The White Masjid of the Future

An African-American Muslim brother recently told me that Islam would be a true success in America when we have mostly white masjids in cities throughout America like we have predominantly African-American masjids in every sizeable American city (and several in many). The brother constructed a vision of the white masjid in his mind as being one in the suburbs with a golf course and akin to a megachurch and I have a different vision. Given the demographics of the white people who come to Islam and those descendants of immigrant Muslims who mix with white Muslims I see the white masjid as being an urban masjid more like a Reformed Jewish Synagogue or an Episcopalian Church. So here is my vision,

-The Imam has a degree from al-Azhar and an English Litterateur Degree from a liberal arts college and you can still see the whole in his ear from where the ring was. In his khutbah he often references things such as butterflies, rainbows and waterfalls and kind of sounds like Garrison Keeler.

-Jummahu and prayers start on time and anyone late will miss out and once the building reaches its capacity, as set by the fire marshals, no one will be allowed to enter by the sisters guarding the door. Carpooling to the masjid will be encouraged and there will be bike paths leading to the masjid.

-Low-fat and low-calorie Ramadan iftar dinners will be served. You will be able to sign up for an Atkins compliant, South Beach compliant, and veggie compliant dish.

-Fundraisers will include bake sales, craft shows, and canoe trips.

-The imam will be an employee of the female dominated shura.

-The masjid will have sports teams for the youth but they will all be non-contact and low-risk sports and helmets and padding will be required for bike riding on masjid premises.

-The masjid will be a public polling place for elections.

-The masjid will host community events such as neighborhood association meetings, Red Cross events, fundraisers, interfaith events and self-help seminars.
-There will be a Muslim therapist on staff.


2 thoughts on “The White Masjid of the Future

  1. It’s a nice vision. I’ve noticed it sometimes takes a while for converts to feel at home, since they suddenly are in a community full of Desi uncles/aunties and their American upbringing makes them stand out. It’s the case with a lot of immigrant Muslim communities, Arab, Afghani, etc.

    I’m starting to see these ideas you mentioned at some masajid in New York (and I find it a personal comfort), and I can only imagine it picking up in pace, though it seems mainly in upper-class areas.

  2. Salaams,

    Wow! I can only wonder what you would have thought of Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, if you had met him. He certainly would have been considered effeminate by today’s standards. He cried all the time, and Sayyidatuna Aishah, may Allah be pleased with her, didn’t want him to lead the prayer, when the Prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, asked her to go get him.

    Maybe you need a therapist.

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