A Waleema and Muslim Murder in the Hood

The Ghetto Wedding that I have previoulsy written about had a belated formal wedding celebration ( other than the spaghetti and BBQ chips at the masjid) and the brother hosted a Moroccan BBQ on one day, whcih I coud not make, and an American style event the next day which I did attend.

It was held in the brothers home in a neighorhood that hosts a streetgang called the PLO. Guests were fed BBQ burgers, chcken wings, hot dogs, beans, cole slaw, salad, two cakes and more and I feasted on all.

All of the Muslim brothers, about thirty of us, were crammed in the basement, while the non-Muslim relatives, male and female, mingeld upstairs.

I was having a good time telling stories to a few Muslim brothers I know and hearing their stories as we talked about people we knew in jail, local crime, sports, Moroccan women and the negative attitude black women have towards them and stuff I cannot repeat. A relative of the groom, a pimp from Chicago who had driven down and was dressed like something out of American Pimp came down and I began talking to him about sports and horse racing ( although haram a family tradtion of mine and soemthing I know a lot about) and that is when I noriced someone who had been sitting near to me for a whle but I had not paid attention to.

This is a brother who a few years ago speard some lies and tried to get me killed and he didnt know I knew about it.He had spread rumors about me and a brother told me and I asked him to step outside the masjid and I asked him what was up and told him that if I heard him talking again I was going to whoop his ass. He was very apologetic and humble while I was in his face and denied he had spread the rumor ( which was spread to him by a Salafi thief, liar and criminal) and I thought that was that. Come to find out he left that converstaion and went to another masjid, told the brothers I threatned to kill him, and tried to talk them into taking their guns and not just killing me but to shoot up the masjid that I was going to at the time. The brothers rejected his offer to go and kill me and whoever else was at the masjid and I was infromed of what happned, and so when I saw this guy I didnt know what to say, so I just ignored him; but he got me thinking.

A lot of us who have been around in the community a while know that there are many brothers who go crazy if your thobe and pants are too long, go bezerk if a brother shaves or a sister doesnt cover; but think nothing of killing non-Muslims over ghetto street shit and only pause to think momentarily before killing a Muslim.

There are people who are ready his blog who know what happeend when the Salafis and Jamils people beefed in Philly and who know of the countless such incidents that have happened in places like Brooklyn, Jersey, DC and Philly.

Is this a Salafi problem? No, not exculisevly; these problems in our community predate Salafis in the community and until this day is not limited to Salafis ( the most violent group I can think of is Sufi and do you wanna get me started on the Shia of Maryland?). These are the same brothers, in many cases, that repeat fatawa agaisnt the mujahudeen and speak of the biddah and devaince of those fighting in places like Chechnya. who at elast say theya are fighting for Islam; yet see no problem in killing somone over the smallest little disrespect in America and feel this somehow gives Muslims strength as a community.

This is the attitude that drives people away from the deen. They come to the masjid to get closer to Allah and they are judged by their loyalty to a gang. They speak of dawah but think nothing of driving people not down with their program out of the deen, and that is the state that we live in.


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