How To Know if You are a Rhodesian

Rhodesians are a segment of the Globo population. Globos are urban yuppies who are the victors in globalization and have come to the cities and replaced the poor, union-workers and working-class in general who are the losers in globalization. It is a variation of the term Bobo (Bohemian bourgeois) that David Brooks of the New York Times uses. Rhodesians are the segment of this group who settle in the poor and minority neighborhoods and who open the places up and make it safe for other whites to come in (these shock troops are often artsy types and gay males) and inherit the vision of African colonizers such as Cecil Rhodes and thus the name Rhodesians.

You are a guy and you are walking around wearing capris

You are a guy and you wear tight t-shirts that show off your bony body

You work for six bucks an hour at a shitty job just to get your parents off your ass who are paying your rent (which is probably at least a grand to 2 grand a month)

You are scared to ride the subway at night unless you are with a group.

You eat all-natural food, and may even be a vegetarian, but eagerly support the normalization of sex-change operations and non-traditional child-bearing methods.

You consider yourself a liberal but you hate your black and Latino neighbors and the only time you enjoy seeing people of color is when they are serving you overpriced food in Manhattan or Downtown Brooklyn.

You hate poor people; but have chose to live in a poor neighborhood, but don’t worry; in a few years they will all be gone.

You move in to the neighborhood six months and you are trying to tell people who have lived there 20,30, 40 or 50 years what kind of door knob and door they should have on the home they bought.

You profess to hate manly men but have the cops on speed dial; people who otherwise you would consider to be brutish cavemen.

The pets that you pamper and treat like royalty that you parade down the street get better healthcare then 80% of the neighborhood.

An HIV Story: A Brother from the Hood Marries the Immigrant Girl

Anyone who has spent a lot of time amongst singles in the American-Muslim community, particularly in diverse masjids, will know that there is often a hostility from the parents of immigrant girls when they want to marry an African-American Muslim brother. This normally happens when a girl has been raised in this country and may not look forward to marrying her cousin from back home or some random guy from her country the family has found and she feels American and wants to marry someone similar to her. Then you have the brother, who probably prefers an immigrant sister to an African-American sister, and this creates the desire. The sister has grown up in the home under the protection of her family and is not wise to the ways of the world (but is book smart) and the brother may come from the streets and have miles of game with an Islamic twist he can run on a naïve girl. If the family objects to there proposed union they are labeled mindless bigots and racists.

Such a situation has recently occurred in Northern Virginia. An African-American Muslim brother from the Bronx, who is a slick talker, met an Indian Muslim girl and she fell madly in love with him. The family fiercely objected; but eventually gave in and blessed the union and this is a good and a bad thing. It is good that the family came around on the issue of race; but it is bad that the family didn’t ask for more information on his family, friends and background.

The couple got married and had a child and things appeared to be going good until he started getting arrested for going onto campus and stealing the textbooks of students and reselling them. Now aside from this being haram, a crime, and a weak hustle the marriage stayed in tact but the girls family separated themselves from the couple and told them they are now on their own (which is typical of Muslim families when they marry off their girls).

Now, to make matters worse, it turns out that this brother from the Bronx has tested positive for HIV! And African-American brothers wonder why immigrant families are reluctant to marry of their daughters to them; they are not sophisticated to tell the difference between a Harvard-educated black man and a dopefiend from the Bronx. To your average immigrant Muslim they are just all filthy and dirty black people.

If this story doesn’t make you think about things while you are gorging yourselves during iftar I don’t know what will.

Mr. Conservative

If anyone gets a chance to watch Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater on HBO I recommend it (after watching the back episodes of season 4 of The Wire on Demand) it tells the story, from many different angles, of a remarkable man who is so unlike any figure I can think of day in American political life. The only thing I will disagree with in the message of this film is that Goldwater was a war-monger, anti civil-rights, and far to the right on economic policy and a notorious hater of organized labor; how he can be considered a liberal in any day and age baffles me? Those liberals who speak fondly of him today are those who are in lock step with the right on everything but gay rights and other cultural issues.

Agonizing Days at the UN and American Hypocrisy and Arrogance

He wasn’t quite the devil, but maybe he did have a little sulfur dust emanating from him as he spewed his venom towards the world like a corrupt small town Texas sheriff who has come to town to lay the law down. The only problem is that this man. Mr. Bush, was not supposed to be talking as if he was the teacher and the world were his pupils, rather he was supposed to speak as one member-state of the United Nations.

During the run-up to the American invasion and occupation of Iraq President Bush arrogantly told the UN that it needed to go with him or lose relevance; he had it backwards. If the UN, which represents nearly every nation in the world, would have went against the desires of the vast majority of the people on Earth, in order to placate the desire of Bush and those around him then the UN would have lost relevance. What happened in Iraq is that the US lost relevance as a leader in the world; not the other way around.

So after Bush has been embarrassed in Iraq and his project has become a miserable failure he has the audacity to come in to the UN and start barking out orders as if he rules the world and that he envisions himself as a modern-day Caesar. Who has appointed him as the ruler of the world?

I am not a fan of the regime in Iran, and this is mainly due to its persecution of the Sunnis; but I am steadfastly opposed to a US attack on Iran because Iran, even with nuclear weapons, poses no threat to the US. If Iran would pose a threat to anyone, it would be Israel, and therefore if that is the case then Israel should deal with its problem as a sobering state and not rely on the US.

The mainstream US media in jingoistic fashion failed to critically examine the speech of Bush, or even turn the critical eye towards America and our role in the world, and ridiculed and talked down to the President of Iran Mahmnoud Ahmedinijad and MSNBC even refused to label President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela as anything other than “ a friend of the Axis of Evil” and I guess under the leadership of Dan Abrams, who was a supporter of the war and someone with neo-con tendencies, MSNBC is going to become Fox Light while Anderson Cooper, who was completely disrespectful towards the President of Iran, is Fox Ultra, and that is why we need independent media in America.

Indy media such as WBAI radio in New York which last night featured the show of Platel Benjamin who said what needs to be said and that is that America is doesn’t want to see nuclear weapons in the hands of non-whites and that if America wants to stop nuclear proliferation then it needs to start destroying some of its nuclear stockpile and not increasing it. Unless Bush is planning on reducing his nuclear arsenal then Iran should tell Bush to go to hell, where he will be when he dies unless he repents anyway along with the rest of the murderous cowards around him.

The speech of Hugo Chavez, that while it may have been a little theatrical and over the top, spoke to these truths, and instead of taking the speech serious the mainstream media attacking as if it were the PR firm for the Bush Administration and those you see what kind of media we really have.

The racist bastard Jack Cafferty even went as far as to see that the President of Iran looked like “ he was there to serve dinner”. I pray to Allah that if there is a war on Iran Cafferty becomes an imbedded correspondent with the first unit of ground forces to hit Tehran, which would be e nice ending for him.

Far from being hateful towards the America people and saying we are all bad, as someone I spoke too today said, Chavez aimed is speech towards the America people and tried to educate us about the threat that is emanating from our soil and is the greatest threat to the world at this time- even greater than the cultural decay of Europe of Islamic radicalism. He even suggested we read a book by Noam Chomsky and today he gave a speech in Harlem to promote his low-cost heating oil to the poor program, which he is looking to expand. Are the Republicans offering low-cost heating oil? Or are they in the back room counting the dough with the CEO’s of the big energy corporations? It was also President Chavez who early on offered help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. So, I will say that Chavez does not hate the America people and he has a message for the American people; we can be more than a nation based on white nationalism and democracy for our own and global domination, we can be a people that are more on the lines of Christ and that is a people based on peace and justice for all.

To show you how off the news can be at time Nightline ran a special on the anti-immigration sentiment in the St. Louis suburb of Valley Park. It failed to mention that VP is a place where the Confederate flag is proudly waived, it is a place known for neo-nazi activity going year back, and it is a place infested with Meth and crime, none of this was mentioned.

Get Wired: The Best Show in American TV History

This show is the best written show in the history of television and is so real and so gritty and so true to its message that many cannot stomach it and retreat to the safer pastures of shows like Weeds (which are yuppie friendly) and the like. The Wire makes you think about things America doesn’t want to think about and doesn’t tell the story of good guys fighting bad guys; rather it paints in shades of grey. The police are not angels, rather as in real life urban America they are racially divided and political minded and underpaid. Black criminals are painted in complexities and the stories of violence and poverty are told better her than anywhere in the history of TV. This season deals with education and children as they become men and women in the 8th grade. I will write on this later.


Say you apologize for calling us violent or we will set your houses of worship ablaze and make you pay in blood.

Say we liberated you, accept the fact of your liberation from the bondage of one of your won and accept the hospitality of the stranger, or fear for you life in Baghdad and Fallujah in the middle of the night.

Say you didn’t mean what you said about our beloved prophet, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, or we will show you his mercy as our blade slices across your throat for the world to see.

Say freedom is on the march in the motherland, and swear allegiance to the great leader chosen by Christ Jesus himself, or face that knock on the door from his private militia and the loss of your privacy.

Say you that it is our faith that reveres women and holds them to the highest level; or will thrust the swords I between our legs into the flesh of the disbelieving woman.

Say I am the way and the truth and there is no other way but me or lose the right to call yourself by the names of your fathers in the home of the brave.

Pope Benedict XVI Angers Muslims Then Apologizes

Earlier this week the Pope said some things that angered Muslims such as hen he quoted Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus who said: “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

A few days later, after Muslims have caused a fuss, the Pope is now apologizing. Now the initial comments were troubling to me, because they were not based in fact, I am even more angered by this false apology. There may be noting that irks me more than this phony apologized made for the sake of political correctness and this is what Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have done in the past. If you mean something then stick by your words and I will respect you; but if you say something and then cannot take the heat I lose my respect.

The fact of the matter is that Islam partially spread by the sword; but the spread of Islam by the sword is minimal compared to the spread of Christianity by force under the Roman Empire. There are large parts of the Muslim Ummah were the sword never touched and the largest part of the Ummah, Indonesia, Malays and the area, never came into contact with any military conquest.

The apology came after pressure; but this comes after a period where Pope John Paul II (a man I admired greatly for his speaking on against the Culture of Death in the West and his defense of the poor), led a period of dialogue between Muslims and Christians. However, this may have blurred the lines; I do not expect Catholics or Muslims to hold the other as theologically correct, and both should publicly proclaim what they believe privately and that is the exclusivity of the correctness of their faith. This is what both believe in private; why not say it in public?

From Bill Maher Last Night;Bill had two good points last night; Muslims are paying more attention to the Pope than Catholics? Bill also said that he favors Latino immigration because he likes Latin chicks, I agree, so maybe we should have unlimited immigration of women from Latin America and restrict male immigration.