Dead Mans Shoes
Right now I am angry because I just lost my post somehow, I guess I hit the wrong button or something so I will just provide the links of what I wrote about. Last night I saw Dead Mans Shoes, a very violent British film, that I enjoyed, about a an ex-British soldier who returns to his North English town to take revenge on those who humiliated and killed his mentally-challenged younger brother. It is worth seeing and done very well with humor mixed in with the violence.

New York Shock-Jock Arrested for threatening Child of Rival DJ
I had a lot to write about this, but I will link to the stories of Star, of the Star and Buck Wild morning show being arrested after threatening to molest the four-year old daughter of a rival DJ. This is the latest of many sick episodes involving the two New York hip-hop giants Hot 97 and 105.1. They are the public airwaves right? Then we need to start pulling licensees.

Dick Cheney
It seems as if Deadeye Dick was behind much of the domestic surveillance plan and that he pushed the expansion of phone and email taps without warrants as part of a Saddamesque “strong and robust authority” of the president.

New Stadiums
One of my favorite writers, Bill McClellan of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has written a good piece on new sports stadiums and who they cater to.


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