Abdul-Rahman and the Afghan Execution for Conversion
It would be unwise and foolish for the Afghan government to execute the man named Abdul-Rahman for converting to Christianity. Do I think he made a bad choice? Yes, I do; but he should not be killed for converting during a time of peace. Furthermore; following the fundamental principal of fiqh of what is the lesser of two evils, the mans life should be spared because it will create more harm than implementation of the Afghan law will. We should also understand that this has been a calculated move by the Christian forces behind Abdul-Rahman who are seeking to use this issue to challenge the Afghan law and force the US to press the issue of freedom of conversions with the Afghan and Iraqi governments and Muslims should not fear this because there will be very few such conversions.

Christians Have No Historical Perspective On This Issue
Let us be clear on this; when Christianity was the dominant cultural force in the West and the masses of the people were adherents to the faith people were executed for apostating and theological differences. Christians today will say, as they are saying on other blogs, that those types of things have not happened in any numbers in a couple-hundred years and they are right. However, this is not because of Christianity, this is because of the weakening of Christianity and the dominance of secularism in the West.

Freedom of speech, freedom to offend the pious, freedom to convert, so-called sexual freedoms and other freedoms are not the product of Christianity rather are symbols of it’s weakness. If you put the church in power once again you will see the erosions to all of these freedoms; but during a time when European churches are being turned into discos and more people are watching the NFL on Sundays than going to church in the US it is absurd to thank Christianity for these freedoms. In a similar manner, Jews in the past have executed apostates and this does not happen in Israel today because the laws are based on secular values.

The freedom to convert is not a Judeo-Christian value; there is no such thing as Judeo-Christian values. One faith is monotheistic and calls for the adherence to the law and has a reverence for scripture ( Judaism) and one is polytheistic and sees the law as oppressive and has a freewheeling approach to the scripture (Christianity). The only thing Jewish tradition has to do with Christians is that they were traditionaly enslaved, killed and beaten by Christians.

The freedom to convert comes from the emergence of secularism in the West and nothing else.


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