Bar Italia and a Ghetto Muslim Wedding

It is a Thursday night in St. Louis and as usual the place to be for the young, hot, horny, and international crowd in St. Louis is Bar Italia in the Central West End. This is the only place in St. Louis where you can see Arabs, Israelis, Africans, Bosnians, Russians, Ethiopians and more partying under one roof. It is a highly sexualized atmosphere with a lot of girls in fashionable and skimpy clothing and guys looking like they are trying out to be extras on the Miami Vice Sequel. When I was enter the building to pick up a friend a Bosnian girl wearing a short skirt bent over to pick up here purse and I saw where the next generation of her countrymen will come from.

Walking in I noticed there was a loud and jovial chant going on and when I looked n what did I see? A group of drunk secular Arabs singing Pro-Hezbollah chants and mocking an Israeli friend of mine. Yes they are busy partying away and getting as much kafir pussy as they can, and drunk as hell; but now all of the sudden they want to do their part for the jihad by fuckin with an Israeli guy at a nightclub. Once they sober up, if they remain so committed to the cause, maybe they go and join he ranks of Hezbollah in Lebanon; but maybe that would interfere with their scheduled clubbin and womanizing.

Of course this incident followed a wedding I attended between an African -American brother and a Moroccan sister (I think Moroccan women have now become compulsory for black Muslim men to marry) where the bride was not present and they had to use my cell phone to call her and get her permission to be married, the brother forgot what the dowry was, and we feasted on BBQ potato chips, spaghetti and cooscoos afterwards. During the reception one brother told me he was trying to flee from his wife and did I know anywhere he could run to, another brother asked me for some change so he could catch the bus, and a kid I had never seen before in my life asked me to buy him a soda. You can’t get more Ghetto Muslim than that.

On British Muslims
Brother Eteraz has addressed the topic of British Muslims at length, as I have done in previous posts. Muslims are fooling ourselves if we do not recognize there is something seriously wrong amongst a sizeable segment of the British Muslim community and no matter what some liberal-minded people may tell you this is not just about foreign policy. You have a group of young Muslims, whose parents fled miserable failed Muslim states, who have become educated and affluent in Britain; but who want to kill their fellow subjects in the most violent of manner. This group may be small’ but there is a much larger group of Muslims in the West that hates the West, never speak favorable towards the West, and who see themselves as living in corrupt societies. Fine, if you feel that way then get the hell out of the West and go back to whatever failed so city you came from, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Or you can continue speaking of the ills of colonialism and of modern British society while living off the taxpayers and enjoying the fruits of the labor of a society you claim to hate so much.


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