Immigration Rallies 

Immigration Rally Sen.McCain and Tom Tancredo

It would be foolish not to mention that history was witnessed over the weekend with the Pro-Immigrant Rally in Los Angeles that attracted over 500,000 people. The media and the police, both clueless to the groundswell of support the movement was getting, expected only 10,000 to 30,000 but more than 500,000 people showed up according to the official account and with this something monumental has happened in American history; Latinos have made s statement that they are here, organizing and voting and will have a say.

On the other side of the argument you have Congressman Tom Tancredo and the Minuteman who lead the anti-immigration crowd and call for tighter borders and the deportation of undocumented workers and they too have grassroots support from white Americans who seek to preserve a white-majority in this nation and others.

With the House having passed the immigration bill, and the senate debating it, this could be one of the most divisive issues since the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam Era and could dramatically effect the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Tom ” we should bomb Mecca” Tancredo is expected to run for president on an anti-immigrant platform in the 2008 elections and this will swing the GOP to the right on that issue during the primaries. Many in the Democratic Party would like to support immigrant-rights but they know that is an unpopular stance with the American people who are worried not about overpopulation or anything else other than racial and cultural realities.

Is there a middle-ground? Maybe,and I will be attending a speech sponsored by the Legalize the Irish Campaign by Sen. John McCain in the Bronx on Friday who is calling for a middle-path and he is running for president in 2008 as well.

Inside Man

I saw Inside Man yesterday and I liked it but it wasn’t the nest work of Spike Lee and Denzel Washington. What Lee did do, as he has done in many films, is capture the spirit of New York in many nuanced ways with his characters and the camera. Why is he able to do this? Because Spike loves his New York like Woody Allen loves his different New York. The film gets a thumbs up from me and is an entertaining two hour sand personally I always love when these types of films end the way this one did; but I cant tell you how or why.

I can tell you that on the way home on the subway a Salafi brother with a super short thobe got up and started trying to sell DVD’s of Inside Man, 16 Blocks, the new Steve Harvey film and even the Chronicles of Narnia.

Muslim News

Muslim Pol in Paterson, New Gerzee claims he is “shocked” by being double-crossed by the local Dems. That is like being shocked you got a haircut at a barber shop.

The case of Adam Blake an American-Muslim, who like many traveled around the Muslim World seeking knowledge with little or no money and is now under scrutiny for it is highlighted in the Daily News.

The essays on gender-relations are going to be made into a short book and I will let readers know when it is done Insha’Allah.


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