‘V" for Vendetta

‘V” for Vendetta
On the recommendation of my friend Omar I went to go see “V” For Vendetta today and decided to see “The Inside Man” tomorrow ( Denzel is my favorite actor and Spike Lee one of my favorite directors) and I was not disappointed.

The film is set in the future Great Britain that has once again become the worlds superpower after America self-destructed afters wars in Iraq, Syria and Sudan followed by an ongoing civil war in America.

The new British strongman, is not like her latest strongman (woman) in real life who was democratically elected and followed most laws even in her pursuit of territorial conquests and religious superiority for the Crown; the new British leader in the film is Hitleresque in that he came to power democratically and then turned the nation into a one party state dedicated to a reclamation.

A Bill O’Reilly like character in the film uses his show to tell the people what to think and spread fear in a Fox News like manner. Viewers are told by the British O’Reilly that he was around “during the time when Muslims and homosexuals and other filth” were running wild and instructs the people to obey their oaths of allegiance to the state. The people are told to fear “others” and to trust the state to protect them. They are told that the new anti-speech and curfew laws are for their protection and safety and to not question the government ( was that part written by Ann Coulter as her hopeful vision of the future?).

Muslims come up a few times in the film. One man was executed for having a copy of the Quran in his home and Muslims are mentioned a few times and it is implied the the whole seizure of power by the right-wing in Britain was done after a biological terrorist attack was committed by covert forces and was blamed on Muslims who confessed and were executed. After the deaths of thousands the people decided to turn to the right-wing, military, police, and the church to protect them from all others and that is how the government took power.

V is the hero in the film who lives behind a Guy Fawkes mask because he is horribly disfigured from the treachery of those in power and takes revenge on the state and the elite and calls for a mass convergence on the British Parliament Building a year from the beginning of his campaign. He lives underground and is surrounded by art work and other things that have been confiscated by the government and have been reclaimed by V. On an interesting note he has real butter in his hide-out, which has apparently been banned by the state; maybe this is saying that in the future the liberal food Nazis will merge with the right-wing.

Evey, the character played by Natalie Portman works for BTN ( the future FOX), and after being rescued by V one night ends up being wrapped-up in the whole plot and eventually, after a lot of shit, predictably falls in love with V and joins him in his campaign. This comes after she initially cannot understand what V is doing; she does not like the government either, her parents were killed by the government, but like many today and in years past she has been trained to look at the revolutionary as a criminal villain because he seeks to give the tyrants a small taste of their own medicine. By the end of the film she has come all the way round and she eventually makes the final blow against the state possible ( along with a cop who had a change of heart) and the British military and police are forced to stand down due to the sheer weight of the masses flooding the Parliament area.

I must say that this part of the film is very unrealistic. It has been very rare that people just hand over power and in real life the military and police would not have stood down; rather there would have been a blood bath in the streets and in order for the revolutionaries to win they would have had to make the street run red with blood. That is revolution, history is written in blood, and it is not written by disaffected children of the elite marching with puppets with the permission of the state who get sprayed with mace and think the world has come to an end and go crying to their mommies.

The film contained a lot of things that will fly over the average film goers head, and definitely the average Americans head. They will not be able to understand the references to Muslims , will not get that there are actually people in America who are plotting the invasion of Syria and Sudan, that we are in the midst of a real “reclamation” from conservative Christians, and there are other references, such as a detective being questions because he has an Irish mother, that most Americans will not get.

What American viewers will get, after having been bombarded by the media on gay issues, is the constant reference to the reclamation’s outlawing homosexuality and given the producers ( the Wachowski Brothers), I am not surprised that director James McTeigue put it in the film.

Is this a fantasy film? I do not think so. As I said we are in the midst of a reclamation in America and if you combine this with the advancements in surveillance technology and a religious revival and you have the making of something like this really going down. How about this question right now; if there is another 9-11 like terror attack what will we see?

In this country we have already had a civil war once before and it is not impossible that we will have one again. However, if there is another civil war in this country, the Left will be crushed. The Left calls for a weapons ban and gun control, and therefore has no weapons and doesn’t know how to use them while the Right is firing away at the range. Go to the gyms and you will see a lot of right-wingers and go to Leftist rallies and you will see a bunch of puny vegetarian quasi-males and females. Not a lot of Leftists in combat sports either. The only physical opposition to the Right, in these times can come from the only people not among them who still know how to fight and those are African-Americans, Latinos and Muslims and in this country they would put up a fight at least; but would be crushed along with the Mini Cooper drivers, Woody Allen watchers and gays. In this country any revolution, in my opinion, would be instigated by elements in the military and law-enforcement with aid from Christian leaders and would have religious and racial objectives but would serve the needs of the wealthy. Most on the white-left would decide to stand on the sidelines and later join this revolution.

Brawl in Brooklyn and NYPD
While waiting for the B60 bus at the corner of Rockaway and Fulton in Brooklyn last night I stood with a very pleasant older woman from Trinidad and watched a wild brawl for about twenty-minutes before the bus came. I was not suprised to see such a thing on a Friday night; but I was surprised at the fact that there were at least a dozen police officers within a block of the incident and I saw that a few saw the brawl ( which involved more than ten people) and did nothing. Instead they were conducting some kind of random checks on drivers and pulling them over. Before the bus came a Puerto Rican woman ran up to me and told me to get out of the area and that they may start shooting and I told her “what do you want me to do, I have to catch the bus”.


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