On Religion and Writing

I am no longer going to comment on issues of theology or religion other than to support a general theory that we should all be guided by the monotheistic idea and that a society without a foundation and morality based on the revelaed will collpase. I feel that we spend too much time online arguing about religion and that it is unproductive and most of us are also unqualified to speak on these topics.

Earlier Statements Under Scrutiny

It seems as if a popular conservative radio talk-show host has picked up on a statement that I issued almost four years ago along with Tim Kaminski and Hammad Abdur-Raheem ( who is now incarcerated).

The host is named Dennis Prager and he is someone who I have actually been a fan of over the years and I admire his intellect; although I think he has dumbed himself down over the last few years in order to get more of a mainstream following. He is trying to use my statements to say that there is a threat of Muslim groups joining with leftist groups in America.

Now, on many levels, I am working towards creating a solidarity between Muslims and leftists on many issues. However, there are many issues in which the two groups cannot work together. Also, what Prager sees as leftist causes,I see as human causes that are not necessarily to the “left”. Prager seems to be making the argument that anyone who supports the rights of African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and others are leftists and by contrast, I guess, all to the right stand in opposition to all of those groups and that is the argument of Prager.


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