that is home to a working-class, than it is these kinds of areas that need to be preserved as they are slowly dying. In New York there are few left to fight for these places; so called liberal globo progressives are more concerned about creating urban lifestyle centers where they can live like grad students until they are forty and be served liked queens by underpaid undocumented workers at high-end restaurants and coffee shops and those on the left that are fighting the Rhodesians* are only concerned about issues such as affordable housing and raising the minimum wage, that while crucial, doesn’t address the issue of keeping good paying jobs in the city.

As I looked at the plates on the back of the cars of the workers I wondered how far they had driven to get to work. Could they afford to live in the neighborhood? Or did they not want to raise their families in neighborhoods with failing schools and dangerous influences?

Then my thoughts pass to this; what would be the ultimate dream for the Rhodesians? Well, it is not a dream it already occurred, and that is Hurrican Katrina, and wouldnt they love to see a Hurricane like that hit every Lower 9th Ward in every city in America? So they could come in and by up the land and then rehab and sit in their sidewalk cafes and read The Nation and talk about how liberal they are after the only poor people that are left in the hood are those that are serving them. 

I think of this as I walk, and maybe I think too much, because I am tired as hell, remember I have an appointment in a few hours, and don’t feel like walking back, but I do. And now all I am thinking of is my bed.

Road Rage and Friday Thoughts

I’m too tired to get into it, but a guy riding in a pickup truck with a confederate flag on the back pulled a gun out and aimed at me yesterday after we argued about whether I cut him off or not, thank Allah that there was as a sea of oncoming traffic coming on as he pulled out the gun. That came two hours after someone tried to ram me with his car and then try and run me off the road because he thought I disssed him or something. Something foul must be in the air.

Linguistic Profiling
There was an interesting program on KWMU radio yesterday as Don Marsh discussed linguistic profiling with an expert. This profiling occurs when someone, for example, calls and asks about the availability of an apartment and if the voice sounds black they are told there are no vacancies and if they sound white they are given the sales pitch and welcome. I know that this discimination exists; a lot of people think I sound black on the phone and therefore when I look for an apartment I always have my sister call.

Indian Heaven
I had an attractive Native American women in the backseat of my cab the other day who was visiting from a reservation from South Dakota. Right before she got out of my cab at a downtown hotel she looked at me and said “give me your number, tomorrow I want you to take me to Indian Heaven!” I said to myself, so this is how they do it on he reservation and call it Indian Heaven…a moment later she was telling me that Indian Heaven is in fact Wal-Mart!

When I have time I will write a review of this film and I recommended the film to everyone even if I am not in agreement with all of its messages. What I liked most about this film was the fact that it touched every major social issue that I can imagine; race, immigration, gentrification and homosexuals as the pioneers of gentrification, class, teen sexuality, religion, family, gays in Mexican culture and more. Right now, because I am busy with another writing project, I do not have time to do this justice.