The essays on feminism are coming but they will have to wait a few days as I am overwhelmed right now with the beginning of the new job and trying to learn things and navigate my schedule.

The Criminal Underclass and the Working Class

To make a distinction of these two groups a lot of times is a falsehood and they are two sides of one coin. Go to any working-class neighborhood and it is full of criminals and go to any crime-infested area and it is full of working class people.

In many families you will see four brothers and two of them will be working guys and the other two criminals and many times you will also see people move back and forth between the two. The strict working-class guy, in cities, knows criminals and doesn’t have the same hatred for them that you will find amongst the upper-classes, but rather views them as being just one of the guys.

Many of us, who earlier in our lives were part of what is called the “criminal class”, later entered the working-class of our fathers and grandfathers ( my father was an auto-worker and my grandfather a pipefitter). Now there may be some, who are more similar to American right-wingers than they think in their hatred of anything not affluent and not white, who will say that once you are a criminal you are always are one but that is foolish. People evolve and society should let them evolve and not force them into second-class citezenship for the rest of their lives.

The beginnings of the lives of the worker are similar to that of the criminal; they are both just trying to find a way to get ahead and both are doing what they gotta do and one is making a better decision than the other. There may be strong distinctions between the two amongst those in ivory towers and in coffee shops in wealthy neighborhoods but working people know the deal.

Tariq Nelson
I encourage all of my readers to read the blog of Tariq Nelson and what he has written about the crisis in the African-American Muslim community and especially how it relates to males. I cannot link right now but go to the page of Umm Zaid and it is on her brothers links.

Imette St. Gullien: White or a Latina?
Even though she was a Spanish-speaking female whose family came from Venezuela the media has constantly described her as a white female. On the NPR show News and Notes with Ed Gordon there was even an entire segment dedicated to this issue of her being a white female purportedly killed by a black male.

The whole issue of her being a Latina, and being perceived by the media and the public as a white female, is something we should all recognize as an example of how Latinos can, and do, become white in this society and others remain despised people of color. Therefore, comparisons that will be made between the future of Latinos being similar to that is African-Americans is not correct because the most wealthy, educated and talented of African-Americans was always, in the words of Muhammad Ali. “still a nigger”.

New Read

Nothing But an Unfinished Story: Bobby Sands, The Irish Hunger Striker Who Ignited a Generation by Denis O’Hearn. I began this book yesterday on the long ride out to Long Island to go to work and I think it is going to be pretty good.


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