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Izzy Mo has written about the plight of educated and upwardly mobile African-American Muslimas on her blog and the other day i encouraged Muslims to participate in that discussion.

The sister sites seriously problems and I added my two-cents at a brother at some of the negative attitudes, behavior and hypocrisy of Muslim brothers. One thing that we all know, whether we admit it or not, is that there is a great deal of hypocricy out there in the community when it comes towards attitudes of women. The brother who goes nuts when he sees a sister exposing a little hair over her hijab a few minutes later is walking down the street checking out fat asses in tight jeans.

Some when I say what I am getting ready to say, do not take it as something that is “pro-brother” at the expense of the nisa, it is not.

Because my time is limited I am going to shorten my approach and give some of the attitude of brothers towards different kind of sisters;

African-American Muslimas.
Some African-American brothers can only see themselves “marrying black” and this is a good thing for the sisters. Other white Muslims come into the community via the African-American Muslim community and they seek to marry black sisters as well and they have a much better shot of finding one in the community than in their whit jahiliyya. Not all, but most immigrant brothers, will not even consider marrying a black sister because they associated beauty with lightness and their parents and family may disown them or not recognize the children. Much of the Muslim ummah has views towards black people that would fit in nicely in 1920’s Mississippi. They don’t wanna be slave master anymore; but they want black people at the back of the bus and if they decide they ant some black tail it wont be in marriage.

The racist attitudes of many immigrant Muslim brothers are not justified at all. The African-American brothers are dealing with a few different things. First, as I stated before the Arab girl, or Pakistani girl, is the “Miss Ann” of the black Muslim community. She is the status symbol, just like a new car, and he can tell the brothers “look what I got while you are stuck with your nappy-headed wife”. She is to the black Muslim what the Puerto Rican girl is to the black Brooklyn drug-dealer and the white girl to the Midwest player. But, that is not all of it.

Many of these African-American brothers grew-up in dysfunctional homes and around loud, unfaithful, sometimes violent, unproductive black women. When many of these sisters become Muslims they don’t change overnight. I sued to work at a masjid full of AA sisters who wore jilbab and niqaab and they had a pious front but I could hear them talk all day about how to get the most welfare money, which one of their previous husbands was the most well-endowed, a play by play of last nights bedroom action, and the words “nigga, muthafucka, and bitch” made up about one third of the talk along with ” ukhtee, akhee, subhannallahu, insha”Allah and alhamdudilah”. That is another factor and next to this that Moroccan sister makes a lot of sense even if you cant hold a convo least you don’t have to hear that bullshit. I can say more, and will later, but on this sister I have to drop it at that right now and of course many of these brothers also grew-up with the black woman who as mother, father, provider, care-taker, and everything and never found or have been exposed to the beautiful and intelligent black women on campus and the like.

-The White Woman
The immigrant brothers, for the most part, view the white woman as the class symbol whether she is Muslim or not. In fact, it does not matter how she looks or behaves as long as she is white she is alright as the saying goes. Often times these marriages have to do with papers, with only one siding knowing about that aspect of the marriage, and the sister is often left with a couple of babies while the husband goes back home to get an Arab wife who he believes will shut up and do what the hell he tells her. Then there are the marriages that take place on religious grounds, between two pious Muslims, and there you go, that is what the ummah is about.


I wanna talk about Easter, Passover, the Shatmar Rebbe, anti-immigrant feeling in the black community but no time…


3 thoughts on “

  1. Assalamu alaykum

    All that commentary, re marriage, Latinas, brothers and how they view certain sisters as status symbols is all true.

    I just wanna get married, can a good brother stand up in here? But then, I’m ‘older,’ divorced, have a kid, and damn, now I find out Latinas are sought after, unless you’re Mexican American like me.

    Makes a sister wanna go to some Arab country and marry a younger good looking Arab, even if he wants papers. Then I don’t have to wait on some less than attractive looking brother here who only wants a Puerto Rican Shakira anyway. : )

  2. as-salaamu-alaikum-

  3. You know the whole aniti-immigrant thing is even in my TINY Muslim community, and it bugs me. There are 5 women that are active in or community and alhumdulliah we all care about each other. But I am tired of hearing about everything having to do with “other” or “them” I am white and one sister who is normally very level headed will go on about how white people don’t appreciate black people, another will go on about “foreigners” are so mixed up in shirk and don’t even know it. YESH! There’s only 5 of us can’t we please talk about something even slightly more productive than how some “other” suck! I have only been a Muslim in this community so i don’t know if this happens else where but does it? Yes the ummah has problems and it’s not enjoyable but we have to change our condition before Allah changes the condition of the people. Sometimes I just want to say “I”M WHITE! SORRY I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THAT! I LIKE INDIAN FOOD! SORRY I JUST DO!”
    People make the choice they think is best given their knowledge of a given set of circumstances. Alhumdullilah that this seems to be the biggest issue i have with the sisters because once I blow off steam and make dua I feel better.

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