Marches Today and General Strike
I encourage all readers to attend the marches that are going on throughout American cities today in opposition to the immigration legislation passed in the house and anti-immigrant feeling. I will be attending such a march today and march across the Brooklyn Bridge ( there are other groups coming from other directions) and we will meet near City Hall at 4 and rally until 7. The media has been surprised by the fact that all of these marches in every city have by far exceeding the expectations of organizers and the police and the organizer are having a hard time figuring out why this is. What many people are saying, and I agree with this, is that the biggest advertisement for these marches is Spanish TV and radio and not the traditional methods of activist organizers. Sen. John McCain also pointed out when I saw him speak that many of those marching of the citizen children of undocumented parents.

It seems that Jacques Chriac has acquiesced to the suicide crowd in the French streets and has caved in to the unrealistic demands of the protesters. Instead of standing strong for what they knew to be right the French government caved in and so guess what? The French economy will continue to dwindle. Someone needed to give these kids some economic lessons and tell them that money doesn’t grow on trees. They wanted to have the world handed to them and want to have a social model that not only protects their jobs; but gives them a lifestyle of cell phones, i-pods, eating out every night, and partying. That is foolishness and like the Bolsheviks demanding not Communism; but the lifestyles of the Tsar without paying for it. If Chrirac and his government had any balls they would cracked some skulls and made some mothers cry; but they gave in and future French generations will pay dearly.

Irish Wakes
Like American liberals, the European Union not only believes in their vision as being the only correct vision; but they also seek to shove it down your throat and tell you how to live and think. They want to come into your home and tell you how to raise you children and how you can and cannot raise your kids, what to eat and what to not eat, how to build your home and how to decorate it, etc. It turns out that the European law-makers, who love making all kinds of rules about everything, seem to want to ban embalming and threaten the future of the Irish wake ( of course they could just ban the consumption at alcohol at such affairs and they would end in a few weeks). Is this what Europeans want? A nanny state that monitors you lives like a school hallway monitor?

It also seems that some of the madness of European ( and of course British) love of rules over reality has found its way to New Zeleand where many are in an uproar because a World War II veteran battling German forces in Crete, who had always been considered a war hero, is under scrutiny now because it came out that he wore a German uniform in order to attack German soldiers.

Is this real? Are some people that crazy? This was war, it was a war for survival, and the Allies were facing an enemy that sent humans into ovens and sought world domination; in this environment there are no rules, it is victory at all costs.

I missed the fight; but by now I have seen it and know what happened, and I will be writing about this on a boxing website today.


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