A Bad Day
Ice Cube had an old song “Today Was a Good Day”, well yesterday day was as a bad day. I did not sleep well, the restaurant closed as I was walking to the door so I didn’t get a meall to after midnight, I was on the subway with a crazy Jamaican Rastafarian, there was a mix-up with an apartment I am trying to rent, and a few other things.

When listening to the rantings of the crazy Rasta-man, who i didn’t know what he was saying half of the time, I thought about urban white liberals like Elizabeth and I said ” maybe these are the only black people they know and see and so they think all black people are crazy”. Just a thought; but I can only imagine how some of those from affluent backgrounds think about the craziness they see on the subway.

Errol Louis and Orlando Patterson
I may be spelling his name wrong, because I can only open one window on this computer and cannot check, but Errol Louis in his column in the Daily News today talked about the need for a cultural civil-war in the African-American community between those who are committed to strong families and traditional values and those who participate in and glorify a thug lifestyle that calls for violence, sexual conquest and immediate gratification. He also cited writers Orlando Patterson and Stanley Crouch as other people who have made similar calls.

On another Daily News item they ran an editorial against Teamster workers in Connecticut, and they are supposed to be the Democratic paper. This comes after Eliot Spitzer announced plans to crack down on the Transit Workers Union. This leads to the question; who, in these days, will stand for the America worker?

Release of Jill Carroll
Somehow I knew that she wasn’t going to get killed. Actually I somehow thought for some reason, that she would end up marrying her captors ( knowing the Arabs obsession with white women and I thought maybe she would exploit this for personal safety reasons to secure her freedom). Now people are comparing her to Patty Hearst and saying that she possibly has the Stockholm Syndrome because of the way she has talked nicely about her captors. I am sure this will be all the talk on the cable news shows.

Truth About Liberals
Finally , through a reader, we are getting the reluctant truth about liberals to come out. What is that truth? That truth is the the modern liberal minions, contrary to generations past and what the media would have you believe, have no love for Africans-Americans, Latinos and other minorities, do not care about workers rights and the right to organize, hate men, glorify women, and are only concerned with advancing the cause of the wealthy urban liberal elite. They only give lip-service, and a few token gestures to workers blacks and others, because they are a pathetic small minority who needs to exploit larger groups in order to advance their social agenda.


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