Taheri and State-Sponsored Terror, Afghan Murder, and The Prof. and the Mail Order Bride

Only a few days after spreading the lie that Iran was about to mandate holocaust style clothing for Iranian-Jews (one of the words most historical Jewish communities) Amir Taheri gives his two cents on how to deal with the Iraqi insurgency in the Monday edition of the New York Post.
He gives two examples of dealing with an insurgency and offers both of them as good models; and those are the Malaya model from the British in the 1950’s and the Algerian model in the 1990’s. Being that most American readers cannot find Algeria on a map, or may have never even heard of it, this position went right over the heads of most American readers.

In 1991, after the Front for Islamic Salvation, which is a moderate Muslim group, was posed to win the elections the Algerian military, with the encouragement of France and the United States, took over the government and cancelled the elections. What followed was a brutal civil-war in the 90’s were at least 80,000 died. Many of these atrocities were carried out by small Islamic groups not affiliated with FIS against supporters of the government and innocents; but it has been well documented that the government security services launched many attacks with knives, meat cleavers, and axes against religious villages and neighborhoods were the entire neighborhoods were slaughtered.

Is this what Taheri suggests? Mass murder with crude instruments of war by men wearing fake-beards in Iraq?

Afghan Murder in the Bronx and Problems of Reverse-Hijrah

Rehmatullah Azeezullah, an Afghan man who owned a fried chicken joint, was killed outside of his store in the Bronx over the weekend in a chemical attack. Apparently the man had been feuding with his wife, daughter, and son and he said they were too “Americanized”. He moved out from the family and threatened to marry a second-wife and this infuriated the family and last year his son was arrested for punching him (two very American things).

No surprise here but the family is the main suspect and apparently whoever killed him wasn’t too Americanized. Throwing a chemical on someone to kill them is definitely not an American thing to do and it is a very Asian thing to do. The good ole fashion American way is you bust a cap in their ass or maybe put some steel up in them. If it’s a chemical attack in the Bronx the first place the cops will be looking for is the family or the local Afghanis and Bengalis.

If you do not want your family to be too Americanized, or of you simply do not want your family to be polluted by the cesspool of modern Western culture then it is a good idea that you keep them back home. If you take them to America, and make reverse-hijrah, you get what you bargained for.

Freind at His Job Encounters Racist Jerk
A good friend of mine, who is Puerto Rican and Turkish, recently was verbally harassed by a college professor on a campus parking lot after trying to write him a ticket for parking illegally. The professor yelled out “ do you know who I am” and the wife, with a Russian accent chimed in “ he is very important man”. He went on to say “ you fuckin illegal immigrant let me see your documentation, do you have a right to be in this country? What is your name?”

After my friend told him his name the guy went into a tirade of anti-Hispanic comments and my friend said “ I am legal, and if you are a professor, who is the deen of your school, Hitler? “ This infuriated the professor who said he would have the guy fired and the wife also kept chiming in and my friend said “ by the way I am also a Muslim and if your wife needs help learning English I can teach her” which caused her to yell “ I speak English very good”. Of course I would have used a better line like “ how much did that mail-order bride cost you, I think I may wanna buy her sister? “.


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