Easter, Moving and The Rising (s)

Today is Easter and people all over Christendom are celebrating their belief in the Resurrection of Jesus on the third day and meanwhile Jews are observing Passover. Myself, I am consumed with moving right now as I just found a very good apartment, alhamduduialh, and if you have never looked for an apartment in New York City you don’t know how difficult and time-consuming it is.

I was originally looking to move in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx, as I love that area, but I just couldn’t find a place in that area. What I did find was a nice apartment in Queens in a good working-class area that is home to a large Irish, Italian and Polish population as well as a growing Latino population ( and a fair amount of Muslims).

This is the day we can watch all of the Easter Christians go to Church one day a year and see all of the little kids dressed up and the little girls with the hats on their heads and the like and it is nice to watch even if I do not participate.

However, being Easter, and being that this is 2006, we are observing the 90th anniversary of Éirí Amach na Cásca, the Easter Rising. This is an event that is marked every year in New York and many other places in the states but had not been officially observed in the Southern Free State since 1969.

This year Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is leading the officiall commemoration in a military parade in Dublin to mark the day. 1916 marks the events that begin the founding of the Free State so you think it would be pretty normal for a nation to celebrate that event, right?

Well, no. Listening to BBC reports last night, as well as reading an article by a prominent Irish commentator who wished he was born in France, they condemn the celebrations as being offensive in a “multi-cultural Ireland” and military parades are “out of step with Europe”. Please, give me a break.

Immigrant groups to Ireland, and other European nations, must realize that the countries they are coming to have a history and a culture and it should be respected and if they cannot respect it then maybe it is not the best place for them to be. Can you imagine an immigrant to America being offended by the mere celebration of July 4th? That is absurd. Besides, I do not think many immigrants are offended by these, rather it is the Europe-looking bourgeois elite who hate the idea of 1916. I bet there will be a fair-amount of immigrants in the streets of Dublin today.

Second, and I know Europe has a bad history with wars and you have to put their dislike of the military in cultural context, but the hostility towards the armed forces in Europe is equally silly. Of course they do not have to spend money on their third-rate armies so most of them wouldn’t want to have a military parade. Then again, if it was not for the US military the Berlin Wall would have probably been the English Channel and this time Turkey would have smashed thought the gates of Vienna, just some thoughts.

Also, Yusuf Smith has an interesting discussion on his blog based on his debate with Abu Sinan and on the question of Ireland. I will join the discussion soon, but for now I will just say who speaks for “most British Muslims” ? Because, I have heard many who disagree with the agruments of Br. Yusuf.


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