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A Death

It is usually never a good thing when you get a telephone call at five in the morning. So when the phone rang at that time and I started to answer the phone my wife instructed me not to answer … Continue reading

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Night at the Hospital

I hate hospitals and going to them for any reason but yesterday I was encouraged to do so by a few different people. I knew I had a hernia and I could see and feel the bulge (or whatever it … Continue reading

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The White Masjid of the Future

An African-American Muslim brother recently told me that Islam would be a true success in America when we have mostly white masjids in cities throughout America like we have predominantly African-American masjids in every sizeable American city (and several in … Continue reading

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Responding to Extremism, Taylor and DR. Paul, and Tough Karl Rove

A lot of people have told me over the last few days that I should have just let Suhaib Jobst be and we should just leave people like that alone and I can respect that opinion but I take a … Continue reading

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Al-Maghrib, Alshareef and Depression

Over the weekend I was able to attend some ( but not all) of the class on Rizq Management taught by Muhammad alshareef of the Al-Maghrib Institute. Alshareef and al-Maghrib represent a new generation of Islamic dawah in America. He … Continue reading

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Religous Policeman on Saudi Racism

I am linking to an excellent piece from an excellent blog about the mistreatment of workers and racism in Saudi Arabia and this is from 10-05. Because the brother is so thorough on the topic and lives in Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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Night at the Fights

Madison Square Garden is known as the Mecca of Boxing. This title does not come from the modern era but from the decades between the thirties and eighties when it was the home to regular shows to sellout crowds featuring … Continue reading

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