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Story of a Black Qatari

A friend of mine recently almost came to blows at his job with a co-worker from Qatar. The Qatari man was upset and wanting to fight because my feind, who is Puerto Rican, told him that he is African. The … Continue reading

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Taheri and State-Sponsored Terror, Afghan Murder, and The Prof. and the Mail Order Bride

Only a few days after spreading the lie that Iran was about to mandate holocaust style clothing for Iranian-Jews (one of the words most historical Jewish communities) Amir Taheri gives his two cents on how to deal with the Iraqi … Continue reading

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Two things to read. Brother Yusuf Smith has posted all the links to the debunking of Amir Taheri’s “yellow star for Iraninan Jews” claim and at the Atlantic Monthly Milton Viorst writes about the Ali al-Timimi he knew as a … Continue reading

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The Islamist Democratic Movement, the US, and Children of Bloodsuckers

My wife’s grandfather, in Spanish, used to tell her that the problem the US has is that it can’t keep its nose out of other peoples business. Then you have my grandfather, who is a World War II veteran of … Continue reading

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Bad Chinese Halal, A Drunk Irishman, and Sheikh Muhammad Nur

So I begin the day hungry because I had felt sick the day before and wanted to get a bite to eat. The day before I had fell ill and didn’t eat so I was ready to eat and wanted … Continue reading

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Story of a 12 Year Old Girl

The other day on the way to work I was reading the New York Post and it showed the picture of the face of a young 12 year old girl who had been missing from the Alphabet City section of … Continue reading

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Dead Mans ShoesRight now I am angry because I just lost my post somehow, I guess I hit the wrong button or something so I will just provide the links of what I wrote about. Last night I saw Dead … Continue reading

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