Story of a Black Qatari

A friend of mine recently almost came to blows at his job with a co-worker from Qatar. The Qatari man was upset and wanting to fight because my feind, who is Puerto Rican, told him that he is African. The Qatari man, who is dark-skinned and about the color of say Barry Bonds with kinky hair, was livid that anyone would suggest that his roots are not Arab and they are African and wanted to fight my friend whom he told ” you are really a Mexican and you just want to be black that’s why you say you are Boricua.”

For a black man to deny his roots are from Africa is no different than George Bush or Denny Hastert denying their roots are from Europe ( which they would never do). This speaks to the fact that many black people have a negative image of Africa and blackness in their mind and I will give a few examples.

In middle school I once sat in a classroom full of kids, and it was a mostly black class, and the teacher asked us all to give our roots to the class and say where our ancestors came from and all of the black kids, except one, said they were Native American. Now in America it is common for a lot of people, black and white, to lie about some Indian grandma no one has ever seen, but when you have a room full of black kids say they are not African there is a problem.

Warith-deen Muhammad used to say that Fard Muhammad, when he brought up the concept of the “Asiatic Black Man” or the “Afro-Asiatic Black Man” he was doing this because he knew black people had a bad image of Africa. Indeed when I was a kid I saw many fights between black kids over being called some kind of “African booty-scratcher” or something of the like.

My next encounter with this was when the Somali immigrants began arriving in America in the 1990’s and I would talk to them and they would not only tell me they were not African and Somalia is not a part of Africa; but that they are not black. Of course this is rubbish; they may not be black in Africa but in the US they are right next to Leroy, Bubba and Skillet ( for those who get that).

Black Africans have been brought to the Arabian Peninsula for centuries as slaves and now they are free and most of them, in some places all of them; have become completely Arabized and they now can call the Arab culture there own since it is all they have ever known similar to the African-American; but their roots are still in Africa

Taheri and State-Sponsored Terror, Afghan Murder, and The Prof. and the Mail Order Bride

Only a few days after spreading the lie that Iran was about to mandate holocaust style clothing for Iranian-Jews (one of the words most historical Jewish communities) Amir Taheri gives his two cents on how to deal with the Iraqi insurgency in the Monday edition of the New York Post.
He gives two examples of dealing with an insurgency and offers both of them as good models; and those are the Malaya model from the British in the 1950’s and the Algerian model in the 1990’s. Being that most American readers cannot find Algeria on a map, or may have never even heard of it, this position went right over the heads of most American readers.

In 1991, after the Front for Islamic Salvation, which is a moderate Muslim group, was posed to win the elections the Algerian military, with the encouragement of France and the United States, took over the government and cancelled the elections. What followed was a brutal civil-war in the 90’s were at least 80,000 died. Many of these atrocities were carried out by small Islamic groups not affiliated with FIS against supporters of the government and innocents; but it has been well documented that the government security services launched many attacks with knives, meat cleavers, and axes against religious villages and neighborhoods were the entire neighborhoods were slaughtered.

Is this what Taheri suggests? Mass murder with crude instruments of war by men wearing fake-beards in Iraq?

Afghan Murder in the Bronx and Problems of Reverse-Hijrah

Rehmatullah Azeezullah, an Afghan man who owned a fried chicken joint, was killed outside of his store in the Bronx over the weekend in a chemical attack. Apparently the man had been feuding with his wife, daughter, and son and he said they were too “Americanized”. He moved out from the family and threatened to marry a second-wife and this infuriated the family and last year his son was arrested for punching him (two very American things).

No surprise here but the family is the main suspect and apparently whoever killed him wasn’t too Americanized. Throwing a chemical on someone to kill them is definitely not an American thing to do and it is a very Asian thing to do. The good ole fashion American way is you bust a cap in their ass or maybe put some steel up in them. If it’s a chemical attack in the Bronx the first place the cops will be looking for is the family or the local Afghanis and Bengalis.

If you do not want your family to be too Americanized, or of you simply do not want your family to be polluted by the cesspool of modern Western culture then it is a good idea that you keep them back home. If you take them to America, and make reverse-hijrah, you get what you bargained for.

Freind at His Job Encounters Racist Jerk
A good friend of mine, who is Puerto Rican and Turkish, recently was verbally harassed by a college professor on a campus parking lot after trying to write him a ticket for parking illegally. The professor yelled out “ do you know who I am” and the wife, with a Russian accent chimed in “ he is very important man”. He went on to say “ you fuckin illegal immigrant let me see your documentation, do you have a right to be in this country? What is your name?”

After my friend told him his name the guy went into a tirade of anti-Hispanic comments and my friend said “ I am legal, and if you are a professor, who is the deen of your school, Hitler? “ This infuriated the professor who said he would have the guy fired and the wife also kept chiming in and my friend said “ by the way I am also a Muslim and if your wife needs help learning English I can teach her” which caused her to yell “ I speak English very good”. Of course I would have used a better line like “ how much did that mail-order bride cost you, I think I may wanna buy her sister? “.

Two things to read. Brother Yusuf Smith has posted all the links to the debunking of Amir Taheri’s “yellow star for Iraninan Jews” claim and at the Atlantic Monthly Milton Viorst writes about the Ali al-Timimi he knew as a child. Please, brothers and sisters, make duha for Sheikh Ali, if you are concenred with justice, Muslim or non-Muslim, you have to be concerned with the case of Sheikh Ali which is one of the biggest injustices in the history of America.

The Islamist Democratic Movement, the US, and Children of Bloodsuckers

My wife’s grandfather, in Spanish, used to tell her that the problem the US has is that it can’t keep its nose out of other peoples business. Then you have my grandfather, who is a World War II veteran of the 1st Marine Division and fought in Okinawa (the bloodiest battle of the war for Americans), amongst other places, tell me the same thing repeatedly, but in English.

Given the fact that we have a global economy it is natural that all nations in these times will take an interest in the affairs of other nations. However, it is America who feels that it should be kingmaker, bestower of democracy and the giver and remover of a freedom across the globe. Under the US logic; good governments are not those who serve their people well, good governments serve US interests well.

During the Cold War we saw the US target, take down, and even kill leaders it saw as too willing to level the playing field and help their own countrymen because that was seen as close to communism. Once I had a conversation with the son of a politician from Sierra Leone and he told me that “during the Cold War the US sought to support anyone who openly said he didn’t want to do anything to help the people and was a crook, at least he wasn’t a communist”.

In today’s world, in the Muslim context, the US is opposing the Islamic movement (even before Bush) no matter where it may be found regardless of the will of the people. If the people want Islamic governance that is irrelevant to US policy masters. We saw this in Iran in the late 1970’s, in Algeria in 1991 and today in Palestine. The US says it supports democracy; but when the wrong guys win the support ends.

Not only does support for democracy end when such a thing occurs; but the US immediately throws its lot in with whatever people are opposing the Islamic Movement. This is nothing new of course; when the murderous Cuban regime fell all of the bloodsuckers and criminals fled to Miami where the Cuban mafia is alive and thriving today and the same happened when the murderous regime of the Sha fell. So when you see Cubans or Iranians in America; a big percentage of them are those from corrupt families who escaped before justice could be done and they yearn for the return of crony capitalism.

Fast forward to Iraq and we saw the US Administration, which had been duped by the slick used car salesmen neo-cons, throw its support behind every crank, goofball, and crook who opposed Saddam Hussein and we all see where that led. Saddam only committed one crime against America, although he committed many against his own people, he committed the crime of disobedience, and that is why he was targeted; the US could not trust a leader in that region who is disobedient to US interests and we have seen this before with King Faisal, Iran and others.

Now looking at Iran the US, the worlds biggest owner of nuclear weapons, is telling Iran they cannot even possess one nuclear weapon when Israel, Indian and Pakistan all have the weapons. The Sick Man, which is Europe (a sick and dying continent whose only savior is Muslim immigrants), is also in on the Iran act; but someone needs to tell them Colonialism is over.

So what do we see now? We see a US, contrary to what Bush says, that is steadfastly opposed to the form the democratic movement is taking in the Muslim World, which is an Islamist form, and they will support any crook from Hosni Mubarak to the Moroccan King to stop it, and when the US loses, the children of all the bloodsuckers of all those societies will be found riding around Virginia and Manhattan in SUV’s with their own slots on panel discussions at the American Enterprise Institute next to Ms. Ayaan.

Bad Chinese Halal, A Drunk Irishman, and Sheikh Muhammad Nur

So I begin the day hungry because I had felt sick the day before and wanted to get a bite to eat. The day before I had fell ill and didn’t eat so I was ready to eat and wanted to check out my local Halal Chinese joint.

These Halal Chinese places have proliferated all thorough Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey over the last few years and it seems that almost every neighborhood has one and they not only cater to the Muslim community but to the community-at-large. Most of the places, and I have been to several, are quite good, and I was expecting the same from the one in my new neighborhood.

Well, lets just say I was disappointed, the place had a bunch of young employees who sat around chatting loudly while I was waiting to be served, and I had to raise my voice to even get a waitress at the “halal” place who was dressed in revealing clothing with a picture of Mecca in the background. I ordered General Tso Chicken, which is what I normally order at Chinese places and it was the worst Chinese food I had ever had and asked them had it been cooked properly. Now, I have never tasted dog poop, but in my mind it would taste something like this food, which left me feeling sick the whole day.

Next it was time to visit a new Masjid I found on Islamicfinder that is close to my home. When I get there it is a medical building mostly made up of Romanian health professionals who told me there used to be a Masjid there. As I was leaving the building a guy told me that there was a mosque and Muslim school down the street and I went there only to found out it was a Shia mosque and school. After stopping in the bookstore and looking over the books they were selling in the Masjid I decided I wasn’t praying there and left.

I end up back on Grand Street and while waiting on the bus a drunk Irish guy is passed out on the sidewalk and two cops are trying to get him to say where he lives and he cannot answer but will only point to Connolly’s Pub. A group of Italian guys were standing on watching and joking and the cops asks the drunk guys, who is well-dressed, does he know anyone in the crowd who can take him home, and out of all of the people he points to me and says “ that’s my nephew”! At which point the bus came and I ran on it as fast as I can; I got enough problems without worrying about getting a drunk home. While on the bus I saw an ambulance (aka/ an Irish pub taxi) coming to pick him up

It was on the bus that I found out that some political forces in the Islamic Foundation of St. Louis and the Dar al Islam Masjid in St. Louis have pushed out Sheikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah, a true pioneer of American-Islam, from his position as Imam. This is not good news for anyone, and we need wise and committed leadership like that of Sheikh Nur at this time. It is a shame that our Masjids are plagued by so much political infighting at a time when the enemies of Islam are circling the community like bloodthirsty vultures.

Story of a 12 Year Old Girl

The other day on the way to work I was reading the New York Post and it showed the picture of the face of a young 12 year old girl who had been missing from the Alphabet City section of Manhattan for a day or two. All I could see was her face, but I saw that she was wearing some of those shaded glasses that are supposed to make women look sexy and are popular in the black and Latin community in New York.

Without knowing any info more than that, I was wondering why this little girl was trying to look sexy. The next sentence told me to look for the tattoo on her left wrist that said “Nikki”. It was mentioned matter of factly but the question I had is what the hell does a 12 year old need a tattoo for and did her mother authorize it?

Fast forward to Saturday and Post writer Murray Weiss has a little more on the story and they show a larger photo which basically shows the 12 year old dressed like a clubbin girl or an eighties hooker. The tattoo of Nicki is apparently her mothers girlfriend, whom the girl is possibly lovers with and has ran off with. The writer said this is a “gay angle”, also pointed to the fact that the girl had a gay-pride pendant, but it is also a child-abuse, child-sex, and criminal neglect element that was not mentioned.

Neighbors label the girl, Amanda Dent, as a troublemaker known for staring fights, and say “she dates both boys and girls”. Again, this was mentioned matter of factly, as if 12 year olds are supposed to have dating lives like a Sex in the City star. We also learn that the girl often spends all night in a park in Alphabet City listening to punk music (although she appears in clothing more associated with hip-hop and appears to be either a light-skinned African-American or Latina).

What we should be talking about right now is where is ACS and why has the mother not been arrested? If there was ever a case of contributing to the delinquency of a child and neglect it is this one yet why not go after the mother? Afraid to upset the Oprah crowd?

The story also illustrates that no one wants to make a judgment call anymore and say that certain things just are not right.

Once the girl is found I suggest the first thing that needs to be done is to give her an HIV and STD test and I would also be curious to find out what her level of reading skills and school attendance is, I have a good guess.

Dead Mans Shoes
Right now I am angry because I just lost my post somehow, I guess I hit the wrong button or something so I will just provide the links of what I wrote about. Last night I saw Dead Mans Shoes, a very violent British film, that I enjoyed, about a an ex-British soldier who returns to his North English town to take revenge on those who humiliated and killed his mentally-challenged younger brother. It is worth seeing and done very well with humor mixed in with the violence.

New York Shock-Jock Arrested for threatening Child of Rival DJ
I had a lot to write about this, but I will link to the stories of Star, of the Star and Buck Wild morning show being arrested after threatening to molest the four-year old daughter of a rival DJ. This is the latest of many sick episodes involving the two New York hip-hop giants Hot 97 and 105.1. They are the public airwaves right? Then we need to start pulling licensees.

Dick Cheney
It seems as if Deadeye Dick was behind much of the domestic surveillance plan and that he pushed the expansion of phone and email taps without warrants as part of a Saddamesque “strong and robust authority” of the president.

New Stadiums
One of my favorite writers, Bill McClellan of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has written a good piece on new sports stadiums and who they cater to.