Few Notes from the Gateway to the West

I have been traveling over the last few days and am in St. Louis right now. Today I was walking in Clayton, the seat of St. Louis County, and saying to myself why is everyone walking so slow and then I remembered where I was. That’s just the way it is in Da Lou; slow-walking, cashiers that take ages, bad parkers, fat women waiting at bus stops, half the people dressing like they get their clothes from the stuff the Goodwill throws away, and the obsession with St. Louis Cardinals baseball fills the air.

Of course there are good things to Da Lou as well and the city is feeling good about itself these days and kind of walking with a swagger because of all of the construction and economic development going on. I got this sense last night as I sat with a group of friends in the Central West End and talked about escorting St. Louis cuisine to New York; toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, Ted Drew’s Frozen Custard, and St. Louis-style pizza.

The ride here on the Greyhound wasn’t that bad. There were no fights on the bus and only a few people were getting high at the bus stops. A Lebanese women sat behind me, who is visiting the US for a month from Beirut ( she was born in Sierra Leone) and an Italian guy from Jersey, who had never heard of Lebanon and asked her of she was “Afghanistanian”, seduced her by the time the bus got to Ohio ( who said guys only settle for dummies).

Two Notes;
For anyone who hasn’t read the piece of Abu Sinan today on white Muslims, a Muslim sports association and the like I encourage you to do so.

I will say it; I am glad that Zidane head- butted that bastard and I am glad that he did not apologize and like he said “I am a man first”. I am just upset he did not kick him in his mouth once he took that phony fall.


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