When a 12 Year old Girl is a Sex Object and a Statement on Seattle Shooting

A brother called me yesterday and said he needed to talk to me in a hurry and it was an emergency. Honestly I did not take him serious and thought he was bullshitting, but when I got to his house I found out that he was dead serious. His 12 year old granddaughter has a new fan and he is a 40 year old Indian Muslim who likes to giver her hugs and apparently came up to her wanting to giver her a hug the other day with a big hard-on and tried to rub his hardened curried-kabob on the young girl.

This happened while the brother was out of town and he wanted to discuss the matter with me before anything was done. The girl is a white girl who has just become Muslim (and I guess the brother’s hard-on was like a welcome card or something) and she is a cute little girl, but she is just that, a little girl. My reaction was simple; there is nothing to think about, lets confront him and whoop his ass. The other brother wanted to be more diplomatic and ended up just talking to him.

The point is this; while in America most of us see these young girls as kids there are many from Muslim countries, and many Americans as well, who see these young girls as fresh young sex objects. Therefore, it would be prudent if we can keep our girls away from dangerous situations where they will be alone with brothers. In Islam after a girl reaches puberty she is physically a woman and you have a lot of brothers from Muslim countries who are virgins, have not been laid in years, or are unattacted to their wives and they often have a hard time controlling themselves in the environment with all of this flesh around on the streets.

Reaction to Seattle Shooting

Does this qualify as a condemnation? This is the text of an email I got from a Muslim leader whose name I am withholding;

News reports indicate that a person broke through security at the Jewish Federation headquarters in Seattle and opened fire on July 28. Six persons were shot in the incident, of whom one was fatal. The shooter called 9.11 to turn himself in.
The way the authorities have handled the matter raises doubts about the rights of Muslims in this country. The government, without proper investigation, declared it a hate crime and announced the name of the shooter, Naveed Afzal Haq, and put it out on the media that he is a U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent. The Jewish persons in the target area declared that he had spoken of his anger against the crimes Israel is committing. The authorities took this statement as true and put it out on the media from coast to coast. Then, the authorities announced that security was being enhanced at mosques [correctly masjids] and synagogues.
This is certainly not the lawful way of doing things. All alleged assailants are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Shootings for many reasons are not uncommon in the U.S. It is possible that blatant Jewish-American support for Israel’s slaughter of Lebanese women and children led to the incident. However, there is no proof of such intent and no court hearing has been held.
In the murder of Cosby’s son, the murderer was a Ukrainian Jew. This fact was withheld from the public for a very long time, and even when it was uncovered, it was a quickly covered up again. Evidently, the authorities wanted Black and Jewish communities to be at peace with each other. In the COLUMBINE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, there were indications that one of the shooters was Jewish but this was not made a subject of discussion on TV.
Are Muslims, and Pakistani-Muslims in particular, SECOND CLASS CITIZENS of the U.S. that when a Pakistani is allegedly the shooter, the authorities and the media combine to carry out a publicity campaign? What happens if the unnecessary publicity leads to attacks on mosques [masjids]? Why should a Seattle story be nationally publicized?
Muslims in this country have been treated very harshly. One Pakistani American was sentenced to prison for a NINETY YEARS term because he visited an anti-India camp in Pakistan. It is time for the authorities to realize that this process of oppression is counter-productive. If a person has done something, he ALONE should be tried through due process. The entire Muslim community and Pakistani community should not have to assume its responsibility [like the bootlicker organizations CAIR and MPAC have done] and have to apologize for and condemn the criminal act. How many Jews have we heard apologizing for the slaughter of innocents in Lebanon and Palestine by Jewish Israeli terror group IDF?
We are for the process of law through the accepted norms of this country. We condemn all “trials” carried out through the media with the connivance of the authorities.

Where is the rage over Chechnya, or Congo, or Somalia, or Angola where far more have died than have died in Lebanon?


One thought on “When a 12 Year old Girl is a Sex Object and a Statement on Seattle Shooting

  1. Salam aleikum,Br.Umar,fascinating and frank blog-we need more of these blogs which highlight the issues that affect our Ummah in the West-whether we like to read about them or not.I have encountered this attitude amongst some Muslims before r.e. female children.One brother of my acquaintance stated that he would marry his daughter off as soon as she reaches puberty to save her from fitna/haram.Such behaviour was appropriate in the days of Rasool[saw]when marriage was usedas a means of ensuring protection in times of war,when families were fragmented.rasool[saw]was the best of Muslims-so the girl was not touched until such time as…These days,there is a pool of adult-not pubescent/post-pubescent women looking for husbands,so this is unnecessary.Also,the body may almost be developed,but the mind is still childish.Makes me wonder,this strange and un-islamic attitude. Abang Kretek

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