Bad Chinese Halal, A Drunk Irishman, and Sheikh Muhammad Nur

So I begin the day hungry because I had felt sick the day before and wanted to get a bite to eat. The day before I had fell ill and didn’t eat so I was ready to eat and wanted to check out my local Halal Chinese joint.

These Halal Chinese places have proliferated all thorough Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey over the last few years and it seems that almost every neighborhood has one and they not only cater to the Muslim community but to the community-at-large. Most of the places, and I have been to several, are quite good, and I was expecting the same from the one in my new neighborhood.

Well, lets just say I was disappointed, the place had a bunch of young employees who sat around chatting loudly while I was waiting to be served, and I had to raise my voice to even get a waitress at the “halal” place who was dressed in revealing clothing with a picture of Mecca in the background. I ordered General Tso Chicken, which is what I normally order at Chinese places and it was the worst Chinese food I had ever had and asked them had it been cooked properly. Now, I have never tasted dog poop, but in my mind it would taste something like this food, which left me feeling sick the whole day.

Next it was time to visit a new Masjid I found on Islamicfinder that is close to my home. When I get there it is a medical building mostly made up of Romanian health professionals who told me there used to be a Masjid there. As I was leaving the building a guy told me that there was a mosque and Muslim school down the street and I went there only to found out it was a Shia mosque and school. After stopping in the bookstore and looking over the books they were selling in the Masjid I decided I wasn’t praying there and left.

I end up back on Grand Street and while waiting on the bus a drunk Irish guy is passed out on the sidewalk and two cops are trying to get him to say where he lives and he cannot answer but will only point to Connolly’s Pub. A group of Italian guys were standing on watching and joking and the cops asks the drunk guys, who is well-dressed, does he know anyone in the crowd who can take him home, and out of all of the people he points to me and says “ that’s my nephew”! At which point the bus came and I ran on it as fast as I can; I got enough problems without worrying about getting a drunk home. While on the bus I saw an ambulance (aka/ an Irish pub taxi) coming to pick him up

It was on the bus that I found out that some political forces in the Islamic Foundation of St. Louis and the Dar al Islam Masjid in St. Louis have pushed out Sheikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah, a true pioneer of American-Islam, from his position as Imam. This is not good news for anyone, and we need wise and committed leadership like that of Sheikh Nur at this time. It is a shame that our Masjids are plagued by so much political infighting at a time when the enemies of Islam are circling the community like bloodthirsty vultures.


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