Sands, Bobo Kids, Three Muslims They Love, Blacks and Latinos

Bobby Sands
Today people in Ireland and throughout the Irish Diaspora are commemorating the martyrdom of Bobby Sands and the other nine Blanketmen. Hopefully today as we are gorging down our drinks and meals we will remember that he went 66 days without food before a slow and painful death for a cause that he believed in; do we have that kind of commitment?

Globalization Kids
I know the book is kind of old and outdated, but I read The Lexus and The Olive Tree by Tom Friedam, even though I am not a big fan of his and absolutely do not consider him any kind of expert on the Middle East or Muslims. After reading the book I had to think of the new Bobos, yuppies, urban hipsters, whatever the hell you wanna call them, as “Globalization Kids”; because after all they are in the high-priced restaurants being served Thai, Persian, and Indian food by low-wage workers from the Global South. And who are they replacing in these urban neighborhoods? Union-workers, the working-class, the religious and the poor; people who, for the most part, are getting hit up the back with no Vaseline by globalization. Ironically, many of these Globalization Kids vote for politicians who are hostile to globalization and many of the displaced workers are now turning to the GOP, fan number one of globalization.

The Three Favorite Muslims in the West
Who are the three favorite Muslims in the West? Salman Rushdie, Irshad Manji, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and what do all three of these people have in common; they are all three apostates who are not even Muslims! So the message from the Western media is this; a good Muslim is an ex-Muslim. This is not takfir, for you Muslims, all three have openly professed, repeatedly, their disbelief Islam, and Islam is not Judaism, where anyone born to a Jewish woman remains a Jew no matter what, Islam is based on belief and not birth and they have zero credibility in the Muslim ummah.

Blacks and Latino Immigrants
Tariq Nelson has written a great piece on the concept of “replacing blacks with Latinos”. No matter what some bourgeois African-American and Latino leaders are saying, who are trying to form an alliance for political gain, there are serious problems between, in particular the Mexican-American community, and African-Americans, and the violence of the last couple of years in Los Angeles between the two groups could spread.

All we need to do is to look to New Orleans, where union benefits and a prevailing wage that had been fought for and paid for with blood, was signed away by Bush in an executive order and opened the door for undocumented workers and who was hurt worse; black men.

There are many reasons for this, including the cultural anarchy and behavioral problems in the black community, but it is an issue that needs to be looked at. We need immigration, and should repect our immigrants, and I am for a one-time amnesty, but they should not be used to bring back the Herbert Hoover days for workers.


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