Responding to Extremism, Taylor and DR. Paul, and Tough Karl Rove

A lot of people have told me over the last few days that I should have just let Suhaib Jobst be and we should just leave people like that alone and I can respect that opinion but I take a different one. It is important that we as Muslims stand on the frontlines in condemning extremism in our own community. This is not done to appease some non-Muslims who are never going to be appeased no matter what you do; but to encourage what is good and forbid the evil as we are commanded. This also must be done so that the youth will not be led astray by the likes of Jobst and others. If the likes of Jobst, others in America, and the legions of Muslim lunatics in Britain, are followed the youth will be thrown into destruction by going to killing people, being killed and going to prison. Many Muslim families have already been destroyed because of things of this nature and it is important that when we have a chance that we confront this. Not talking about it will not make the problem go away.

Liberia Documentary and DR. KA Paul
For those of you who have not had the opportunity to see the documentary film Liberia: An Uncivil War I highly recommend it. It shows frontline, of there are lines, footage of the fighting in Liberia which includes acts of looting, torture and cannibalism. The film also addresses the historic kinship between Liberians and Americans and the process that led to then President Charles Taylor leaving the country for Nigeria where he was arrested this year to stand trial for crimes against humanity. The US prosecutor handling the case said that Taylor had links to al-Qadea , Hamas and Hezbollah and there is very little evidence to support that although it is well known that Arabs are prominent in the illegal West African diamond industry and that they sell their diamonds to Jewish diamond dealers more often than not. What the American prosecutor did not mention, perhaps for political reasons, is that the biggest supporters for the born-again Taylor is the Christian-right in America and most notably Pat Robertson who was intimately connected to Taylor. As Taylor left the county he was accompanied by DR. KA Paul an India Christian minister who is said to be the “Billy Graham of Africa” and who is featured regularly on American Evangelical programming. I first came to know Paul when he was bilking Evander Holyfield out of money and campaigned to have Holyfields boxing license reinstated after Chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission Ron Scott Stevens revoked his license after a humiliating defeat to Larry Donald. How a man of the cloth could put the life on the boxing legend on the line by prolonging his career is unconscionable. This story from the Dallas Observer sheds some light on Paul.

Karl Rove Talking Tough
Karl Rove is talking tough on Iraq, big deal! He is talking tough just like David Brooks, William Kristal, Richard Perle, Rich Lowry and the rest of these guys; but can you imagine any of them actually fighting? I mean not even in the military but could you picture any of these guys in a fistfight? Can you think of any group of men that is softer? At least Kerry can windsurf, Rove and Lowry are too soft to play even a wimpy sport like lacrosse. Could you imagine them walking the streets of New York or DC late at night, much less Baghdad or Tikrit? Then again maybe these guys could have been in the army choir or something.

PS You Have to Play D
For all the English football fans; what a poor way to end that match. Talk about giving a win away.


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