Man, I Got a Lot to Say

I have a lot to say but not a lot of time today. There is a very interesting conversation going on at the blog of Izzy Mo on marriage and the plight of the educated African-American Muslima. There is a lot I can say on this topic and we could talk about the fact that educated and successful African-American brothers who follow the sunnah tend to want to marry non-blacks. In the non-Muslim world of African-Americans these black men marry whites ( and increasingly non-Mexican Latinas) and after Islam they are marrying immigrant Muslim women or going to a Muslim county to get married to a more “pure” sister. How does this hurt the black Muslima? Well, because of a variety of reasons and the fact that most Muslim brothers, and Imams, discourage Muslims brothers from marrying African-American women, they are left with not being able to find a spouse and this is a problem.

I have known many African-American Muslims who already have African-American wives but are looking for Moroccan wives and they say “I am done with black women….I’m through with kaldonya ( of that’s how you spell it) and then I ask them “who is going to marry your daughters?”

It is also noted that most of these brothers have children from other relationships, have been previously married, and none are virgins and they demand an 18 year old Moroccan virgin who looks like Shakira. These brothers need to get real.

One more note, I have met Muslim brothers who go nuts if a sister isnt fully covered in or near the masjid, and call for the most extreme postions in regards to women; but is well known amongst the brothers to have three or four girlfriends he is sleeping with.

Exporting the Iranian Revolution
Recently Egyptian Dictator Hosni Mubarak has caused a lot of uproar by his comments that the Shia of the middle-east, no matter where they live. only have one loyalty and that is to one another and to Iran and that there is a civil war in Iraq.

First, I must say, that this sounds a lot like classical anti-Jewish rhetoric and you can replace Iran with Israel and there you have it. A popular thing to call Shia amongst many Sunni Arabs is “the bastard sons of the Jews” and that is not meant as a term of endearment.

Having said that I agree with Mubarak to an extent. The south of Iraq is now a part of Greater Persia and the new Iraqi Republic is going to destabilize the entire region as they are going to support armed Shia rebellion in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and even Pakistan. Ayatollah Khomeini and his followers used to speak of exporting the revolution but had little success until now; it took an American invasion for that to happen.

“Ethnic Cleansing”
I am finishing the book on ethnic cleansing today and it is a great read as I mentioned in an earlier entry. This book has caused me to rethink my whole vision of the holocaust and other ethnic conflicts, including Palestine in 1948, and put them all into the context of a number of ethnic cleansings that were going on at the time and that were seen as natural by most ( with he exception of the Nazi death camps) and that 20th century suffering was worst than most of us believe and much more widespread than we are taught in American schools.

Towards the end of the book Benjamin Lieberman deals with the fact that Dutch peacekeepers in Bosnia stood by as Muslims were massacrerd by Serbs and then Europeans wonder why Americans often do not take them seriously. They are great at making wordy pronouncements, passing bullshit rules, and projecting arrogance; but they lacked the will-power or strength to risk their sons to stop ethnic cleansing in their own backyard.

Tariq Nelson
Check out this piece by Tariq on disparities between the African-American and other segments of the American-Muslim community.

Zab Judah
Sources close to Zab Judah are telling me that he has been told that his bought last Saturday with Floyd Mayweather which was a unanimous decision win by PBF will be witched to a no contest by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and that the IBF will restore his belt due to the antics of Roger Mayweather.

Muslim American Society Endorses May 1 General Strike

Hope to see Muslims following their lead. Good move by Mahdi Bray.


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