American Auto Workers Hurting

My father and grandfather both worked in the auto industry so the American auto industry has always been close to my heart and to this day and because of this I will only by an American-made UAW-made vehicle.

The UAW was always on the frontlines for the struggles of American workers and the advances that they won through blood, sweat and tears helped to benefit all American-workers. Many Americans today, who are ignorant of history, say that they hate unions but they enjoy their weekends, time and a half overtime pay, and the like which would never have existed without the labor movement.

Because Americans do not want to buy American cars (David Brooks says Bobos only buy cars made in nations with foreign policies hostile to the United States), and Detroit hasn’t been making many cars that anyone wants to buy even if they want to buy American, the American auto industry is in trouble.

As usual when the industry is in trouble it is not the executives and middle-management who will suffer for their bad business decisions. No, it is the workers who will be made to suffer as we are seeing at Delphi, and this is just the beginning. American workers are being laid-off by the thousands and their jobs are moving to Mexico, where workers are paid two-dollars an hour with no benefits, and to China where workers are being paid on-dollar an hour. No pesky unions to worry about in Mexico or China and if a worker asks for rights he is fired and if he asks to loudly he may come up missing.

In the spirit of its new “global strategy” my grandfather, a retired pipefitter for General Motors is looking at the possibility of his wife of 60 years being thrown off of health insurance. Of course for anyone to raise these concerns, or speak of the interest of the American worker, is someone who is backwards and outdated if we listen to the Tom Friedman crowd.

Alhamdudilah I can report that we have a Muslim UAW Committeeman in St. Louis for the Daimler-Chrysler local and he is fighting the good fight.


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