Story of a 12 Year Old Girl

The other day on the way to work I was reading the New York Post and it showed the picture of the face of a young 12 year old girl who had been missing from the Alphabet City section of Manhattan for a day or two. All I could see was her face, but I saw that she was wearing some of those shaded glasses that are supposed to make women look sexy and are popular in the black and Latin community in New York.

Without knowing any info more than that, I was wondering why this little girl was trying to look sexy. The next sentence told me to look for the tattoo on her left wrist that said “Nikki”. It was mentioned matter of factly but the question I had is what the hell does a 12 year old need a tattoo for and did her mother authorize it?

Fast forward to Saturday and Post writer Murray Weiss has a little more on the story and they show a larger photo which basically shows the 12 year old dressed like a clubbin girl or an eighties hooker. The tattoo of Nicki is apparently her mothers girlfriend, whom the girl is possibly lovers with and has ran off with. The writer said this is a “gay angle”, also pointed to the fact that the girl had a gay-pride pendant, but it is also a child-abuse, child-sex, and criminal neglect element that was not mentioned.

Neighbors label the girl, Amanda Dent, as a troublemaker known for staring fights, and say “she dates both boys and girls”. Again, this was mentioned matter of factly, as if 12 year olds are supposed to have dating lives like a Sex in the City star. We also learn that the girl often spends all night in a park in Alphabet City listening to punk music (although she appears in clothing more associated with hip-hop and appears to be either a light-skinned African-American or Latina).

What we should be talking about right now is where is ACS and why has the mother not been arrested? If there was ever a case of contributing to the delinquency of a child and neglect it is this one yet why not go after the mother? Afraid to upset the Oprah crowd?

The story also illustrates that no one wants to make a judgment call anymore and say that certain things just are not right.

Once the girl is found I suggest the first thing that needs to be done is to give her an HIV and STD test and I would also be curious to find out what her level of reading skills and school attendance is, I have a good guess.


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