The Islamist Democratic Movement, the US, and Children of Bloodsuckers

My wife’s grandfather, in Spanish, used to tell her that the problem the US has is that it can’t keep its nose out of other peoples business. Then you have my grandfather, who is a World War II veteran of the 1st Marine Division and fought in Okinawa (the bloodiest battle of the war for Americans), amongst other places, tell me the same thing repeatedly, but in English.

Given the fact that we have a global economy it is natural that all nations in these times will take an interest in the affairs of other nations. However, it is America who feels that it should be kingmaker, bestower of democracy and the giver and remover of a freedom across the globe. Under the US logic; good governments are not those who serve their people well, good governments serve US interests well.

During the Cold War we saw the US target, take down, and even kill leaders it saw as too willing to level the playing field and help their own countrymen because that was seen as close to communism. Once I had a conversation with the son of a politician from Sierra Leone and he told me that “during the Cold War the US sought to support anyone who openly said he didn’t want to do anything to help the people and was a crook, at least he wasn’t a communist”.

In today’s world, in the Muslim context, the US is opposing the Islamic movement (even before Bush) no matter where it may be found regardless of the will of the people. If the people want Islamic governance that is irrelevant to US policy masters. We saw this in Iran in the late 1970’s, in Algeria in 1991 and today in Palestine. The US says it supports democracy; but when the wrong guys win the support ends.

Not only does support for democracy end when such a thing occurs; but the US immediately throws its lot in with whatever people are opposing the Islamic Movement. This is nothing new of course; when the murderous Cuban regime fell all of the bloodsuckers and criminals fled to Miami where the Cuban mafia is alive and thriving today and the same happened when the murderous regime of the Sha fell. So when you see Cubans or Iranians in America; a big percentage of them are those from corrupt families who escaped before justice could be done and they yearn for the return of crony capitalism.

Fast forward to Iraq and we saw the US Administration, which had been duped by the slick used car salesmen neo-cons, throw its support behind every crank, goofball, and crook who opposed Saddam Hussein and we all see where that led. Saddam only committed one crime against America, although he committed many against his own people, he committed the crime of disobedience, and that is why he was targeted; the US could not trust a leader in that region who is disobedient to US interests and we have seen this before with King Faisal, Iran and others.

Now looking at Iran the US, the worlds biggest owner of nuclear weapons, is telling Iran they cannot even possess one nuclear weapon when Israel, Indian and Pakistan all have the weapons. The Sick Man, which is Europe (a sick and dying continent whose only savior is Muslim immigrants), is also in on the Iran act; but someone needs to tell them Colonialism is over.

So what do we see now? We see a US, contrary to what Bush says, that is steadfastly opposed to the form the democratic movement is taking in the Muslim World, which is an Islamist form, and they will support any crook from Hosni Mubarak to the Moroccan King to stop it, and when the US loses, the children of all the bloodsuckers of all those societies will be found riding around Virginia and Manhattan in SUV’s with their own slots on panel discussions at the American Enterprise Institute next to Ms. Ayaan.


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