Random Thoughts While Waking the Streets of Queens

I have been so busy with my move into my apartment that I have not had time to write. It has not been because there is nothing I wanted to write about, in fact I made a list of all of the things I wanted to write about and then promptly lost it.

I was walking down the street in the Jamaica Queens neighborhood the other day when I heard the usual assortment of things being sold by the street vendors ” batteries, watches, DVD’s, short sets….” and I didn’t pay any attention to it until I heard ” Yo, I got that health insurance”.

What? Is the health-care situation so bad for low-income Americans that you have to comp insurance on a street corner in Jamaica, Queens? I wonder what our European and Canadian friends think of that? Could you imagine that even in the Brixton or the most dilapidated parts of Birmingham?

That incident occurred on the way to the main Queens Library where I was denied a library card because I could not produce a telephone or utility bill with my name on it. I tired to explain to them that I only use my cell phone and that I have no utility bills as they are all included in my rent; but the rules are the rules and I walked away with no card. Of course I already have a Brooklyn Library card and a New York Library Card but I wanted my damn Queens card.

On my way to the library, which I could not find, I first asked three Spanish-speaking men where the library was and he asked me “what is the library” and after talking to him for a brief time I was able to find out that this guy didn’t know what a library was and my jaw just sank. Now I can understand not going to the library, or having no interest in reading, but not hearing of a library? Then again I have been in many homes where there are no books in the home and when you wake-up the TV goes on and it only goes off when you go to sleep and that is the case in many ghetto homes of all races.

Coming back from the library I ended up walking behind a guy with a black thobe and a red gutrah like the Saudis where. It was a hot day so I walked up to him and said “must be hot in that black, are you Shia” ( because they wear black a lot) and he replied ” no I am Salafi, Salafi, do you know what that is?” I told him yes and asked where he was from, he spoke the English of someone raised in New York but he looked to be a Latino ( if there is a Latino look). He told me he was Saudi, and I knew he was full of shit, so I asked him a few questions about the KSA that he dodged other than to say he was from Riyadh. Now, unless there is a Riyadh in Puerto Rico his ass was lying.

This comes a day after an Italian guy at my job all of the sudden switched to being a Cuban because he found out this Puerto Rican girl he likes doesn’t like Italians and I ask what is the world coming to?

Everything here in this country is complicated by race and many people feel, including myself at times, there is no need being nice to people because everyone hates each other anyway. Most blacks will always hate whites and be suspicious of Whites no matter what they say or do and the same in the other direction.

Just some thoughts.


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