Tariq Nelson on Slogansim, World Cup, and Hopkins

Tariq Nelson Piece on Muslim Slogansim
This is a must read for all of your Muslims out there as Tariq lays paints the mentality of many Muslims who ignore our problems and resort to sloganism. The comments section to the post contains some back and forth discussion about the issue of khilifah that many will find informative. One of the stories that Tariq relates in his post is the tale of a poor American-Muslim he knew who planned to make hijrah to Bangladesh with no money and no job skills and every thing would be OK because the Muslims would take care of him. I knew a brother like this a few years ago who took his two children to live in the mountains of Yemen but didn’t even have twenty dollars on him when he got there. Like the brother Tariq knew, this brother was depending on the generosity of Muslims but these brothers seemed to not get the memo that these are two very poor and backwards countries that cant even take care of their own citizens.

World Cup Starts
I watched both games to do and being that there are a lot of Polish and Ecuadorians in my neighborhood it was the game that everyone was talking about in the street and at the shops and lets just say there are a lot of mad and drunk Polish guys roaming the streets and a lot of horn-honking and flag-waving by the Ecuaz. I notices that in Germanys win over Costa Rica, in Germany, the crowd was pretty tame and not like you are used to seeing. Are Germans still ashamed of showing national pride? Are football matches the only time Europeans get to express national pride?

Hopkins KO and Hopkins-Tarver
While on sports I saw a classic knockout on ESPN2 the other night when Demetrius Hopkins knocked Michael Warrick out cold in the 9th with a beautiful right-hand. I was rooting for Warrick, who was winning, because we had hung out together a few years ago when he was fighting in New York. The uncle of Demetrius, Bernard Hopkins, will be fighting Antonio Tarver Saturday in Atlantic City and as always will have the Muslim brothers from North Philly in his corner. I like Nard, UD-12.


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