Tariq Nelson Piece on Muslims and Immigration
If you read nothing else today read the article of Tariq on his blog about immigration, intermarriage, the development of a white ethnicity, and the future of the Muslim community. I tend to be on the pro-immigration side of things; but there are limitations.

This is from Jim Hacking
I was reading this in the New York Post and then I got this email from Brother Jim. Read this story and tell me why Muslims should be obliged to make taqleed to these ignorant and backwards mullahs or whatever these fools call themselves. Read this if you wanna see a clear example of ignorance in the ummah.

Alec Baldwin-Sean Hannity Rift
If you wanna know why liberals cant be talk radio hosts Alec Baldwin is a prime example. He went on the show of Hannity, who I dislike, and ridiculed him for being an “ex construction worker from Long Island” amongst other things and in this he showed the liberal snobbery that much of that crowd has. What is wrong with construction workers? They are fine when you are trying to get union workers to vote Democrat; but, I get it, they are just problematic when they start voicing opinions. Baldwin later stormed out of the studio and refused to come on the show, he couldn’t take it, and I am sure he was off to his Manhattan therapist or domintarix.

The closest thing to national liberal radio, besides Air America, is NPR which I love; but I understand it is boring as hell to most people and that conservative talk-radio is at least entertaining. These liberals hosts are snobbish, sarcastic, elitist, and most are monotone with no emotion whatsoever.


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