Hehman killers Saw Easy Victim in Whiteboy

There is a debate in New York if the murder of John Hehman was a hate-crime or just a random robbery gone bad. For those who do not know Hehman was an NYU student who was walking around the gentrified Harlem when he was attacked by a group of black ( and at least one Latino) teenager who said ” get the whiteboy” and he fled from them and ran into the street where he was ran over by a car and killed.

I have known a few such white men who have move into similar neighborhoods and ended up getting mugged and robbed all the time. Was the motivation race? Maybe it was; but my gut feeling is that it wasn’t. Hehman was robbed because he was an easy target and like most of the other young white NYU and Columbia students and young professionals he cannot fight, has not ever fought and will not fight even to save his life. Couple this with the fact he has a little money and something of value and looks out of place in the neighborhood and then you have a robbery. Those young kids would have thought better of robbing a 23 year old black or Latino man walking down the street, not out of racial solidarity, but out of a sense that he may have a gun or he may beat their asses either then or later.

If your idea of a workout is getting worked over by your dominatrix and if the last fight you had was with your mother as she tried to give you a time-out then maybe the ghetto aint the best place to move or hang-out. The death of Hehman is tragic, but it highlights this point.

As for the kids, I wish they would have tried to rob me because I would have sent at least one of them to their grave; they deserve to get severe prison sentences and I am sure they will. Props to civil-rights lawyer Norman Siegel and black police activist Eric Adams for demanding a quick investigation into the death of Hehman.

“Fight to the death”
Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (sas)


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