Anthropology of Jews and More 

Unsettled: An Anthropology of the Jews
I have been reading this book by Melvin Konner and in it he makes some interesting points. While pointing out there areas were Muslims have been less than desirable in the treatment of Jews he also points out that rabid anti-Semitism is an import from the West to the Muslim World.

Konner points out that the earliest propagators of anti-Semitic myths in the Arab world were Arab Christians who had been influenced by their European Christian brethren. As an example of this he points out that during the famous Dreyfus Affair in France, where a Jewish man was falsely charged with treason, editorials in the Muslim press were favorable towards Dreyfus and accusatory towards the French.

It is in 1933 when the German Nazi regime began systematically spreading their anti-Jewish theories in the Arab World and they spent a great deal of money to popularize those beliefs that the ideas became popular. Then, twelve years later, in 1945 we see anti-Jewish pogroms in Tunisia and Egypt. Then in 1948, wit the establishment of the State of Israel, things took a turn for the worse until this day. What would have happened if the Nazis and Europeans had not planted these seeds?

Got Hired
Thank Allah ( not G_d, the two words are not interchangeable) I got a new job. When I was tested for the job along with several other young men all I could say was alhamdudilah for my education and those public school teachers who taught me how to read and write so well. Some of the other young men who were tested, who wanted jobs, failed the test. Others are having legal problems and thus another example of the crisis of young men for all of you who do not hate men.


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