Tuesday Election and Words of a frustrated peacenik

I have had a busy day today and didn’t get to write about the elections from Tuesday. I also wanted to have readers focused on the article on sex and promote that discussion. In general things went well yesterday; Ned Lamont defeated Joe Lieberman in Connecticut and hopefully this is the first battle in a war within the Democratic Party that will root out those who stood with Bush on the Iraq War and Lieberman has shown his lack of character by announcing he will run as an independent (maybe if he loses he can start selling used cars). Cynthia McKinney, a true friend of the American-Muslim community, lost in the primary and now we have lost a friend. In St. Louis I am very happy to see Jeff Smith win and I look forward to seeing him in action as a State Senator in MO. I wouild also like to take my hat off to Eddie Hasan, who has established himself as a true pioneer of American-Islam. His daughter, Yaphet el-Amin, may have lost in her State Senate race; but he engineer the victories of Jameelah Nasheed and Talibudin el-Amin and that may be an American first thata slate of Muslims ran with so much competence.

B Poremba Ramblings

“The damage hizbollah is causing to the Palestinian cause is regretable…they are shifting all the attention away from the palestinian issue and provoked a war that will result in the postponing of the second-disengagement plan and the de facto creation of palestinain state.

I hear people saying that this isnt an existential war Israel is fighting but we have an enemy that vows to destroy Israel, cleanse it of jews…jews is what nassrallah has problem with not only israelis (who he refuses to call by name)…

Israel needs to engage Syria and Iran and make this a full war…because Israel is not fighting just against a militia, israel is fighting a commando force that is using guerilla tactics, that is trained in and equipped with arms from the shiite and alewaii entities who again want to see israel annihilated…

Israel cannot fight the war it needs to fight because of world opinion…did Jacque Chirac use proportionality against the student protesters. Was nato bombing of kosovo proportional? Do they expect us to use the same tactics? Hide in our hospitals and apartment building among children and women and conduct our war from there?

It is very important that people understand what a peace agreement in the middle-east is based on and that is a strong Israel…I am a refusnik and spoke against Israeli aggression at every opportunity, lets not be naive and think a weak Israel will be good for world peace.
have no doubt…there are many people in the middle east who would love to see Israel wiped off the map.

Israel needs to engage the syrians and iranians and turn this into a conventional war and go after all the forces of destabilization. The premise of real peace is a strong and deterrent Israeli army and this war has damaged that. israel hasn’t fought using its real capabilities because it isn’t spartan and listens to world opinion and consults int’l lawbooks. but we’re fighting a force that knows this and plays this card. but if conventional armies partake (and the sooner the better) the outcome will have to be the negotiating table where israel can dictate a political settlement.. We have no doubts, we are not dealing with peace-loving people and this is the difference in cultures between Israel and the Arab World. You will hear many voices in Israel who care when Arab civilians are killed, the Arab world is overjoyed at the killings of Israeli civilians. Israel sees the killing of civilians as a failure, the Arabs enjoy it.

The Lebanese Army coming is a blessing for Hizbullah, they will become a unit within the Lebanese Army and gain legitimacy. Israel played by the rules for 6 years and what happened? i ask the great world power France who wants to impose a ceasefire only to give hizbollah more time to reorganize…

The difference between Nasrallah and Haniya, for example, is that at least Haniya refers to Israel by its name, now we are dealing with a person who does not recognize Israel, and who in deed and thought calls for the annihilation of Israel and world Jewry and he speaks in those terms: annihilation. He speaks in clear anti-Semitic terms, him and the holocaust denier from Tehran.

I am pretty sure some people are smiling in Europe, i guess the world needs every century or so to see the Jewish existence threatened. why? well because its easy to and politically effective to blame us for all the world’s problems. but they don’t want us dead, just perpetually dying.

Naasrallah who claims he loves his Arab brethern. He tells the Arabs In Israel to leave their houses, why should they? Why would they? do you know how many Arabs he has killed. He feeds on bloodshed.

Notice I do not blame Islam and Muslims and their culture, I blame the people who are responsible, and true Israel is responsible for creating some of the conditions of the Arabs. Why disrupt the quiet? Because this is an Iranian plot and there goal is to destroy Israel. Nothing can be truer said of the Arab people then they create cultures where instead of protesting against their regimes they raise them to Cesardom and are easy to incite; they insist on the hand that enslaves them. Why don’t they go to the streets when they want changes in the country? How many poor people live in the Arab World?

i hear talk of hizbollah victory. Do you think 1,000 dead Lebanese is victory, damaged roads, complete collapse of infrastructure, and a nation hijacked by soldiers who pledged their vows to a foreign country. Lehud talks as if Hezbullah is fighting a war for Lebanon. maybe for their overtake of lebanon.

What would the Arab World do without Israel?

For some Europeans, this is the excuse that they need to criticize the Jews. They never really liked us, i dont think anyone can contest that.


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