Black Communities Views on Islam

Tariq Nelson has a piece on his blog questioning if black hostility towards Islam is growing and it is a very good article with some interesting responses. My gut reaction to the question he has posed is to say yes; but that the hostility towards Muslims from blacks is still much less than that of whites and this is for a few main reasons;

-There is a fairly large African-American Muslim population and this means that some Muslims will have influence in the black community. In the State of Missouri for example you have an African-American Muslim woman named Yaphet el-Amin who is a State Representative now running for State Senate. She was elected by a district that is overwhelmingly black and Christian and I do not think she would have been elected by white voters.

– African-Americans often identify with the underdog and those opposing America. Since 9-11 I have had a number of non-Muslim African-Americans come up to me and tell me that they admire Usama bin Laden. In the words of a man I met in Southeast DC UBL is a “bad muthafucka”. I black co-worker of mine came to work elated at the Hamas victory in Palestinian elections. Many African-Americans fully identify themselves as Americans, and many do not, and those who do not more than likely have a positive feeling towards Muslims abroad. I can remember Onion Horton, a popular black talk-show host in St. Louis, who is an atheist, praising Ayatollah Khomeini because he agreed with him that America is the Great Satatn. The vast majority of Americans, outside of the far-left and the far white-right, unanimously look at international Islam as something that makes them uneasy at a minimum and something to destroy at the far end.

– The “others” issue. American-Muslims, being a part of “the others” in America are looked at with sympathy or solidarity by many black people who see American-Muslims as a people that are being wronged by the white man. African-American leaders and American-Muslim leaders, who pre 9-11 cared very little for one another, now are making common cause.

Then there is the flip side of the coin,

– The black church, with a lot of funding from white Evangelical organizations, has taken off the gloves in their attack on Muslims after having lost some of the brightest young African-American Muslim men to the Masjid for decades. The black church sees Islam as a threat and now they feel they must actively confront this threat.

– Immigrant Muslims, particularly Arabs, can be found in black neighborhoods throughout the US operating bodegas (selling beer, lottery tickets and pork), liquor stores, and other bushiness catering to the black community. They are seen as outside forces who come in and make money in the day and take the money out of the community at night and do not respect the people. THey are called by many blacks “the new Jews”.

Then there is the issue of the crime, fraud and bad behavior coming out of many of these stores. For decades these stores have been known as a place to get bad meat, stolen goods and any other ill item for sell. You can often find neighborhood drug-dealers standing outside the store selling drugs as the owners turn a blind eye. The owners and workers are often engaging in food stamp fraud and other crimes and it gets worse. In St. Louis a Yemeni black beauty supply store owner was arrested for trading his merchandise for sexual favors from young girls (he was caught on tape) and this is nothing new. There was a Lebanese Muslim pimp operating out of one store years ago who kept a couch in the basement that he would rent out for young teenagers looking for a place to have sex ( and he often made the girls service him first). It has also been common practice over the years that storeowners will trade oral sex from black women (and Latinas in NYC) for meat and groceries. Needless to say they are not good ambassadors for Islam and when people who look and pray like them want to start a masjid in the neighborhood, and those are the only Muslims the neighborhood knows, the neighbors will not be happy.

Muslim Future of Europe
I do not have time to respond to this, but I agree with the writer of this article in all ways but one; I am happy about the prospect of a Muslim Europe. If Europeans do not want to have children and work hard then they will die off and a vibrant people will be willing to take their place. European cultural decadence and feminism is leading to the end of Europe, it is more destructive than the armies of Hitler and Stalin combined, and if Muslims do not fall prey to the same cultural decadence that is killing Europe than Islam will inherit Europe.

Superman No Longer an American?
I am kind of upset that Superman no longer stands for “truth, justice and the American way” and we now have some PC Superman that is fit for a global audience. Maybe in the next Superman flick he wont be able to fight the bad guys without a UN Resolution.

Mexican Vote Fraud Allegations; Gore V. Bush on Steroids?
This is some interesting information about the vote fraud allegations in the Mexican elections. This is something we should keep an eye on; because it could spill across the border.


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